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Boohwal is a legendary rock band originating from South Korea. Since 1986, they’ve been through tremendous changes in members, in style; they’ve passed through so many challenges that only keep them going and become stronger and better every each day. Click here to check out [ALL MUSIC VIDEOS] of Boohwal over the years.

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  7. 사랑해서 사랑해서 (Because I Love You)
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비와 당신의 이야기
Never Ending Story

작년 이날에 저의 첫 부활 공연에 가려고 준비하고 있었는데… 벌써 일년까지 부활과 함께 갈 수 있다는 걸 상상도 못 했네요.
부활을 사랑하는 마음을 담아서 이렇게 일년간 https://boohwal.wordpress.com을 완성하였씁니다.
가장 힘든 시기에 힘이 되어준 부활 오빠들, 마음속에서 늘 감사하고 존경하고 사랑합니다.
이제 저도 제 길로 걸어가야 할때가 왔네요.. 부활음악은 늘 제 배경으로 남아 있을거고 힘이 들때 기쁠 때 그리워하게 될거예요.
지금부터 예전처럼 많이 달리지 못 할 것 같지만, 사랑으로 늘 응원하는 펜이 될게요…

이 블로그를 통해서 부활이 더 세계적으로 알려질 수 있으면 좋겠고요… 언젠가 새글을 다시 올릴지도 모르지만, 지금 저는 물러나오겠습니다~ ^^
그리워하면, 언젠가 만나게 되는 ~~~ 그 날을 기대하겠습니다.
사랑합니다 ♡

(겁많은사자) 위윅 배상



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*On-record, this is post number 178 on and right to this point of one-year anniversary, the blog has been visited over 46,200 times. Thank you for all of your never ending interest in Boohwal.* -겁많은사자, 18 March 2011-

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Never Ending Story’s Score (악보)

Lyrics and translation:

Top 3: Never Ending Story

Boohwal predicts the new song 사랑이란건 to become their 4th greatest hit song, thus I had the idea of posting the legendary Top Three 🙂

Never Ending Story is another work of art from Kim Tae-Won. It was released in Boohwal’s 8th Album (2002) in which Lee Seung-Chul came back as the vocalist of Boohwal.

Why I choose the video I pick below?

1. It is the original video

2. Colorful HAIR! 엄수한 (Eom Soo-Han, the previous pianist) was blond, 제민오빠 was.. also blond and his hair was rather long, I love when 태원오빠 leave his hair down messy like that, and I’m not sure whether 재혁오빠’s hair was grey or brunet in this one..

3. 재혁오빠 멋있어~!! ^_^* (i’m not gonna translate that :p)

Here’s the lyrics:

Never Ending Story

손 닿을 수 없는 저기 어딘가
Where is that place that my hand can’t reach..
오늘도 넌 숨쉬고 있지만
Today, you’re also breathing.. but..
너와 머물던 작은 의자위엔
On the small chair where I used to be with you
같은 모습의 바람이 지나네
The same figures passed by the wind..
너는 떠나며 마치 날 떠나가듯이
If you leave, it’s as if you’re leaving me
멀리 손을 흔들며
From far away, (my) hands wave
언젠간 추억에 남겨져 갈꺼라고
Someday.. it will leave its prints in my memory(ies)
그리워하면 언젠간 만나게 되는
If (you) miss, someday.. you (will) meet (come to meet)
어느 영화와 같은 일들이 이뤄져가기를
Like in the movies, these things become reality
힘겨워한 날에 너를 지킬수 없었던
I couldn’t protect you in a hard day (beyond my power)
아름다운 시절속에 머문 그대이기에
you, in that beautiful time (season, moment)

너는 떠나며 마치 날 떠나가듯이
If you leave, it’s as if you’re leaving me
멀리 손을 흔들며
From far away, (my) hands wave
언젠간 추억에 남겨져 갈꺼라고
Someday.. it will leave its prints in my memory(ies)

그리워하면 언젠간 만나게 되는
어느 영화와 같은 일들이 이뤄져가기를
힘겨워한 날에 너를 지킬 수 없었던
아름다운 시절속에 머문 그대여

*Ref 1*
*Ref 2*
Alright, I know you’d like one version sang by the current vocalist, Jeong Dong-Ha, problem is Boohwal never remade this song after 2005, even though they play it live in lots of occasions. This video is from Concert 7080, January 2009.
I know, you can’t have enough of this song, can you? :p Here’s another one, a live performance still with Lee Seung-Cheul, and although he doesn’t get shot a lot, Jae-Hyuck Oppa with his grey hair.. 😉 I say he looks younger now than he did 7 years ago.. 😉

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