KBS TV [Guerrilla Date with Kim Tae Won]

Originally aired in Korea on 16 April 2011. Supposedly aired later on KBS World.
The interview was recorded 10 days earlier (on April 6th) in Hongdae.

It already has English subtitles, so enjoy! 🙂

Btw Kim Tae Won is in Australia at the moment for Men’s Qualification recording. If you happen to be in Australia and run into someone who looks like him, it could as well be him! lol Have great weekends! 🙂

5 Responses to “KBS TV [Guerrilla Date with Kim Tae Won]”

  1. MBC Star Audition 위대한 탄생 – Episode 25 « Generic Korean Says:

    […] a former episode that really was one of the best episodes of the entire season.  *found out from boohwal.wordpress that KTW is in Australia filming Qualifications of Men.  I guess since Qualifications of Men is a […]

    • 겁많은사자 Says:

      He was in Australia from 15th of May and shall return within this week (it’s supposed to be a 10-days trip). I thought I wrote it on Boohwal’s May-June schedule, but maybe I forgot..

  2. Miss_Classy Says:

    I just want to thank you personally for this blog and your continued hard work! It’s much appreciated. Boohwal is such a meaningful band to me and I’m sure to many other people in Korea and beyond. I’m SO glad that they are getting national attention and doing much better than before! I’m a big fan and it’s so nice to get updated info on a blog like this! Much thanks to you!!

    p.s. I loved this interview! I think this is my favorite 김태원 interview yet! It was meaningful yet funny (:

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