[Kim Tae Won] TV Programs

[남자의자격] Men’s Qualification — every Sunday on KBS 2 @5 pm
Azzura posted KBS world schedule on comment~ check it out!~:)
or check KBS World schedule by clicking here~

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[스타 오디션 위대한탄생] Star Audition the Great Birth — every Friday on MBC @10pm
Seems like MBC Global Media doesn’t air any of these programs, but who knows they would some..day.. in which case you should check this site~

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Stay tune~! ^_^

P.S. Also don’t miss MBC Nollowa Special “Star Audition The Great Birth” Mentor Edition to be aired on March 21st and 28th, 11.15 pm on MBC~ 🙂

P.P.S. Kim Tae-Won will also appear in MBC 황금어장 – 무릎팍 도사 (some sort of one-on-one interview program) to air on Wednesday (30 March  2011) at 11 pm.

9 Responses to “[Kim Tae Won] TV Programs”

  1. Azura Says:

    [남자의자격] Men’s Qualification on KBS World:
    Sunday, 1.20am (without English subtitles)
    Wednesday, 5.00pm (with English subtitles)
    Saturday, 11.30pm (with English subtitles) [re-run]

    • Azura Says:

      I made a mistake…
      Sunday, 1.20am (without English subtitles) is supposed to be
      And the time stated is for south east Asia region.

    • 겁많은사자 Says:

      So it’s Monday 1.20 am
      Wednesday 5 pm
      and rerun on Saturday 11.30 pm, right?
      (is it Jakarta/Bangkok time?)

      Thanks a lot Azura! Malaysia, rite? ^^

      Btw 1.20 am? AM? That’s kinda inhuman.. lol
      So they air twice a week? Or the Wednesday one is also a rerun?

      • Azura Says:

        You’re welcome. Happy to share it anyway.. =) and yup I’m from Malaysia.

        It is for Singapore/Hongkong/Malaysia time.
        For Monday, 1.20am it is actually a part of Happy Sunday (Qualification of Man aired first followed by 2Days and 1Night and it is usually showed 1 or 2weeks after the show aired in Korea and that’s why it doesn’t have English subtitles)

        For Wednesday,5.00pm it is Qualification of Man alone (normally 1month after it aired in Korea) and the rerun of the Wednesday show is on Saturday,11.30pm.

        I hope it helps! =)

    • 겁많은사자 Says:

      It’ll help international viewers a lot~ thanks!! ^-^

      Btw you don’t by any chance know the schedules for Great Birth and “Nollowa” on MBC .. (is there an MBC World?) do you? ^^

      *Btw I’ll highlight the schedules you noted down to make it easier for readers to find~ thanks again! 🙂

  2. Azura Says:

    I should have update this one earlier.. have been very busy…
    Here are the latest airing time for
    [남자의자격] Men’s Qualification on KBS World:
    Sunday, 4.10pm (LIVE without English subtitles)
    Thursday, 10.00pm (with English subtitles)
    Monday, 4.50pm (with English subtitles) [re-run]
    and it is for Singapore/Hongkong/Malaysia time.

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