동화 [同化] (Assimilation)

.Originally I meant to wait for all music videos for Retrospect II to come out before posting the songs lyrics, but seems like some people already started to search the new songs lyrics translation here, so I figure I’ll post one each day when I’m free. Boohwal is currently planning to shoot another music video for another song. I really can’t wait for the music videos to come out; 흑백영화 II and Someday are my favorites in this new album..

Just a short preview on “Making the Music Video” from Boohwal in Nagasaki last June, followed with the lyrics & translation. Enjoy! ^_^

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(Composed by Kim Tae-Won, Lyrics by Kim Tae-Won)


창밖에선  비가 내리고 (Outside of the window, rain is falling)

어렴풋이 넌 떠오르고 (you dimly came into my mind)

잊지 말라고 잊지 말라고 (Don’t forget, don’t forget)

날 바라보며 널 말했었지 (Look at me, you said)


뒤돌아서면 저 어딘가를  (If you turn back, that somewhere)

지나쳐가는 넌 바람같아 (passing by, you’re like the wind)

저 어딘가로 날아가도록 (to fly, to that somewhere)

바람이란게 부는가봐 (the thing called wind seems to blow)


너를 만나게 되는 날 (the day i meet you)

너를 만날 수 있는 날 (the day  i can meet you)

내가 설레었던 그 예전처럼 (when my heart fluttered, like those old days)

또 그럴 수 있을까 (can i feel it again)


너무 사랑을 했기에 (because I loved you so much)

너무 사랑을 했기에 (because I loved you so much)

다시 다가갈수도 없을만큼 (that I cannot come closer to you again)

서로 사랑했으니까 (Because we loved each other)


April Concerts and Appearances


Special Appearance in EBS TV: 5 & 6 April 2010

Yongin Event: 16 April 2010 (Concert)

Masan Event: 17 April 2010 (Concert)



9 April: 유희열의 스케치북 (KBS 2 TV) 12.15 am

9 April: MBC FM4U ‘최은경의 음악동네’ (5pm.live)

10 April: KBS 2 FM ‘메이비의 볼륨을 높여요’

10 April: Kim Tae-Won interview in ‘감성다큐 미지수’ (KBS 2 TV)

11 April: KBS 1 TV “열린음악회” 5.35 pm

13 April: 정동하 in 강심장

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흑백영화 (Black and White Movie)

Released in the 3rd album (1993), and remade in 12th album (part 1) last year. The original singer was either 김재기 (Kim Je-Gi) or his brother 김재희 (Kim Jae-Hee). The person who uploaded the video below claims 김재기 to be the singer. The remake in the 12th album was of course sang by 정동하 (Jeong Dong-Ha). This song was both written and composed by 김태원 (Kim Tae Won).

This video is the original version from Boohwal’s 3rd album.


저 아이들의 모습이.. 나에게는 사실
The look of those kids.. for me, actually..
지나버렸지만.. 아쉬운걸까..
it’s in the past… is it a pitty..
공을 주우러 오듯 아이들이 내게로 오면..
if they come to me to pick up the ball..
내가 왔던 지나온 길엔 나무들이 자라있을까..
the trees on the street I used to pass.. would they have grown..
흑백으로 된 영활 보고 싶었어..
I want to watch a black and white movie
가슴 조이며 바라보던..

마치 꿈속같은 모습이기에..
looks just as it was in a dream..
나의 어머니를 닮았어..
looks like my mother..

내가 왔던 지나온 길엔 나무들이 자라있을까..
the trees on the street I used to pass.. would they have grown..

(to be continued…^_^)

윤상 – 한걸음더

According to a source in 재혁오빠’s bass club, this is one of his favorite songs. So I did some research and found this ^_^

This song was released in September 1991. More information about the singer (Yoon Sang) and his more recent albums could be found in http://www.yoonsang.net/intro.asp.

한 걸음 더 (One More Step)

숨가쁘게 흘러가는                    여기 도시의 소음 속에서
빛을 잃어가는 모든 것             놓치긴 아쉬워
잠깐 동안 멈춰서서                   머리 위 하늘을 봐
우리 지친 마음 조금은                       쉴 수 있게 할거야
한 걸음 더 천천히 간다해도             그리 늦는 것은 아냐
이 세상도 사람들 얘기처럼              복잡하지 만은 않아

Wonderful Days: Bassist 서재혁

Without further a due.. here you go, the bassist.. ^_^

by wb

by wb. 21.03.2010

The above picture is not the clearest shot, I know, but I like the pose ^^

by wb.

The biggest challenge taking 재혁오빠’s picture: the microphone in front of him. I have tons of his picture with part his face covered by that *mic.. -_-;

by wb


by wb

I love it when he smiles.. but I can’t manage to get a decent picture. So here’s ne from another source.^_^

credit to Boosamo and Jae-Hyuck Oppa Bass Club *i forgot the source. sorry T_T*

Wonderful Days: Guitarist 김태원

The leader. The charisma. The song writer. The composer. The lyricist. A lover. A husband. A father. A person. A respectable man. Musician. There are so many words to explain this man, but point is, I respect him.

wb.19 march 2010.

Check out 김태원 Solo Guitar for video.

by wb. (19.03.2010)

After the stage, I was face to face with him but my camera went down. I really hate myself for that. He’s really dark for a Korean. That’s not important, of course. One thing, he’s really genuine.

The 4th Golden Days: “Boohwal”

제4의 전성기…뜨거운 록의 ‘부활’

<<This article was released on March 26th, 2010. Translation are mostly verbatim, but not all.>>

“It seems like we’re in the fourth golden days.” Boohwal opened the way for Korea’s rock music golden days with its hit song “Heeya” in 1986. Starting from the band’s leader Kim Tae-Won (guitar) whose consistently been keeping the band together for 25 years, Che Jemin (drum), Seo Jae-Hyuck (bass), and Jeong Dong-Ha (vocal) together had released their 25th Anniversary Album last year, titled “Retrospect I”, and now they came back with the continuation: “Retrospect II”. The title song of this album, “사랑이란건” (The Thing Called Love), which is composed and written by Kim Tae-Won, is predicted to be Boohwal’s next hit rock-ballad in particular, and is already receiving a lot of love from fans.

Reporter: 서주영 (juleseo@sportschosun.com)

소극장콘서트 전회 매진…신곡 ‘사랑이란 건’인기폭발

예능 맹활약 김태원 외멤버들도 교수-영화음악 ‘외도’

“Mini-theater Concert Tickets All Sold-Out… New Song “사랑이란건” Extremely Popular
Besides Kim Tae-Won’s Activity in Entertainment Programs, Other Members University Lectures and Music Director”

▶뜨거웠던 소극장 콘서트

♦ The Hot Mini-Theater Concert

Boohwal’s mini-theater concert which ended last March 21st were all sold out and attracted great response from the public. In the concert, they played among the new songs from the new album Retrospect II and also old songs which they yet had the chance to (often) show in live stages.

“지난 1월 소극장에서 팬미팅을 가졌어요. 당시 팬들의 열광적인 반응에 모든 멤버들이 감동받아 이번 콘서트를 하게 됐죠. 더욱 가까워진 무대와 객석에서 저희의 인간적인 모습을 더 많이 보여드린 것 같아요.”(서재혁)

Seo Jae-Hyuck: “We held a fan-meeting in a mini-theater last January. All of Boohwal members were really touched by the excited reactions from our fans, that’s why we decided to have this concert this time. (In mini-theater) where the stage and the audience are close like this, I think we are showing a more “human” (인간적인) side of our members.”

Having this mini-theater concert, the big brothers of the band explained how the youngest member Jeong Dong-Ha’s great vocal power shone even more in the concert hall.

이에 대해 정동하는 “연일 공연을 했더니 콘서트 초반엔 너무 몸이 힘들었어요. 그런데 이상하게 몸이 힘들수록 목은 풀리더군요. 무대에만 올라가면 아드레날린이 쏟구치는 게 확실히 무대체질인 것 같아요. 그건 형님들도 마찬가지일 거예요”라고 화답했다.

Jeong Dong-Ha: “Actually in the first half of the concert rally, it was really hard for my body because we had the concert everyday. But it was rather funny that the more my body rebelled, my voice became better (it was easier to sing). Just by getting on that stage, adrenalin rushed into my body. Seems like I belong to the stage. I believe the other members are the same with me.”

▶탄탄하게 꾸민 새 앨범

♦ Strongly Decorated New Album

Kim Tae-Won, when he composes a song, he plays the song with his acoustic guitar, and instead of recording it into a computer, he records the new song using a cassette-tape. That’s how much he loves the analog generation.

“얼마 전에 술을 끊었더니 예전 ‘희야’ 때의 순수한 감정이 다시 샘솟고 있어요. 타이틀곡 ‘사랑이란 건’도 초창기 부활의 느낌을 많이 가미해 만든 곡이에요. 30~40대가 들었을 때 첫사랑을 회상할 수 있는 음악을 만들고 싶었는데 어느 정도 맞아 떨어진 것 같네요.”(김태원)

Kim Tae-Won: “I quit drinking a while ago, and old feelings from back to “Heeya” time come gushing in back to me. The title song of this new album, “사랑이란건” is also inspired from those teenage years. As you become 30’s or 40’s, I wanted to make the music that make you reminisce about your first love. To some accounts, it just fell on me.”

“사랑이란건” (The Thing Called Love) tells about the time when you miss the love that you have lost, another love shows up and comes into your life without any warnings. In the beginning of the song, the clear sound of an orgel and beautiful words make you visualize and grab the feeling of that separation.

It’s not only the title song that has been receiving a lot of attention. Old hit songs such as “사랑할수록” (The more I love) and “백야” are re-arranged and drew a lot of attention from the public. 사랑할수록, in particular, gives a more fragile sensation as Boohwal rearrange this song by abating the sound and use more melodic piano sound and play more acoustically.

▶멤버들의 ‘외도’는 무죄

♦ Members Aren’t Guilty of Working Outside of Boohwal

Kim Tae-Won, who is now in his mid-40’s, have started his path in the entertainment program last year, gaining the nickname “늦등이” (late born) as well as “국민할머니” (national grandmother), 브라운관을 종횡무진했다.

김태원은 “예전 술을 한창 마실 때 한잔하면 정말 말이 많아지는 스타일이었어요. 그런 제 끼를 김구라씨가 발견하고 예능프로그램에 출연하도록 많이 도와줬죠. 어쨌든 저때문에 로커와 예능이 어울리지 않는다는 말은 줄어든 것 같아요. 이번엔 동하를 예능에 밀고 있어요”라며 기뻐했다.

Kim Tae-Won: “In the past when I used to drink a lot, I tend to say a lot when I drink. Entertainer Kim Gu-Ra noticed this habit of mine and helped me a lot in entertainment programs. Anyhow, because of me, the image of “rocker” and “entertainment” seemed to become more of a probable match now. This time, I’m also pulling Dong-Ha into the entertainment programs.”

사실 국내에선 록그룹 활동만으론 안정된 생활을 하기 힘들다. 김태원은 예능프로그램을 통해 대중적인 인지도와 경제적 여유를 찾았고, 정동하와 채제민은 대학 겸임교수와 각종 세션 활동으로 여유있는 생활을 하고 있다.

Actually, it is difficult to lead a safe living out of a rock band in Korea. Through the entertainment programs, Kim Tae-Won gains public attention as well as economic surplus; whereas Jeong Dong-Ha and Che Je-Min also have their individual activities giving lectures in universities.*(Ed: there could be a mistake here. as far as I know, Jeong Dong-Ha does not teach, Seo Jae-Hyuck does.)*

Bassist Seo Jae-Hyuck was also working on the music for MBC Drama “친구” (Friend), as well as the movies “Sayonara Itsuka” and “포화속으로” which are scheduled to be released soon. He is a really busy soul even outside of Boohwal activities.

▶포에버! 한국록 ‘산 역사’

♦ Forever! Korea’s Rock “Mountain of History”

From the first vocalist Lee Seung-Cheul until today, Boohwal have probably had about 20 members in and out of the group. Of course, a lot of them have brought as many differences to Boohwal, but they have always preserved their thread of life through many challenges. (그만큼 많은 멤버들이 거쳐간 건 물론이고 각종 사건사고에 휩싸였지만 거센 풍파 (violent wind and waves) 를 맞았지만 꿋꿋히 명맥을 유지하고 있다.)

채제민은 “25년째 활동을 하고 있지만, 사실 대중적으로 빅히트를 기록한 건 합쳐서 4년 정도 밖에 안돼요. 다행히 동하가 5년째 최장수 보컬로 활동하며 팀이 안정화되고 있죠”라고 막내의 기를 살려줬다.

Che Je-Min: “Boohwal has a 25 years of history, but the public probably have only known us for the last 4 years through some of the big hit songs. I’m glad that when Dong-Ha has joined the band for 5 years now as long-term vocalist, our team managed to become more secure.”

This new album was announced to be “Boohwal’s 4th Golden Days”. Boohwal members unanimously agree (이구동성) that the title song will become Boohwal’s 4th mega-hit song after “희야” (Heeya), 사랑할수록, and Never Ending Story.

김태원은 “25년간 부활이라는 울타리(fence)에서 음악활동을 해왔지만, 사실 음악에 미치지 않았다면 힘들었을 거예요. 많은 어려움이 있었지만 팀이 깨지지 않은 이유는 무조건 견뎠기 때문이에요. 백발이 성성해도 무대에서 열정적으로 연주하고 노래하는 모습을 상상해 보셨나요? 얼마 전 40년이 넘는 역사를 가진 미국밴드 시카고가 국내에서 공연했는데요. 우리도 앞으로 20년은 더 활동할 수 있을 거예요”라고 자신했다.

Kim Tae-Won: “Even though I have worked in Boohwal for 25 years now, it would be extremely difficult if I had not been crazily in love with music. There were a lot of difficulties, but the team has remained solid and we managed to still be here now, only because we endured and bear all those difficulties. Do you ever imagine me still excitedly playing the guitar and singing on stage even when my hair grows white? Not long ago an American band called Chicago – and they have over 40 years of history – held a concert in Korea. Boohwal will also still be active 20 years from now.”

Source: http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype2.htm?ut=1&name=/news/entertainment/201003/20100327/a3722011.htm

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