Hi All! Thanks for always keeping Boohwal’s update here.

It’s been a year and a half since I started this site, and I’m just wondering where you guys – international fans of Boohwal – come from. I know there are fans from the following countries: (if yours is not in the list, let us know! ^_^)


America Asia Australia & Pacific


  • Zimbabwe
  • South Africa
  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Senegal
  • USA
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  • El Savador
  • Brazil
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If you happen to stop by at this page, I’d really appreciate it if you’d at least share with us how you come to know Boohwal.
Of course, you’re also welcome to share your stories~ ^_^
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Thanks for all of your support! 🙂

92 Responses to “BOOHWAL & YOU”

  1. lovekorea Says:

    Hi I’m from Turkey^^
    Thanks for opening this blog. It’s much appreciated.
    The first time I’d listened to BooHwal through K-drama Someday’s ost. (I’m an avid K-Drama watcher.) And through Friend our Legend’s ost. But I neither googled them nor interested in them till I watch Rock Rock Rock a few days ago~ (Although I loved the osts from both dramas)
    Rock Rock Rock moved me, enough saidXD I’d like to ask if you have live version of Jung Dong Ha’s osts from Someday and Friend? If you have, would you mind sharing with me? Please.. *puppy eyes* Thanks in advance^^
    Keep Up The Good Work ^0^
    Btw. how about putting up a twitter counter on the blog?

    • 겁많은사자 Says:

      Hello~~ wow Turkey~ reminds me one of Boohwal’s hard core fan is in Turkey rite now ^^ Marhaban! (is it correct?^^;)

      I don’t think Boohwal ever performed OST songs live though~ and you can find a tweet counter below each article if you click on the title (it doesn’t show on the main homepage)

      Please keep checking on the posts here, you can find the categories on the left hand side~ 🙂

      • lovekorea Says:

        Merhaba hehe^^
        Oh, I’m not a hardcore fan yet..but I’m on the way to become so;)
        You mean there is another fan from Turkey beside me? I didn’t get it wrong, right? You made me curious..

  2. withu Says:

    Hi..I’m from Indonesia.. 🙂
    The first time I’d listened to them when I watched live H on KBS 2009…and I began to like them since then.
    I like almost all their song, especially Jung Dongha’s voice, he has a great voice…
    Luckily I found this site…thank you so much for everything you share here…hwaiting!
    ・:*:・゚’ヤッタネ!(b^ー゚) オメデト~・:*。・:*:・゚’☆♪

    • Anonymous Says:

      first time i knew boohwal when i watched KBS too… i listened “heeya” and suddenly im so curious about boohwal, so, im started to search they songs,, and Voila!! much love for boohwal..

      gud luck for boohwal and all of us.. 🙂 🙂

  3. doina Says:

    Hello! I’m a big fan of Boohwal. I’m from Romania.
    I love their songs, i love Tae won and Dongha. Best wishes for them and many, many years in good music.

  4. sham Says:

    hi greeting from malaysia!
    after watching all the episode of rock rock rock i started to search more on boohwal’s profile n songs. lucky me to find this great blog. credit for u!. even though i cant speak korean but after watch rock rock rock, i was touched n moved by all the songs in the drama.

    • nina lee Says:

      Hey,I’m from Malaysia too.So agree with you.I also start to dig more about boohwal after rock rock rock.Every song touched me.

  5. Anne Says:

    Hi, I am from Canada. I have been listening to music by Boohwal for over a year now. I absoloutely fell in love with their music the first time I heard it.
    I remember the first song I heard from them, Never Ending Story. The first time I heard it was when I was watching their MV with Lee Seungchul. I remember the feeling that I had. I was overwhelmed by the song, I got goosebumps (chills) and the song made me cry. That was the first and only time that a song made me cry.
    I love all of Boohwals music, I even bought a couple of their CD’s. I can’t express enough how much of an impact they have made on my life.
    P.S. – Remember to add Canada to the list of countries of fans ^^

  6. la belle de mai Says:

    안녕하세요! 겁많은사자 씨 😉 고마워요 for making this site! ^^
    One day, I heard that there would be a k-drama about a legendary korean rock band, and since I wanted to hear some k-rock for a change, I decided to search youtube for some MVs. And that’s how I’ve discovered 부활. 사랑할 수록 was my first 부활 song. Now it’s one of my favorites – alongside with 비와 당신의 이야기 and R.E.M.

    Sorry I’ve been a silent visitor to this blog for a couple of months now, but today, when I’ve seen my country (Serbia) on this page, I just had to leave a comment 🙂

    Beside searching for news, I come here as I “discover” (maybe it’s better to say: “as I fall in love with”) a different song of Boohwal and look for the translations here (YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB WITH THE TRANSLATIONS!). Since I’m studying Korean, I like to compare the lyrics with the translation, that way I enjoy learning it even more.

    And that was 부활과 저의 이야기 🙂

  7. Venetia Louie-Chee Says:

    안녕하세요. 내 이름은 Venetia입니다.

    Actually, I am not korean nor speak korean, BUT I love Boohwal’s music. Because I was so familiar with their music, that my husband and I actually went to their concert in Los Angeles at the Ford Amphetheatre earlier this year. Even for my husband, he also enjoyed the concert more than the Shin Seung Hun concert that we also went recently.


  8. nikita Says:

    thankyou making the website…it is so much easier to navigate since the last time I visited…keep up the good from USA….

  9. Giulia Says:

    Hi^^ …I live in Italy…The first time I listened to Boohwal it was because I was watching star king (about one year ago) and Kim Tae Won was one of the guest, when they said that he’s a guitarist I searched in youtube and then I found Boohwal!…..I started to like their songs immediately *^* ..I’ve also seen Rock Rock Rock and it was really beautiful, after knowing the story I like their songs even more!!! …thank you for all the updates, it’s really difficoult for non-korean people to find news about them ç_ç

    ….my english is quite bad sorry if I made some mistake 🙂

  10. Nathalie Says:

    I’m from France~ 🙂
    I discovered Boohwal with the TV show ‘Qualifications of Men’ on KBS and I immediately loved the song “사랑해서 사랑해서”.
    I’m still don’t know all their songs but I really like them!
    Thanks for making this blog, it’s a big help for me^__^

  11. 겁많은사자 Says:

    Hi Nathalie and Giulia, thanks for sharing!
    Hope to see you often here~ ^_^

  12. Dino-chan Says:

    Hello, I’m Dino from Malaysia~ 🙂
    Actually you knew who am I ~ via Twitter so…:D
    I love this site a lot.
    I visit everyday lol

  13. Aude Says:

    I’m from France! Glad finally to fin a website dedicated to Boohwal! Thank u! 🙂

  14. shining_turtle Says:

    Hi~ a fan from Vietnam (:
    I discovered their music not long ago, from Live H on Arirang TV. I was very impressed by Heeya and The story of you and the rain and tried to search more about them. At first, I felt very disheartened as I got almost nothing. Luckily, I found your side! So yeah, I just want to say thank you and all your effort to bring Boohwal closer to fans and esp newcomer like me.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I live in Seattle, and am a big fan of Boohwal. This is a great web site to get info about Boohwal. Thank you!!!

  16. hilal Says:

    Hi, I just read that there is another Turkish fans of Boohwal. Is it for real? Where are they?

  17. hilal Says:

    I tried to translate some of their songs in Turkish (using your translation, 겁많은사자 ; also Korean version from Google translation ).
    but i felt that they are losing their first impression ( i mean, the feeling when i listen) . Their songs shouldn’t sing in Turkish or i am really bad at writting/translating sth 🙂

  18. freezwings Says:

    Vietnamese fan here 🙂
    I know Boohwal from 2009 when, by chance, watch their Thought MV. I love all the songs and lyrics, they put their heart in them, not like some of the idol groups nowadays. Boohwal (along with YB) is one of my biggest inspirations. And I really prefer their live performances to the studio version 🙂 Jung Dong Ha ssi ‘s really the master of singing live. Thank you for spreading Boohwal music around!

  19. Denya Says:

    Hi W and everyone here! I am an Asian but reside in Dubai, UAE
    I’ve been a BooHwal fan for around a year now… yeah a bit too late but I’m still lucky that I did find about them!
    And I’ve been lurking on this page for several months already 🙂 Thanks to you I have bought a lot of their songs in Soribada but Reminiscent III is not there… have to look somewhere else.

    Anyway, nice to meet you guys! I hope this page will be long lasting… let us know if we can be of any help.

  20. 겁많은사자 Says:

    Hi Denya~ what took you so long? 🙂
    For “Reminiscence III” it’ll probably be difficult to get the original version (1985), You can get the remake in 10th album featured by Jo PD (rap version). Otherwise I suggest you buy the 1st or best album (1989) from yes asia or other source.

    How did you know about Boohwal in UAE? Hope to see you around more often now 🙂

    • Denya Says:

      hahaha I guess I was kind of shy to show up.
      I’ve checked the rap version but actually really hoped that BooHwal will do a remake with JDH 🙂 really like his vocal.
      OK I will check Yesasia, I have an account there.

      You know even we live in Dubai we always watch Asian TV channels (indeed) instead of local channels or even CNN or BBC 🙂 I used to be a K-pop fan but since I found BooHwal I feel like my taste have been upgraded to another level hahaha.. OK see you around

  21. clichy Says:

    Hello, i’m from Romania. I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work -i thought i was really lucky when i discovered your site an all this precious informations about Boohwal. I just watched their EBS Space concert- after listening Never ending story like 50 times in 2 days. I’m becoming Boohwal’s fan and you know what, i like it…to bad i’m 8000 km away

  22. Denya Says:

    Hi Everyone! Just to add the excitement here.. I want to share something about BooHwal and Me.
    I’ve just checked my WinAmp Player history the play count has shown…. (drum rolls… and taraaaaa):
    – Saenggakina ~ played 3926 times……………..and Noeul ~ played 1374 times
    – Huiya, Areumdaun Sasil, Never Ending Story, OZ, and JDH’s The day ~ each played more than 500 times
    – Donghwa, Sarangirangeon, Saranghalsurok ~ each played more than 200 times
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Those exclude the player in my car. Boohwal songs have been the Soundtrack of my life nowadays. Can’t live without them. BooHwal Jjang!!

  23. livelovelife1 Says:

    HI, I’m your intern. I’m from the US, but you already know that!

  24. SKIGV Says:

    Annyeonghaseyo!!!! 😀
    I’m from Mexico, and it isn’t in the list… u.u … I hope it will be later 😛
    Well, I’m a new Boohwal’s fan, it’s barely gonna be a month since I started to listen their songs!
    I’m a little ashamed, because k-pop brought me to them :$
    Before k-pop, I first listened rock in spanish, then rock in english, then japanese rock, then taiwanese pop, then k-pop, then Boohwal *w*
    I like korean shows because they’re sooo hilarious; a month ago I was watching several shows, one of them was “Oh my school”, then I found that it was to be replaced by “Immortal Song 2”. So I started to watch Immortal Song 2, I was like: “Yeah, I’m watching how the idols sing in their own way old korean songs and I don’t even know my own country’s songs…” hahaha 😛
    And then, in 3rd chapter… the Legend was Boohwal… -w-
    When I listened parts of the songs that the idols were going to sing, I said: “K-ROCK!!!! *o*”
    One of the songs that caught my attention was “The Story of You and the Rain”, because a girl picked that song and tried to sing the final part when Kim Tae Won sings: “Saranghae, saranghae, saranghae~”… when I listened that part I was like… wow… screamo… hahaha, well, his husky voice singing “I love you” caught me… And I didn’t know yet what was the lyrics about, 😛
    But I firstly searched for “Lonely Night”(don’t ask why, haha), I watched the whole show with 6 Boohwal’s songs with arrangements by the idols, and days after I was still singing ~Lonely night, lonely night~ haha
    Another song that I liked in the show was “Heeya”, when I listened the original song, I was like *o*
    And I started to search all the original 6 Boohwal’s songs, and the music was just sooo awesome, I was already listening and singing the songs without knowing what they were saying, haha
    Then, days after I felt in love with Boohwal’s music, in a cloudy day I started to search the lyrics and the meaning, but was so hard to find some!!! D:
    But… then… I found this amazing blog with almost all Boohwal’s songs with lyrics and translates and even videos!!!… TwT … I’m so grateful… >_w<
    Like my mother says, the song is so touching… Yeah, because my mother is a Boohwal fan too!!! 😀
    She is in love with "Neverending Story" too, she said that she want to learn the lyrics so she can sing it… hahaha
    And I forced a friend to listen to it too, and yes, she know is a Boohwal fan too… 🙂
    So, Boohwal, you have at least 3 fans in Mexico, hahaha, I guess we need more fans so you can give a concert here, right?… 😛
    Well, althought I'm a little young, and I know Boohwal since only a month, I'm not gonna stop listen to their music NEVER…

    Thanks for read, although is a little long story, sorry 😛
    I'll be here very often, because I want to know all the songs, and there are many

    Thanks for all!!! 🙂
    Annyeong~ 🙂

    • 겁많은사자 Says:

      Wow~ SKIGV! Thanks for sharing your story!
      Happy to know three fans from Mexico all at once!! ^_^
      Let me know if there’s any song you really want translated and I haven’t, i’ll see if I can find the time to translate~ See you around!!

      • SKIGV Says:

        Omo, are you serious?! D:
        WOW!!! I’m sooo happy to know that!!! Thank you so much >w<

        Changing the subject… I don't know what happened after "I'm so grateful" and before "Like my mother says", a part is missing! :/ … haha, no problem if I complement here? 😛
        Ok, here I go… After "I'm so grateful"…

        Such a long story!
        And talking about story… I love "Neverending Story", is a very beautiful song…
        Like my mother says…

        Then, after that… awww… I don't remember exactly wich words I used 😦 (I was inspired to write then u.u)
        But, I do remember I wrote this words:

        Their songs have so much meaning, the words used are beautiful and the music is awesome… Boohwal is amazing 🙂

        (Now Mexico is on the list, yay! haha :P)

  25. May Says:

    Hi everyone ! I’m May from Vietnam.
    Lonely, I’m living an unstable life in a stranger country. I meet new people,come to new places,but still it’s not the same sky I used to look at. I want to come back but It’s not the place I used to know, either. People changed. Sometimes everything is just do difficult that I couldn’t stand it anymore. Then I listen to Boohwal’s songs. Eventhough, I don’t understand Korean but somehow, those songs make me feel I belong to somewhere better than here. I feel like I actually experienced what happened in the songs cuz it seems so real. That’s why I am a Boohwal listener.

    • 겁많은사자 Says:

      Hi May~ which country are you living in?
      But first of all, welcome! 🙂 My story is almost the same with you, I came to love boohwal for they kept me spirited living in Korea right at the the most difficult time.

      Hope you keep spirited! 🙂

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, I’m frm Malaysia. Get to know them thru Immortal Song 2. Attracted by ‘Never Ending Story’, ‘Lonely Night’, and the voice of Park Wan Kyu. Kim Tae Won reminds me on Yoshiki frm X-japan, talented musicians.

  27. antoniazc Says:

    Hi!!! I’m from Venezuela (not on the list) and i just discovered Boohwal thanks to the amazing drama Rock Rock Rock. I love the drama, and No mi noh acting, and the soundtrack just kills me. ever since i saw the drama (last weekend, hehe) i’m kind of obssesed with Boohwal searching all over the web for the songs and info. I almost know nothing about Boohwal except from the drama so that’s why i am so happy to find this site… i must take my time to read and enjoy every post…. Thanks so much in advance!!!

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Hi I’m from California, USA ^^
    Get to know BooHwal through K-drama Rock Rock Rock portrait by Noh Min Woo.
    This drama moved me, I watched it at least 5 times and cried every-time. Inspired by the unconditional love from his wife. This is truly a “Never Ending Story”. I can’t speak/read Korea therefore I’m so glad to find your website in “English”…I will take my time to read to know more about BooHwal specially Kim Tae Won biography…hope to see more of his family pictures…Greatly appreciate your time and effort uploading the information’s… Thank You so much for the Good Work!!!!
    Keep It Up ^0^

  29. Rosia Heline Says:

    “Love is being stupid together.” ~ Paul Valery

  30. Hilal Says:

    Hi. I’ve just discovered the song 21C 불경기… OMG shame on me! its soooo good. PWK and JDH both of them sing with amazing taste… I realized that I have a long way to be a real Boohwal fun.

  31. Kinga Vári (@MiinaPark) Says:

    Hi I’m a Hungarian Booohwal fan. I heard Remeniscence III in Dream High, and it was love at frist sight^^but back then I didn’t know whose song was it or what was the title of the song. But I started to watch “immortal song 2” and I heard this song again with many other Boohwal songs. And for some strange reason I like singing Never ending story since then^^ and

  32. madmex89 Says:

    i found out about Born Again when i was searching for rock bands in Korea and i found a wiki page listened to some of their songs and became a fan

  33. mawyer Says:

    Did you design the layout this well with the default website tools? Your page is incredible.

  34. Rachel Says:

    I’m from South Africa, if you can add my country to the list 🙂
    The first time I heard of Boohwal was on Immortal Song 2, when Yesung and Hyori’s versions of ‘Huiya’ and ‘The More I Love You’ really touched me.
    Yay for Boohwal!

  35. Ivette Says:

    wow! So many people from differents countries!
    I’m from Spain~
    The first time I heard about Boohwal was thanks to Kim Tae Won in Star Golden Bell.
    I’m a rock fan since I was little, and I wondered who was that man with long hair and sunglasses. I started to search information about his band, and I fell in love with their music.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    My Boohwal story is a little strange. I’m from the US and had been watching some of the K dramas out of boredom on Hulu. Went surfing on YouTube to see what else some of the actors/actresses I enjoyed had been in. Somehow stumbled upon Boohwal and Jung Dong ha and am blown away by their musical/vocal talent. Found your site looking for English translations. Thx! Do you know where to find an appearance schedule in English? Or is there any chance of them coming to America. Would love to see them in person. *Favorite song at present is Yellow but that could change as I explore more of their songs. Also with Jung Dong Ha’s ability to sing so well in English I think they could make it big in the US with the right management and promotion.

  37. Militsa Says:

    Hi there!
    I’m from Bulgaria. The first time I heard of them was while searching for Park Wan Kyu’s “Love over a thousand years” but I didn’t pay that much attention back then. Later on I watched “Rock, rock, rock” and the rest is history…
    Thanks for this blog, I love it. I’ll stop by some other time, too. :)))

  38. Naim Says:

    greeting from malaysia!
    start fell in love with boohwal when i watch family outing where kim seung chul as a guest back in 2008. ever since boohwal song is always on top of my playlist!

  39. sant Says:

    Hi.. I’m from Indonesia. I’m so glad to find your blog. I heard about this band from my best friend 2 years ago but i don’t know why i searched about them just last month and i become their fan since then. God..they’re so awesome. Thank you thank you thank you thank you so much for sharing all about them right here..that’s a very kind of you. ^^ Is there any twitter account that i can follow related to boohwal? Thank you thank you thank you..

  40. hilal Says:

    Hi Sant ^^
    welcome to the club 😉 They are amazing and become more amazing day by day.
    These are twitter accounts of them: @paulkimmarcome @chaejemin @Basseo unfortunatelly Jung Dong Ha hasn’t got an acc.
    Btw their 13th album is coming on June 10 named Purple Wave. I’m so excited. I’m sure it will be awesome as always. I wish them luck!

    • sant Says:

      awww.. thank you so much hilal. Nice to meet you ^^. ow..thanks a lot for the info. i’ll follow them and i do wish jung dong ha will create a twitter account. kkk.. Do you have twitter account? Is it okay if I follow yours? The 13th album is coming on June 10th? Really? Awwwwwwwwwwww… can’t wait. Thank you thank you thank you. Oh my God..Boohwal.. daebakk.. >.<

      • hilal Says:

        oh, sorry. yesterday I replied your comment but its not here 😦 I dont know why..well I can reply again ^^
        Your welcome. Nice to meet you, too. I dont think DongHa will have an acc. but who knows! As much as I know new album is coming on June and they have already started their events for new season. but I find this kind of infos via Korean sites or Korean followers and I dont know Korean so I use trans.sites. I mean there is always fallibility.
        you can follow me as @kaktuzs
        see you around… ^^

      • 사자후 Says:

        Hi Hilal and Sant! Dongha did have an account, but he cancelled it after a few weeks. He likes to keep his privacy and I appreciate him for it ^^

        Btw I’m the owner of this site, welcome ya’ll! 🙂

      • hilal Says:

        Hi 사자후
        I love your blog, thank you for all.
        I respect DongHa’s choices about his private life. And I think it is another reason to love him.

      • sant Says:

        Hi Hilal and 사자후.. thank you so much for the info and all the updates, and of course the warm response. Oh.. I respect Dong Ha oppa’s decision. May I call him oppa? since he’s older than me. I’m listening to their songs from their new album. Oh I love it.. ^^
        Ah..and I see a kind of new haircut. kkk..
        Thank God I found this site and all of you. I’ve been so stressed out due to my works lately and everytime I go to this site, it can make me happy. Thanks a lot. :*
        btw Hilal..i’ve just followed your twitter account. ^^

  41. kateku7 Says:

    Hi. I just found this song and i like it so much. Btw who is the actress acting in the story of you and the rain music video? Theres a girl who looks pretty.

    • Hilal Says:

      Hi ^^
      I’m not sure which MV you are talking about but it might be Rock Rock Rock drama version, if it is she is Hong Ah-reum.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, I’m Nor fr Singapore and being in my 50s doesnt stop me fr being a fan of Boohwal. Ever since i saw u at Immortal Song and later what Taewon did at Qualification of Men i have full respect of what Boohwal had gone thru the years. Your success is most deserving. Hamsahhamida for your beautiful music. “fighting!”

  43. Hilal Says:

    Boohwal released 13th album Purple Wave..Have you checked it? It is so good. I found this album’s sound is different than previous ones..Well, I like it. They are so perfect! ^^

    • 사자후 Says:

      The actual album itself is not yet out in the market, there’s a delay from the original planning. The album is probably to come out sometime next week. You can see/hear some teaser out though~

  44. Chung Li Lin Says:

    Hi ALL Boohwal fans, nice to meet u, i am from Kuching Malaysia, i first saw Chung Dong HA on Arirang TV when he had an interview with ISAK,on KPOP, but only when Arirang Tv was showing the LIVE H of BOOHWAL band that they caught my heart -since then i had been following them up, initially i find that it is very hard to find information about Boohwal band, i would say it is getting a little bit better. what do you all think?especially, for foreign fans outside Korea who dont know korean……. ?! anyway, i was watching their performances on you tube videos, i would say that they drived me to go to korea to attend the live concerts myself, we got help from korean kind fans,……JLIM and i,, we both from MALAYSIA, and thought we probably the only two malaysian fans( now i know we are not, hope u all get to know her) we went separately to the CROSS Road live concerts, 2011……and i wish all the fans in the rest of the world would get to attend Boohwal live concert one day…..Boohwal, please continue your live concerts, all BOOHWAL fans will continue to look forward to them, Boohwal fighting!!

  45. Tina Says:

    Don’t tell me I’m the only BooHwal fan in India! Recent fan but equally enchanted, and so fond of KTW.

    Anyway, my story of discovery resonates with many of the stories here, and it is heartwarming to find people from so many nations here, for the love of beautiful music. All my life I have loved good melodies from all musical genres, irrespective of language… but I find rock music very moving and motivating, something life-affirming and rejuvenating… and in the long tresses of charismatic singers I find an ancient call of freedom and mesmerising mix of masculinity+femininity that appeals to my artistic side. So my journey towards K-rock began with the exploration of rock as well as talented male singers with beautiful, long dark hair.

    Was delighted to find Shin Sung Woo, Kim Kyung Ho, and then Park Wan Kyu. I was struck by the changes in his voice over time, starting with the high, light pitch in Lonely Night and Cheonneonui Sarang, and ending with the rich, deep, emotive tones in Hamangyeon and Sarang (OST) …I could hardly believe I was listening to the same person till I read up on his bio and discovered his association with Boohwal, and then onto songs like Pimil and Bi that I just loved… And then his performance of Cheonneonui Sarang with JDH, where he was so supportive, led me to JDH based songs like Fairytale and Thinking. I also explored songs by other leads, but these two have something else in their voices, a mix of passion, sensitivity, texture.

    I’m one of those who find the melody and passion in a song enough to love it, and tread upon lyrics hesitantly in case they don’t match up to the emotion conveyed by instruments, including voice. But the comments would tell me that the words too were full of meaning, so I got curious. Since I don’t know Korean, to further appreciate the songs I tried to follow the meanings of songs from subbed versions in English or Spanish, but there were not that many available. That’s when I found this site and, song after song, kept coming here for translations and information on the background of each song.

    The first song was Saranghalseurok, and it was so touching… I kept thinking about how KJG just happened to cross paths with KTW like a comet, bringing light into the darkest times, and that the very reason he was born seems to be, to ensure that Boohwal was reborn again. I’m so glad they met, else we KTW may have never recovered from the phase he was in at that time. Having read about his life here, I felt so inspired to face the hurdles in my own life… Every time I hear his guitar I feel like it is calling out to me, to find the ways despite every setback, the way he did. I’m quite fond of him now, and feel so glad he found the right people at the right times.

    It took me a while to warm up to JDH, but I think KTW was wise in choosing him because he brings in younger fans, tries to involve the audience like PWK, harmonizes well with KTW, performs well live, and has an obvious respect and loyalty towards the band members (it’s not all about him) and PWK. It is an unusual combination that helps break down age barriers, and keeps the amazing path of Boohwal flowing on towards a hopeful horizon.

    Like so many others, I am very happy to have found this site that keeps updating itself, in step with Boohwal. I think the message of this band’s music, and of KTW’s life, is that one can endure near-breaking points again and again, if one can accept change as a curtain that will reveal a fresh, strong, invincible identity. It is this message, conveyed through every song, that I think deeply moves people from all over the world.

    Thank you so much, 사자후 sshi for sharing your knowledge and enhancing our appreciation.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Hello! I’m from the Philippines and following Boohwal since 2009. First time I heard Boohwal song through my Korean friend. He introduced Boohwal member according to their album and I’d been searching videos and information about them. I love KTW style of music and captivated by Jung Dong Ha voice. When they released their 13th album I’ve got news that they will start the Purple Wave concert tour. First time for me to visit S. Korea and I was so happy to choose the Seoul Purple Wave Concert last October 6,2012. Fantastic live concert… unforgetable experience to me. I hope they will continue making album and doing great music. Thank you very much to your wonderful website… God bless you.

  47. Kay Says:

    Hello! I’m from Indoensia.
    I’ve just been listened to Korean music for the past 2 years. I love rock music especially Japanese rock style. I didn’t know that Korean rock music is good too since most of the Korean music representation is Kpop.
    One of my Korean music reference is the variety show Immortal Classic. Through the show, I can know good singers and later search for their songs and music style. Through the show I know Jong Dongha of Boohwal. After a few episodes, I began to love his husky voice and rock style. So I search more about him and Boohwal.
    Apparently, I’ve seen Kim Taewon in several shows and interviews though I had no idea who he is besides he’s a famous Korean rocker.
    Watching & listening to Boohwal videos, whether it’s MVs or live shows, I just got to fall for them. The songs are unique and amazing, in terms of melodies, lyrics, and arrangement. They are just perfect! I wish one day I can watch them live.

  48. Arya Says:

    I am from Slovakia.
    I discovered Boohwal by drama Rock Rock Rock… I fell in love with them. This wasn’t genre of music that I used to listen before I heard them <333

  49. Rheii Says:

    Hi! I am Rhea and I’m from the Philippines! I just recently became a fan of Boohwal.

    I saw Jeong DongHa in the Immortal Songs 2 and I just fell in love on how he sings, how he delivered and expressed the songs. Then, I saw Granny Kim, “Kim Tae-won” in Qualifications of Man and I discovered they are both in a band, in the same band and that is Boohwal. That’s when it started. I know Boohwal is not really the typical band my generation usually idolized (I’m just 19). Usually, My generation loves Kpop idols. Don’t get me wrong, I love some of them too but there is really something about them that you’ll fall in love with them. Anyway, I normally don’t do this. I don’t post and share my thoughts in public well except for twitter(you can follow me here by the way @akosirheii) about something I love. I’m not also the “fan girlie” type that would actually follow a certain band or group that I love but let’s face it Boohwal is worth the change 🙂 ! Now, everytime I see any updates of Boohwal, I go crazy. heheh 😀 But I don’t think Boohwal is that popular in the Philippines, unlike other idol groups. So I would like to ask you guys if you would be a darling and update me whenever there are certain activities where Boohwal is involved, I’d be happy to support them :))) Well, that’s about it. 🙂 I also hope to gain new friends here. I want to have friends who I have common interests when it comes to music 🙂

  50. denya88 Says:

    Dear W, how are you..? It’s been long time since I dropped by this page.. I’m still Boohwal’s avid fan. I follow JDH on Immortal Songs 2 and he’d done very well there! Records holder! Of course we knew he would do well 🙂
    I wonder what Boohwal is up to nowadays.

    • Rheii Says:

      Yeah! JDH is the record holder. He’s been the record holder in IS2 twice already. before he got the record of 439 votes, if i’m not mistaken, the record was 438 and that record was set by him when he performed with Kim Taewon, as well. I have been watching IS2 ever since I saw JDH perform there. JDH was the reason I’ve been watching IS2. JDH and Kim Taewon, however, are the reasons why I love Boohwal. I am so glad that I have watched them in variety shows like “qualifications of man” – Kim Taewon and IS2 – JDH ’cause I have discovered a band that is worth listening to.

      What I like about Boohwal is that even though I don’t understand that much Korean, I think I understand most of their songs. Their songs are just so full of emotions that I think I don’t need to understand the words to feel it, you just feel it through the melody and how they deliver it. That is how great they are. Only few bands can give such impact to their songs even without understanding the words and Boohwal, I must say, is one of the best bands when it comes to that category. Just by hearing their songs, you would understand the story behind the lyrics even when you don’t understand it.

      ^ Thoughts I wanted to share. I do hope Boohwal’s fan club would grow bigger and have more fans.

  51. AmudoBun Says:

    I just wanted to write here to say that they have a fan in Czech Republic too^^
    I’ve known Boohwal since early 2010 but didn’t start beeing actual fan till 2013 when I saw JDH on an IM2.

  52. kelly Says:

    hi I’m a new fan from Reunion island! so happy to know them!\(*-*)/

  53. Do Ré Mi Vá Si Fu Dê (@fattyketty) Says:

    Im from Brazil, and i knew them in the rock rock rock miniseries, “saranghae saranghae saranghe” haha i love Kim tae Won, and Rain and your story is my favorite song sinse them

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