[How to Live Smart Lesson] Spirit of Band

The three guitar Gods of Korea got together once again, following Dead or Alive, this time for an ad 🙂

[부활 2집] Remember

Boohwal’s 2nd album, released in 1987. 
Guitar: Kim Tae Won
  Bass: Jeong jun-Gyo (정준교 – stayed until 6th album with 부활)
  Drum: Kim Sung-Tae (김성태 – stayed until 4th album with 부활)
  Piano: Suh Yeong-Jin (서영진)
  Vocal: Lee Seung-Cheol (이승철)

All songs in this album was written and composed by Kim Tae Won. The songs 회상 III (Reminiscence III) and 2월7일 (February 7th), in particular, are written for his beloved wife (girlfriend at the time of creation).

1.  회상 (Reminiscence)

2.  회상 II (Reminiscence II)

3.  회상 III (Reminiscence III)

4. 2월7일 (February 7th)

5. 천국에서 (In Heaven)

6. 슬픈 사슴 (Sad Deer)

7. Jill’s Theme

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