[Music Video] Donghwa “동화”

Finally, the music video of “Assimilation” (동회)~

Find the lyrics and translation here (click)! 🙂

Donghwa in “Midnight FM”

Instead of the music video shot in Japan a last June, the OST version of the movie “Midnight FM” is coming out earlier this week. The Movie, starred by Soo-Ae, is released on this October 14th in Korea.

Enjoy “Donghwa” as the OST of “Midnight FM”~~

Top 3: 사랑할수록 (The More I Love)

사랑할수록 (Saranghalsurok) is one of Boohwal’s most legendary song. I personally didn’t like this song at first, maybe because of the extreme sadness that this song delivers. And in the original version, released in Boohwal 3rd album in 1993, sang by Kim Jegi (김재기), this song is sung in such… I dunno, it’s just very slow I didn’t feel any power in it. I liked it though when I heard Jeong Dong-Ha’s version of the song. The song is written by Kim Jegi and composed by Kim Tae-Won.

Enough about me though. This song marked the rebirth of Boohwal after being left by their first vocal after their debut. Kim Tae-Won went through extremely tough time after being left by Lee Seung-Cheol, especially because the latter gained even more fame that Kim Tae-Won himself who was the motor behind Boohwal.

Boohwal’s first album was released in 1986, the second followed in 1987. There was a six years dormant period until the 3rd album was released in 1993. Behind that album was Kim Jegi, Boohwal’s third vocalist who only stick with the team for a very short period of time. He passed away in a traffic accident just after recording several songs with Boohwal as demo tape. Kim Jegi’s voice was, however, very remarkable that the demo tape was eventually released to be in Boohwal’s third album. Kim Tae-Won personally have a soft spot on Kim Jegi that he once said if he could think of anyone he’d wish to live again, that person is Kim Jegi. Kim Jegi is always referred in many occasions by Kim Tae-Won, as the song “The More I Love” is referred many times by the other Boohwal members to be a song that they think made Boohwal the legend it is. Kim Tae-Won himself said that the 3rd album wouldn’t have existed had he not meet Kim Jegi.

So happens to be Kim Jegi’s younger brother, Kim Jae-Hee (김재희), was also a singer and he was also gifted with the wonderful voice his brother had. So Kim Jae-Hee recorded the rest of the songs in the 3rd album. The version of 사랑할수록 you heard(and saw) above was sung by Kim Jegi. You can also find a Kim Jae-Hee version of this song in the “Best 이솝의 붓” album released in 1996.

The one below is by Jeong Dong-Ha. This song was also remade and inserted in Boohwal’s latest album, Retrospect II, released this year. (Check out “How to get Boohwal’s CDs abroad” on top right)

(The More I Love)

한참동안을 찾아가지 않은 저 언덕 너머 거리엔
(In the street over the hill I haven’t been to in a while)
오래전 그 모습 그대로 넌 서있을 것 같아
(It felt that you’ll be standing exactly as you stood there a long time ago)
내 기억 보다는 오래되버린 얘기지
(A story that is older than my memory)
널 보던 나의 그 모습
(The way I looked when staring at you)
이제는 내가 널 피하려고 하나 언젠가의 너처럼~
(Am I now trying to avoid you, as you did then)
이제 너에게 난 아픔이란걸 너를 사랑하면 할수록
(Now for you, that I am hurting, the more I love you)
멀리 떠나가도록 스치듯 시간의 흐름속에
(To go far away, into the flow of time as if only brushing by)
이제 지나간 기억이라고 떠나며 말하던 너에게
(Leaving me, you said it is a memory of the past, to you)
시간이 흘러 지날수록 너를 사랑하면 할수록…
(As the time flows by, the more that I love you)
너에게 난 아픔이었다는 걸 너를 사랑하면 할수록
(That I was hurting for you, the more that I love you)

너는 하얗다 (You Are Pure)

Starting from today, Boohwal’s fan club is having a vote to find out which song is most popular among the songs in the album Retrospect II, aside from 사랑이란건 (Love Is/The Thing Called Love) and 사랑할수록 (The More I Love). My bet is the most popular song is likely to be considered for the next music video nomination.

No, I didn’t publish this song coz it’s taking the lead. I’m just publishing it as part of the Retrospect II lyrics rally, but if you want to response what’s your favorite among the songs in this album, do response! I’ll pass the message 🙂 The voting is taking place from today til May 31st.

너는 하얗다    =You are pure <white>=

Composed by Jeong Dong-Ha, Lyrics written by Kim Tae-Won


항상 비어있는 가방을 들고 (always carry an empty bag)

그 어딘가를 흘로 걷고 (walking alone to that somewhere)

내 옆에 서 있는 함꼐 걷던 넌 (standing next to me, you walked together with me)

추억 속에 머무르고 (stay there in my memory)


항상 그런 거지 늘 그래왔지 (it’s always like that, always like that up to now)

난 사랑들이 이뤄질 즈음 (I, about the time love was coming to realization)

항상 바라봤지 떠나간 곳을 (always observed, the place they depart to)

그 이유조차 나도 모른 채 (without even knowing the reason)


같은 길을 같은 곳을 (the same street, the same place)

서로가 다른 시간에 지나치고 (we pass each other at different times)

너와 같이 걷던 길을 (the street I walked with you)

나 홀로 언제부턴지도 모른 채 (I by myself, I don’t know since when)

내가 가는 거지 (I walk that street)

흑백영화 II  (Black and White Movie – II)

This is my top 2 songs in Retrospect II album. I started writing this particular post on March 24th, but didn’t publish it then coz I wanted to wait for the MV to come out, but seems like I’d have to wait even longer ..and I can’t (손이 근질근질하네요~ㅎㅎ) I love this song so much, the lyrics touched me to the bones, really. I can’t help my tears falling down the first time I followed the lyrics… 재혁오빠 완전.. impressive, and .. i’m always out of words when it comes to this guy..>_<

흑백영화 II

Composed by Kim Tae-Won, Lyrics by Seo Jae-Hyuck


저 먼지 쌓인 방안에 (in that dusty room)
조용히 잠든 사진을 거내어 (I took out a sleeping photograph)
그땐 알수 없었던 영원할 것 같던 순간을 (I didn’t know, the time that felt like forever)


언제부턴가 그리움을 찾는 (I don’t know since when, I’m starting to long for you..)
사진속에 멈춘 기억은 (the memory halted in the photograph)
나의 앞에선 나를 바라보는 저 모습은 (in front of you, the way you look when you looked at me)


내곁에 (beside me)


한참을 그리워한 희미한 그미소 (that faint smile that I had missed for a time)
보고 싶던 그얼굴 그대로 곁에 있네 (that face I miss to see, always there beside me)
주름진 그 모습도 아름다운 그대여 (and the wrinkles on your face, beautiful you)
기억할께요 언제나 내 곁에 있다는걸 (I’ll remember you, that you were always beside me)


나를 부르는 작은 목소리에 (your low voice calling me)
떠오르는 많은 기억들 (a lot of memories pop up)
보고 싶었던 너무 보고 싶었던 모습이 (i missed you.. your look that I missed so much)


내 곁에 (beside me)


한참을 그리워한 희미한 그미소 (that faint smile that I had missed for a time)
보고 싶던 그얼굴 그대로 곁에 있네 (that face I miss to see, always there beside me)
주름진 그 모습도 아름다운 그대여 (and the wrinkles on your face, beautiful you)
기억할께요 언제라도 (I will remember you, always)



By the way, this is NOT a new song. Kim Tae-Won composed this in 2003 for a female singer 도원경 (Do Won-Kyeong). The lyrics of course does not match with Boohwal’s music (and male vocalist^^) thus Seo Jae-Hyuk re-written the lyrics based on his memory of his Grandmother (from mother’s side) who passed away when he was in the army.

You can check out the song by 도원경 titled “어느 마음 추운 날here. It maybe just me, but 흑백영화II is a few times better than this one..~^^*


This is a song that I listen on a daily basis at the moment; I think it’s safe to say that it’s on the top of my Boohwal’s favorites 🙂 Written AND composed by the one and only our 반대제왕 Mr. Bassist Seo Jae-Hyuck ^_^

Ow, Someday is the third track in the latest album Retrospect II.

<Video from Green Plugged Festival, 22 May 2010 ;)>


(Composer: 서재혁, Lyrics: 서재혁)
하늘은 파랗게 (the sky blue)
무조건 그려가던 어린시절엔 (drawing my childhood time)
세상은 다 정해진 듯    (as the world is decided)
다른 것은 하나도 몰랐다  (I don’t know about other things)
친구를 따라서 (following my friends)
어디든 달려가던 어린시절엔 (running anywhere, my childhood time)
세상이 다 내 것이다 (the world was mine)
걱정거리 하나도 없었다 (nothing to worry about)
**그대로 멈춰 (stop right there)
세상에 변해가는 나를 아니
Hey! Hey!
끝도 없이 끝이 없이 달려가는  (running endlessly)
그대로 멈춰 (stop right there)
세상은 혼자일 순 없는거지 (you can’t be alone in the world)
Hey, Hey- Hey!
한번쯤은 한번쯤은 뒤돌아봐  (for once, for about once, look back)
Hey, Hey-
▧ 간주 ♬ ▨
시간을 빨리 돌려 (time turns fast)
어른이 되고 싶던 어린시절엔 (my childhood time, when I wanted to be a grown up)
세상이 다 내 맘처럼 (the world as my heart)
저절로 다 되는 줄 알았다 (I thought everything was easy)
아무런 약속없이 (without making appointments)
친구들 모여 놀던 어린시절엔 (my childhood times, when friends got together and hung out)
세상 모두 다 이야기처럼 (the world, like a story)
사랑하며 사는 줄 알았다 (I thought we could just love and live)
음~ 숨이 찬다
이제는 멈춰 (now stop)
시선을 돌려 (look around)
너를 바라봐 (look at me!)
You got a take someday !
You got a take someday !
You got a take !! some !! day !!!
(take someday)
지금 이 순간 나와 함께 소리 질러 (now, right at this moment, I wanna scream with you)
이제는 멈춰 (now stop)
그대로 멈춰 (stop just like that)
시간을 돌려 (look around)
Some day
오늘을 멈춰 (stop for today)
그대로 멈춰 (stop just like that)
You got a take some –
**P.S. Today is exactly one month since I first started this blog. Thanks for all of you whose keep coming to check it out! 😉
블러그 시작한지 딱 한달 됐네요.. 한달만에 방문수가 650명 넘을 수 있다니.. 역시 부활은 짱이예요!^^ 계속 놀러 와주시고 부활을 많이 사랑하자고요~~~^ㅇ^

동화 [同化] (Assimilation)

.Originally I meant to wait for all music videos for Retrospect II to come out before posting the songs lyrics, but seems like some people already started to search the new songs lyrics translation here, so I figure I’ll post one each day when I’m free. Boohwal is currently planning to shoot another music video for another song. I really can’t wait for the music videos to come out; 흑백영화 II and Someday are my favorites in this new album..

Just a short preview on “Making the Music Video” from Boohwal in Nagasaki last June, followed with the lyrics & translation. Enjoy! ^_^

Click here for the FULL Music Video~



(Composed by Kim Tae-Won, Lyrics by Kim Tae-Won)


창밖에선  비가 내리고 (Outside of the window, rain is falling)

어렴풋이 넌 떠오르고 (you dimly came into my mind)

잊지 말라고 잊지 말라고 (Don’t forget, don’t forget)

날 바라보며 널 말했었지 (Look at me, you said)


뒤돌아서면 저 어딘가를  (If you turn back, that somewhere)

지나쳐가는 넌 바람같아 (passing by, you’re like the wind)

저 어딘가로 날아가도록 (to fly, to that somewhere)

바람이란게 부는가봐 (the thing called wind seems to blow)


너를 만나게 되는 날 (the day i meet you)

너를 만날 수 있는 날 (the day  i can meet you)

내가 설레었던 그 예전처럼 (when my heart fluttered, like those old days)

또 그럴 수 있을까 (can i feel it again)


너무 사랑을 했기에 (because I loved you so much)

너무 사랑을 했기에 (because I loved you so much)

다시 다가갈수도 없을만큼 (that I cannot come closer to you again)

서로 사랑했으니까 (Because we loved each other)


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