MTV The Stage Rehearsal – Lonely Night

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There’s one reason why I like recorded session. In the concert, the drum is far back you can’t see him up-close and clear. While 제민오빠 looks most “alive” and happy when he’s playing the drum. He’s having fun! ^_^

Another reason, this recorded session also allows us to hear more from the other members, especially 재혁오빠 whom I like the most ^^ This short interview session also gives you some enlightenment about Boohwal, what they want from their music, how they feel and think about it.. 🙂

There’s a short rehearsal session in this record. Which is cool. Followed with MTV The Stage performance on 11 August 2009 (this could be the recording date or the date it was aired on TV).

I’ll try to provide translation to the short interactive session below ^_^ Enjoy!

Rehearsal Session (@Joon Music Tower. 22 July 2009)

* singing Lonely Night

서재혁: “..그렇게 세게 부를 필요없다~”
“You don’t have to put it much power in it (this part)”

* singing Never Ending Story

* singing 생각이나 (Thought)

정동하: “태원이형, 코러스 여기, 후렴에서 2절에서 해 주셨으면 좋겠어요, 같이”
“Taewon Hyeong, could you sing the second part of the chorus together with me?”

(Tae-Won Oppa cannot follow the rhythm ^^;)

김태원: “그만, 됐어..ㅋㅋ”
(Nah, doesn’t work ^^;)

* singing 희야 (Heeya) – rock version

MTV The Stage

정동하: 안녕 하세요. MTV The Stage 9월 주인공,
(Hi! We are MTV The Stage’s September’s artist,..)

Together: 부활입니다! ^_^
(Boohwal! ^_^)

*Rehearsal session

서재혁: 저희… 태원형이 오랫동안 말씀하신 얘긴데.. 저희는 뭐.. 음악이 어떤 큰 뭔가를 남기고, 무슨 큰 영향을 미치고, 저희가 어떤 사상을 담고, 그런 음악을 ..그렇게 추구하지 않았거든요. 그래서 늘 주변에 남는 배경같은, 오래도록 남는, 그런 음악을 하고 싶다고 늘 말씀을 하셨었어요. 저희도 거기에 맞는 마인드를 갖고 있고 그래서, 어떤 부담감이나 그런것 보다는 편한한 마음으로 보시면은 그 음악을 들으면서 그 예전이 회상이 되고.. 그리고 또 빠른 음악이 나오면은, 그 빠른 음악에 맞춰서 흥겹게! 그리고 거기에 가사가 조금이나마 들린다면은 살짝 한번 생각해 보시는. 그 편한 마음으로 보시면은 좋을 것 같은.. 그렇죠?

Seo Jae-Hyuck: Our band.. Well, it’s something that Tae-Won Hyeong always said. We are not pursuing the kind of music that.. we’re not looking to leave something big behind us, to have great influence, or one to express (keep) our ideas.. He always says that he wants to do (and make) the kind of music, that could stay around like a background (music). We have the same thinking with him, so.. rather than having a burden or something like that.. if you can see it comfortably like that, when you hear that music, you can reminisce.. And when you our fast music (rock), you could relate with the music and be excited with it! And when you hear (even a little bit of the) lyrics, you can (slightly) think (about it).. The kind of music that’d you can enjoy comfortably.. Isn’t it?

채제민: 가사가 포인트라고 할 수 있어요. 우리 팀은 가사가 정말 서정적인, 그런게 많기 때문에, 가사를 음미해서 들으시면 되고, 같이 호흡하면 그런 무대가 됐으면 좋겠어요.

Che Je-Min: You can see the lyrics as the “point” of our music. Our band’s music, the lyrics are really poetic (like an ode), we have a lot of such songs, so you can hear it while appreciating(admiring/enjoying) the lyrics.. We hope this stage could be one where you can follow the rhythm together with us.

* Singing Lonely Night

(first released in 7th album, written and composed by Kim Tae-Won. Original Vocal: Park Wan-Gyu)

서재혁: 반갑습니다. 오늘 좀 노출을 좀 했습니다.

Seo Jae-Hyuck: Nice to meet you. Yes.. I’m showing some skin today.. ^^*

(He’s not used to wearing sleeveless..^^*)

정동하: 아까 전에 의상에 대해서 케부드 치는 장지원씨가 한마디 하셨는데 이왕지 깡페같다고..

Jeong Dong-Ha: The keyboardist, Jang Ji-Won said he looked like a bully.. ㅋㅋ

서재혁: 김태원씨와 10년이상 함께 팀을 하면서 배운게 있다면은 뭘을 하든 1등을 하면 된다. 그래서.. 저희는 MTV 역사상 가장 껄렁껄렁한 그런 케릭터가 되지 않을까..지금 9회를 맡고 있는데, 여러분들 이 프로그렘 많이 보시죠?

Seo Jae-Hyuck: If there’s anything I’d learned from my 10 years experience working in the same team with Tae-Won Hyeong, is that whatever you do, just be number one in it. So.. We’d probably be MTV’s most “껄렁껄렁한” character.. ^^ 지금 9회를 맡고 있는데, you watch this program often, do you? ^^

(Audience: Yes..)

서재혁: 예.. 굉장히 잔잔하면서도, 뭔가 고급스러우면서도, 굉장히 그런 뭔가 따뜻한 그런 느끔이 났던 방송이었던 걸 기억이 나는데.. 저희가 오늘 완전히 깨 드리도록 하겠습니다.

Seo Jae-Hyuck: Yes.. despite your serene (answer), despite the luxurious-look, I remember (watching) MTV’s broadcast that’s left me a warm feelings.. Today, we’re gonna break it for you!

부활이 표현하고 싶은 감성 (What Boohwal would like to express)

서재혁: 저희 원래 자연스러운 모습을 보여 드리는게 좋을 것 같애서.. 저희는 예브고 정말 아름다운 무대지만, 저희 나름대로 색깔 덧입혀서.. 조금은 락적이고 거친 사운드도 표현을 하려고… 물론 저희가 발라드곡 많다 보니까, 발라드곡 빠질 수가 없는데.. 그 이외에 곡들은 신나게, 에너지 넘치는, 여름에 걸맞는 그런 음악들을 들려 드릴려고, 준비를 많이 했습니다.

Seo Jae-Hyuck: We always thought that it is best to show how we usually are.. Even though our stage is a beautiful and charming stage, we put on our own styles and colors into it..  (No matter how little) we are a rock band and we want to express this “rough sound”.. Of course, since we have a lot of ballad songs too, we cannot not include them.. but the songs other than that, the songs are cheerful, filled with energy, the kind of music that matches the spirit of the summer. We prepared a lot to show you such music.

김태원: 마치 그.. 어떤 사람이 평소에는 A 스타일로 있다가 선 보러 나갈 때 B로 바꾸는 거는 저희는 안 합니다. 저희는 있는 그대로 보여 드립니다.

Kim Tae-Won: Just like someone who usually dresses in A-style, but change to B-style when they’re going on a date. We don’t do that. What you see is how we normally are.

채제민: 밖에 날싸 덥지만, 여기는 덥게, 후끈하게 분위기를 이꾸러 가도록 하겠습니다…. 다음곡은 발라드입니다.

Che Je-Min: The weather’s hot outside, but in here, we’ll make it even hotter, burning! .. The next song.. is ballad.. ^^

(Audience): (laughing)

채제민: 의미있게 즐겨 주십시오.. ^^

Che Je-Min: Please enjoy (meaningfully) ^^

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