Music Producer Jae-Hyuk Seo

Yes, I think I’ve made it quite clear that I possibly am his biggest XXXX(my nationality) fan.. ^^

Sayonara Itsuka, “Goodbye,..One Day”, obviously not the kind of movie I’d go to the movie theater for. (Sorry, I really am an honest person, no matter how much I like him.. -_-; (hey, positive feedback is a hundred times better than an empty compliment!) If you like mellow romance, love triangle, family and love intricacy.. this is the movie for you. I like vampires and guns and blue men speaking a a totally foreign language.. ㅎㅎ

Anyways, his name showed up in the whole screen (like 3rd or 5th after the director’s name) as the music director, but I wasn’t fast enough.. but I managed to capture this one. “All original music composed by Jae-Hyuk Seo &  Ji-Won Jang, and MUSIC PRODUCER: JAE-HYUK SEO ^_^

Sayonara Itsuka <21 April 2010-Wangsimri>

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