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Boohwal is a legendary rock band originating from South Korea. Since 1986, they’ve been through tremendous changes in members, in style; they’ve passed through so many challenges that only keep them going and become stronger and better every each day. Click here to check out [ALL MUSIC VIDEOS] of Boohwal over the years.

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The “Rock Rock Rock” miniseries that was aired recently, taking the theme of Kim Tae-Won’s life story have drawn a lot of attention to Boohwal both from within Korea and internationally. Click on the correlating [Rock Rock Rock] button on the left to find the details about this drama.

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  1. 이별에서 영원으로 (From Separation to Eternity)
  2. [OST] The Road
  3. 가슴에 그린 성 (Castle in the Heart)
  4. 누구나 사랑을 한다 (Everybody Loves)
  5. 그때가 지금이라면 (If it were Now)
  6. 비밀 (Secret)
  7. 사랑해서 사랑해서 (Because I Love You)
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비와 당신의 이야기
Never Ending Story

작년 이날에 저의 첫 부활 공연에 가려고 준비하고 있었는데… 벌써 일년까지 부활과 함께 갈 수 있다는 걸 상상도 못 했네요.
부활을 사랑하는 마음을 담아서 이렇게 일년간 https://boohwal.wordpress.com을 완성하였씁니다.
가장 힘든 시기에 힘이 되어준 부활 오빠들, 마음속에서 늘 감사하고 존경하고 사랑합니다.
이제 저도 제 길로 걸어가야 할때가 왔네요.. 부활음악은 늘 제 배경으로 남아 있을거고 힘이 들때 기쁠 때 그리워하게 될거예요.
지금부터 예전처럼 많이 달리지 못 할 것 같지만, 사랑으로 늘 응원하는 펜이 될게요…

이 블로그를 통해서 부활이 더 세계적으로 알려질 수 있으면 좋겠고요… 언젠가 새글을 다시 올릴지도 모르지만, 지금 저는 물러나오겠습니다~ ^^
그리워하면, 언젠가 만나게 되는 ~~~ 그 날을 기대하겠습니다.
사랑합니다 ♡

(겁많은사자) 위윅 배상



[김태원] [남자의 자격] Kim Tae Won in Men’s Qualification

[김태원] Guitar Project Band: Dead or Alive

Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) 2010

[김태원] [당신에게] To You (Father)

[정동하] [Won Jun-Hee & Jeong Dong-Ha] Larva

[김태원] “Because I Love You” Digital Single

[정동히] Hybrid MMORG “Argo”

[서재혁] [Project Band] Not 2B

[서재혁] Guitar Zeus Korea

[채제민 & 서재혁] Little Wing (project band)

[채제민] Noise 11 (project band)

[김태원] 무정블루스

[채제민] 채제민 in 티삼스 (Chae Jemin in TAS)

[정동하] 김현식-비처럼음악처럼

[채제민 & 서재혁] [Musical] Hedwig and the Angry Inch

[서재혁] [Movie] 71 Into the Fire

[서재혁] [Movie] Sayonara Itsuka

*On-record, this is post number 178 on and right to this point of one-year anniversary, the blog has been visited over 46,200 times. Thank you for all of your never ending interest in Boohwal.* -겁많은사자, 18 March 2011-

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It’s been 22 months since I started this homepage and it’s reached over 210 posts read by 101,200 visitors now. I think I’ve made quite a good collection on Boohwal here, on their history, their stories, their music, and their footsteps. I’m sure it’d contributed much so far to those of you who are just starting to know them, and I hope it’ll remain a good source for those who wants to know about them more in depth.

It’s time for me to move on now, as the past about Boohwal has been fairly well outlined here. If you seek to know their future and what not please check out the newly launched official website of Boohwal here:  (unfortunately only in Korean so far).

It’s been nice meeting everyone here, and I’ve much to thank Boohwal as well. This is a summary of all my work to promote Boohwal internationally. As I like to stay anonymous, I might have made some people misunderstand that any of my online spaces are related to Boohwal, but the fact is all were personally done by me, but I’ve always made sure that Boohwal & the Entertainment is knowledgeable about my sites (including the facebook page). Lastly, here’s a photo collection I’ve built since some time ago but never actually publicized: You can also check out all official MVs through this link: .

All best wishes to you, and have a great closing to this year and a happy new year!!

To check out the content of this homepage, please follow the instructions above (you can check all albums and song lyrics + translations, interviews with Boohwal members, and other news). I’ll still access now and then, so feel free to leave comments or questions, and I will answer you as soon as I could. And not to forget to quote my site whenever you borrow my content.

부활 멤버들께는 늘 행복하시고 늘 초심을 유지하시면서 더 잘 나가시길 바라고.. 늘 고맙습니다.

김태원오빠님께, 작년 3월에 소극장 콘서트에 처음 인사를 드렸더니, 그 장면 아직까지 머리속에서 vivid하게 기억이나요. 그 다음에도 몇번 더 뵈었었지만 너무 쑥스러운나머지 인사도 못 했어요. 새로운 분야를 많이 도전하고 계시는데 잘 되셨으면 합니다.  그리고, 첫 만남처럼 외국팬이라고 특별하게 안해주셨으면 좋겠어요. 사실 그러셧기 때문에 되게 멋지다고 생각했어요 ^^

제민오빠께, 작년 같은 날에 같이 인사드렸죠. 그전날 쪽지 보냈던 ㅇㅇㅇㅇ에서 온 친구라고. 아주 착하시고 진철하셔서 너무 좋습니다. 제민오빤 마음은 아주 순수하시고 드럼 치실 때 어찌 그렇게 멋지세요 ^^ 첫 만남보다도 2010년4월 코끼리 오픈한 날에 만남이 기억이 나요. 따뜻한 제민오빠 고마워요! ^^ 늘 행복하세요~ 🙂

정동하오빠님께, 안녕하세요^^ 유일하게 직접 인사한적이 없어서 편지 써보니 오색하네요…부활의 제일 적당한 보컬이신 정재환. 부활과 함께 늙어가고 싶다며, 너무 멋지세요. 음, 바램이 있다면 좀 풀리세요~ 너무 다가가기 어려워요 ㅜㅜ 근데 여자친구 되신 분 좋으시겠어요~ 멋죠!! 🙂 늘 잘 되시고 행복하세요! ^^

재혁오빠께, 다른 분 몰라도 저를 확실히 알고 있는 한 분. 재치 있으시고 똑똑하고 어찌 사람 편하게 해 주는 이 남자. “여자들은 다 이성으로 생각하나봐”라고 제민오빠가 그랬나요?^^ 그런 것 같아요. 재혁오빠는 여자들이 끌리게 하는 뭔가가 있어요. 그래서 위험하다고요.. ㅋㅋ 빨리 장가 가셨으면 좋겠어요. 많은 여자들 기대하게 만들지 마시고.. ㅋㅋ 농담이고요. 근데 진심으로 장가 가시고 이쁜 가족 잘 만드셨으면 해요 ^^ 재혁오빠와 첫 만남도 마찬가지 작년 V-Hall 소극장 공연이었죠. 그다음에는 EBS 콘서트에 뵜던 것 같아요. 무대에 오르자 저와 눈 마주치면서 알아채 주셔서 너무 행복한다는 그 기억이 아직 생생해요 ^^ 끝나고 나서 gum 드리더니 “내가 입냄새 나냐고..” 힝… ㅋㅋ 근데 그때부터인가 오빠랑 많이 친근한 느낌이 들어요 ^^ 부활이 커가면서 팬들과 만나는 시간 줄여들겠지만 늘 친철하실 거라 믿어요 ^^ 언젠가 다시 한번 찾아갈게요… 행복하세요..

[늘 응원하는 W.에게서]

With many best wishes and with love,
The Fearful Lion (겁많은사자)*

*who is (again) NOT Korean ^.^

It’s a  wrap! 🙂
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[Kim Tae Won] Coincidence to Miracle

Kim Tae Won’s book is out in bookstores now.

[Kim Tae Won] Youth Choir

감동극장. 김태원의 또 다른 도전.


사랑이라는 이름을 더하여 (작사/작곡: 김태원)

In the Name of Love


삶이란 지평선은 끝이 보이는듯해도 (the horizon called life, even though an end might not be seemless)
가까이 가면 갈수록 끝이 없이 이어지고 (the closer you go, it is continuously endless)

저 바람에 실려가듯 또 계절이 흘러가고  (carried by the wind, another season passes)
눈사람이 녹은 자리 코스모스 피어있네 (where the snowman had melted, a cosmos is blossoming)

그리움이란 그리움이라는 이름에  (longing, longing …)
사랑이라는 이름을 더하여 (in the name of love)

서로를 간직하며 영원히 기억하며 (cherishing each others’ memory, remembering forever)
살아가고 있는 거기에 (there in life)

기다림이란 기다림이라는 아룸에  (await, await …)
소망이라는 이름을 더하여 (in the name of hope)

누군갈 간직하며 영원히 기억하며 (cherishing someone, forever remembering)
이루어져가는 거기에 (there, where it’s coming true)

삶이란 지평선은 끝이 보이는듯해도 (the horizon called life, even though an end might not be seemless)
가까이 가면 갈수록 끝이 없이 이어지고  (the closer you go, it is continuously endless)

저 바람에 실려가듯 또 계절이 흘러가고 (carried by the wind, another season passes)
눈사람이 녹은 자리 코스모스 피어있네 (where the snowman had melted, a cosmos is blossoming)

또 다시 가려무나 가려무나 (가려무나) 
모든 순간이 이유가 있었으니 (모든 이유 있으니)

세월아 가려무나 아름답게  (time, go beautifully)
다가오라 지나온 시간처럼 (come closer, like the time passed)

가려무나 가려무나 
모든 순간이 이유가 있었으니 (every time has its meaning)
세월아 가려무나 아름답게 (time, leave beautifully)

다가오라 지나온 시간처럼 (come closer, like the time passed)

The Second medley song was a compilation of the following:

  1. 2NE1 – “I Don’t Care”
  2. Girls’ Generation (소녀시대) – “소원을 말해봐” (Tell Me Your Wish)
  3. IU & Surong – “잔소리” (Nag)
  4. 2 PM – “Heartbeat”
  5. Shinee – “Ring Ding Dong”
  6. Secret – “Shy Boy”
  7. G-Dragon – “Heartbreaker”
  8. 2 AM – “죽어도 못 보내” (I Can’t Let You Go Even in Death)

[Cross Road] 2011 Live Tour





Jeju Island

22 Oct (Sat)

Jeju Art Center



29 Oct (Sat)

영남대 천마아트센터



11-13 Nov (Fri-Sun)

Blue Square Samsung Card Hall



26 Nov (Sat)

안동 실내체육관



3 Dec (Sat)

Chuncheon Paekryong Art Centre



4 Dec (Sun)

청주 얘술의전당



10 Dec (Sat)

Wonju Paekun Art Hall



11 Dec (Sun)


Interpark, Auction, Yes24


24 Dec (Sat)

평택 이충체육관


*Please refer to Boohwal Entertainment Official Website for updates:

[How to Live Smart Lesson] Spirit of Band

The three guitar Gods of Korea got together once again, following Dead or Alive, this time for an ad 🙂

[부활 2집] Remember

Boohwal’s 2nd album, released in 1987. 
Guitar: Kim Tae Won
  Bass: Jeong jun-Gyo (정준교 – stayed until 6th album with 부활)
  Drum: Kim Sung-Tae (김성태 – stayed until 4th album with 부활)
  Piano: Suh Yeong-Jin (서영진)
  Vocal: Lee Seung-Cheol (이승철)

All songs in this album was written and composed by Kim Tae Won. The songs 회상 III (Reminiscence III) and 2월7일 (February 7th), in particular, are written for his beloved wife (girlfriend at the time of creation).

1.  회상 (Reminiscence)

2.  회상 II (Reminiscence II)

3.  회상 III (Reminiscence III)

4. 2월7일 (February 7th)

5. 천국에서 (In Heaven)

6. 슬픈 사슴 (Sad Deer)

7. Jill’s Theme

[NTS] The Story of Kim Tae Won

I just got my tax-card registered today – after living in Korea for 4 years!!!
Coincidentally I bumped into this video issued by the Korea National Tax Service.

“From a Guitarist, to National Grandma, to a Great Mentor”

I first held the guitar at 16.
I was more familiar being an alien than being loved.
I had to win my loneliness with one guitar at hand.
Guitar was my everything, and my only friend…

When I created the rock group Boohwal,
It felt as if I owned the world
I thought it was going to last forever
But the joy only lasted a moment, hardship came to follow
Sometimes conflict and separation,
Sometimes un-expected death…
Hardship came by me like a storm, I hung on to music only all that time
Because music is my dream, and my wings…

1986 Rain and Your Story (비와 당신의 이야기)
1987 Reminiscence III (회상 III)
1993 The More I Love (사랑할수록)
1997 Lonely Night
2002 Never Ending Story
2003 Beautiful Truth (아름다운 사실)
2005 Different Lane of Memory (추억이면)
2006 Love (사랑)
2009 Thought (생각이나)
2011 Secret (비밀)

Had my past days not full with frustration,
I wouldn’t be here today.

My dream is yet to finish
Just as your dreams

Students, wake the talent & the passion inside you!
Your “movie” is only starting now


End note: “We root for your dream”
Korea’s NTS

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