Copyright Song

Composed and Written by Kim Tae-Won. Sang by Boohwal.


‘지켜야 합니다’

작 사 : 김 태 원/작 곡 : 김 태 원/노 래 : 부 활

자유로울 수 있게                                        freely
생각의 날개를 펴도록…                           our ideas spread its wings…
꿈과 희망과 용기의 얘기를                     the story of dreams and hope and courage
그려나갈 수 있도록…                                expressed…

우리들의 그 선택이                                   our choice
그들의 용기가 되고                                   becomes their courage
때론 상처로 남을 수 있는 걸                   at times it could leave scars
누구보다 잘 알기에…                               because I know it better than others…

지켜야 합니다                                           we have to protect it
지켜야 합니다                                           have to protect it
그 누군가의                                               that somebody’s
생각과 얘기들을                                       thoughts and stories
지켜줄수록 아름다움을                          the more you protect it, the beauty…
서로 간직할 수 있는걸 알기에…          we can keep it together, because I know…

Boohwal’s Scheduled Appearances

This weekend TV schedule:

1 May: 유희열 Sketch Book (KBS 2T) 00.15 am .

1 May: 근로자 가요제 (KBS1) 3 pm(ish)

1 May: 음악중심 (MBC) 4.20 pm

2 May: 두시의 데이트 (MBC FM4U) 2 pm

2 May: 연린음악회 *Opened Music Festival* (KBS) 6pm(ish)

Trivia: Seo Jae-Hyuk

I forgot to tell you that starting last week, Jeong Dong-Ha and Kim Tae-Won are showing up as fixed guests for Narusha’s Volume Up Wednesday Corner, “Is it just me?”. Today, they gossiped about mr.bassist hehe :b

The trivia about Seo Jae-Hyuk is another thing that scare me about him even more .. (check out “OZ” post…)

He has an obsessive attention to pimples or any types of skin eruption.. (the Korean term is easier :p) Tae-Won Oppa would usually be the one who has skin problem, and he’d want to blow them off when he sees one.. (well, being annoyed with it is one thing, but blowing other person’s..?^^;;)

This means one thing: I can’t see him when I’m having a hard time sleeping at night, and I’d better put on a masker the day I plan to see him.. ㅎㅎ (although, I wouldn’t mind if he’d wanna blow mine off.. lol.. if only that wouldn’t be so embarrassing-_-;)^^

Trivia: Jeong Dong-Ha and Kim Tae-Won

If you read my posting on Boohwal’s appearance in the TV talk show “Nollowa,” you’d know that both Kim Tae-Won and Jeong Dong-Ha are.. “detailed” people. I wouldn’t say perfectionist, coz I don’t know how they are as a person…

The two appeared as guests in this radio session “Narusha’s Volume Up” a few days ago in a corner called “is it just me?” (나만 그런가요?” A listener sent a question whether it was only him(or her) who likes to keep the time up to the minute. Kim Tae-Won said that his wife always compliment his ramyon (noodles) for it taste just perfect. His secret is: he follows the instruction, word per word, including the length of time you should boil the water when you’re making ramyon. He put on a timer to keep the time! Jeong Dong-Ha said,”but don’t everybody do so?” Erm… no, most people wouldn’t keep a timer .. I guess..? Do you? ^^

Well, there it is, a trivial fact about Jeong Dong-Ha and Kim Tae-Won: they make the best ramyon coz they keep a timer when they’re making it. Kim Tae-Won, especially, puts much importance about punctuality. He could be pissed for an hour and don’t talk to anyone when they show up late. He requires people to come at least 10 minutes earlier when they have appointment with him. Whereas Jeong Dong-Ha, keeps the time up to the minute. Meaning he won’t come 10 minutes earlier, but he’ll get there at 00:00 sharp.. ^^

Now, I’d like to make a ramyon for myself… hm.. but it’s 10pm.. maybe I’ll just have some bread.. (^^)

Copyright Ambassador Kim Tae-Won

국민할매 김태원, `저작권송` 발표

Kim Tae-Won Announcing “Copyright Song”

Boohwal’s Kim Tae Won is now entrusted to become “Copyright Ambassador”.

This coming 26th of April (Monday), Kim Tae-Won is scheduled to attend “The 10th International Intellectual Property Rights Day”‘ Anniversary at 11 am in Korea Press Center International Meeting Hall.

On this event, Kim Tae-Won will be officially appointed as Copyright Ambassador, as well as they will release the music video of the world’s first “Copyright Song” which is composed and written by Kim Tae-Won, and brought by Boohwal.  This Copyright Song is started with the words ‘지켜줄수록 아름다운 저작권’ (the more we protect it, the more beautiful copyright becomes); the music video features mangaka (만화가) Kang Phul and entertainer Park Kyung-Rim, among others.

Kim Tae-Won is scheduled to express his opinions about his acceptance to become Copyright Ambassador at 10.30 am before the ceremony begins.



** Wow, Tae-Won Oppa’s gonna be zooper busy this Monday. He’s got this ceremony in the morning, followed with M-Net The Pub shootings, and radio recording in the afternoon/night.. 화이팅 하세요~!^^

Classic: Gabriel’s Oboe (코끼리 탈출하다)

Gabriel’s Oboe is an instrumental song composed by Italian composer Ennio Morricone  for a movie “The Mission” in 1986. You can find out about him in his official website.

The song is re-arranged by Kim Tae-Won to suit the rock genre and he re-titled it 코끼리 탈출하다 (The Elephant Escapes). The song is inserted in Boohwal’s 10th album, as well as also adopted for the name of the fan cafe 🙂


I used to have a video from a TV performance here, but it was brought down for certain reasons. However, a dear fan recorded Boohwal’s performance in Daegu last night (August 21st, 2010) and here you can check out “The Elephant Escapes” followed with “Lonely Night” as Boohwal usually performs in their opening stage ><

Music Producer Jae-Hyuk Seo

Yes, I think I’ve made it quite clear that I possibly am his biggest XXXX(my nationality) fan.. ^^

Sayonara Itsuka, “Goodbye,..One Day”, obviously not the kind of movie I’d go to the movie theater for. (Sorry, I really am an honest person, no matter how much I like him.. -_-; (hey, positive feedback is a hundred times better than an empty compliment!) If you like mellow romance, love triangle, family and love intricacy.. this is the movie for you. I like vampires and guns and blue men speaking a a totally foreign language.. ㅎㅎ

Anyways, his name showed up in the whole screen (like 3rd or 5th after the director’s name) as the music director, but I wasn’t fast enough.. but I managed to capture this one. “All original music composed by Jae-Hyuk Seo &  Ji-Won Jang, and MUSIC PRODUCER: JAE-HYUK SEO ^_^

Sayonara Itsuka <21 April 2010-Wangsimri>

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