[Boohwal LG Art Centre Concert] Day 2, Session 2

Actually I’ve decided not to post concert reports anymore. Among others, I don’t take pictures anymore during concert, coz I simply want to enjoy it instead of busying my hands with something – and without pictures, the post could be dull ;; Of course I could use pictures taken by others, which I would, but I prefer not to, really ^^

The reason I’m posting anyway despite I decided not to, well, I protected the post below this one for I want to keep it for my personal record – hell, it’s my blog anyhow! 🙂  But for the sake of this blog’s purpose itself, I’ll share the more general part of the concert with you.

Personally I find last night’s concert among the best and indefinitely the most “fun” I’ve been to.

Okay, those of you been with me since the beginning would know how fond am I of orderliness~ lol
So I came to the concert venue about 20 minutes before it started, got the tickets (my seat’s on 5th row~^^)
Bought Jeong Dan’s CD (which was produced by Boohwal Entertainment, btw, I might review him sometime:) and exchanged greetings with some staff who knows me. They’re friendly yesterday~ ^^
Got in, and saw one old acquaintance from Japan who came all the way just to watch Boohwal’s concert (isn’t she amazing?^^and thanks to her, I was encouraged to use my *extremely* broken Japanese for the first time in 8 years)

The concert probably started about 6 minutes later than 7 pm, which was sooner than I expected (Christmas Concert was, luckily, 10 minutes delayed, which allowed me time to breath coz I arrived late!! :p)

Anyways~ the opening song was different!! Oh, actually the opening started with this video… urm, I’m sorry but I gotta say I’m not a fan, I think it was cheesy ^^;; I know they worked hard for it, so I’ll appreciate it still~

First song was, I should’ve guessed, “Wonderful Days” theme song but they did some rock arrangement in the beginning it’s really cool! Followed with 가능성 (oh, love it, this song is always on top of my head.. anytime I’m out there in the spiritual world the first line that comes out of my mouth is 비가 오네… ^^), 너뿐이야, talk (introduction), 생각이나, followed by 아름다운 사실…

and Jeong Dan showed up!!!!! Singing 아름다운 사실 duet with Jeong Dongha!!! Oh oh oh, love it!! 🙂 I’m actually gonna watch a small showcase he’s having by the end of June, but honestly didn’t expect much, coz I don’t know his songs, and he’s just gonna sing 2 of Boohwal songs from the 9th album (아름다운 사실 and 에메랄드빛 바다, which he wrote). But I bought his CD today, and .. well, depending on my mood, I might stay to ask for autograph if possible that day (lol, yeah I know). Actually I ran into him by the elevator, not expecting him to remember when he sees me again, but at least I announced my nationality to him (yes,Dear, that’s my point!! kk) Anyways, back to the concert, Jeong Dan sung the title song of his newly released album, “호랑나비”.

Concert commences with 노을, 사랑, 흑백영화, 추억이면, which Kim Tae Won said will make a hit in ten years^^ (reflecting that “The Story of You and the Rain” despite released in 1985 made a hit after shortly sung by Sung Si-Kyung in a CF in 2003, “Never Ending Story” by Yun Sang-Hyun in a drama, etc~)

And.. what’s been a repertoire since Qualification of Men’s “Harmony”, Boohwal Jeong Dongha’s version of “Nella Fantasia”.
For those of you who don’t know,  “Nella Fantasia” is an Italian song (Guilia, help me! 🙂 which is the “lyrical version” of the instrumental “Gabriel’s Oboe” composed by Ennio Morricone. Kim Tae Won, a huge fan of Morricone, re-arranged “Gabriel’s Oboe” and insert the song “The Elephant Escapes” in Boohwal’s 10th album (2005). Coincidentally, Park Colleen, leading the Qualification of Men’s choir, chose “Nella Fantasia” as their main song. Ever since, this song has made an extremely, extremely, huge, widespread, hit in Korea. (The original version is sung by Sarah Brightman). Boohwal also showed “Nella Fantasia” on the last Christmas Concert (It was the first time I saw it, don’t remember if they had it in February concert). But the version from last night, was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Seo Jaehyuck, Kim Tae Won, and Chae Jemin made the 2nd sound (sorry, not familiar with the technical terms).. oh it was simply amazing! I think I had my mouth opened  the whole time ^^;;;

That, and followed by 비밀 by no other than Park Wan Gyu~ ^^ He was really cheery last night, smiling all around and jumping all over (bet no body carried white balloons hahaha:) The song followed with Lonely Night~ ^^ Dongha sings the first part, second part and the rest duet with Park Wan Gyu.

Followed with 사랑해서 사랑해서… by which time I think Lee Seong-Wook and Jeong Dan also appeared on stage.

Starting from Park Wan-Gyu’s appearance, for me, the concert has been the most fun. They were all around the stage, jumping and smiling and laughing, joking, dramatic and funny~ oh sorry, you gotta be there to know what I mean >_<

After the song ends, guess what, Lee Tae Kwonand Paek Chunggang also appeared on stage~ ^^ They didn’t sing, Kim Tae Won mentor asked the audience to buy their CD when it comes out, and to come to their concerts to hear them sing~^^ The audience were crying to have them sing, but Seo Jaehyuck wittily said that the audience are being greedy not satisfied with 4 vocals on stage~^^

The concert then continues with 누구나 사랑을 한다~ after more intro on Lee Seong Wook~ ^^

Follows on, 슬픈 사슴 (love Kim Tae Won’s voice in this song!! ><) and 사랑할수록~ songs that reminded me of Kim Jegi (funny how Kim Jegi didn’t even sing 슬픈 사슴..but somewhat Kim Jegi also reminds me of my dear friend Bernadette whose my best-companion-ever to go to Boohwal concerts – miss you girl!! She loves Kim Jegi and 사랑할수록 so much she doesn’t even speak Korean:)

Next, rock and roll! 21C 불경기, and solo time!! I think it was the opening part of 불의 발견 I orII~ continued with Kim Tae Won’s guitar solo on Parisienne Walkways, Seo Jae-Hyuck’s bass solo, and Chae Jemin’s drum solo. And then, of course, 1970, and an opening to a song that sounds western…but turned out to be a trot song!!(남행열차인가..^^) Smart! Un-expected, nice! Loved it!:)

And…. a big hit these days, isn’t it, they sung a song of Seo Taeji’s”교실 이데아” (Classroom Idea). It’s really powerful I really love it!! Personally I don’t move much in Boohwal concert, but this one I’d probably looked like if I was in a trance ;; Awesome, awesome, awesome! Oh, and if you click the link on top, there’s a part of the song where someone’s screaming – well, singing (^^) in heavy-metal sound (i’m not sure how to express it), anyways, that was Seo Jae-Hyuck’s part last nite. I was… stunned!! Well, I know the guy’s got it, just didn’t expect to actually see it ~ lol Niweis, awesome, fantastic, powerful, I’m lovin’ it!;)

Continued with Someday~ smart arrangements ^^

And… they ended with the Story of You and theRain~~~ but of course, came back up stage following the call for anchor, they sung Heeya, in rock version!!, Never Ending Story, and 회상 III by Kim Tae Won.. so lovely…

As end-note, they said that Boohwal is the first rock band who ever performed their own concert in LG Art Center. And reflecting back, they never thought that they would have such a big concert again after 2002. But, they were wrong ^^

갈 길은 아직 멀어요. 부활 음악은 잘 알려지지 않은 것뿐이지 공감성은 분명 있고 여기서 수많은 외국팬들이 있는데 한국어도 모르면서 부활 음악의 감성을 느껴진다고 합니다. 갈 길은 멀어요. 부활 항상 위대하기를.. 순수하기를.. 아름다우기를… ^^ 

저 또한, 부활 아녔음 한국에 계속 있을 생각도 없었습니다. 늘 감사하고 있습니다. 

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Boohwal Collaboration Concert + Yozoh [12.02.2011]

Tonight.. well it’s pass 12 am, so yesterday was likely my last Boohwal concert in Korea coz I’ll be leaving soon enough. Yesterday concert.. was literally the best… it’s definitely among the ones I’ll remember the most.. (there was my first concerts on March last year, EBS concert on April last year, festival in Ajou University and the Concert on May, the free concert on Namsan NTOK in the summer, Green Plugged also in May, Music Storage on my graduation day in August, TBS Concert in the Dream Forest, their appearance while judging for Office Workers Band .. there are just so many.. and I can still recall the details of each one…) I’ll miss them.. Literally, Boohwal could be the thing I’d miss the most about Korea. It’s been the most colorful year for me.. and all thanks to Boohwal…. 사랑합니다.

Okay… we’ll jump to the concert review now.. First, my seat was spot on, first line. IN FRONT!! I never got front seat before (they’re always sold out within 20 minutes the tickets were opened) but tonight, I was in front. The bassist Seo Jae-Hyuck stood right in front of me. *love love love* ^-^

Originally my seat was one of the purple squares, but latter on I got away with the front seat so I was sitting at the red circle. *A-W-E-S-O-M-E* (really funny that me and my friends came together but we sat separately tho^^;)

The concert started with Yozoh’s performance. I didn’t know any of her songs and I didn’t like any of her videos I found on youtube but Live, she’s different. She’s amazing. She has a nice color, and her music is the kind you’d hear when you just feel like relaxing. And the idea is also refreshing, I like the lyrics^^ Also, I loooove the guy who plays percussion for her~My eyes were mostly transfixed on him almost all the time: both because he’s awesome and he’s right in front of me ^^

The ambiance was very quiet though when she was on stage, I think that’s because she’s quite awkward (^^;) and also because of her music style. Jeong Dong-Ha came to sing duet for her song titled “우리는 선처럼 가만히 누워” (Let’s stay still lying down) – it was really eye-opening. Honestly, I’ve kinda started to take Dongha Oppa’s voice for granted coz I’m just soo used to it coz I always watch Boohwal live all the time. But his voice was really different – very.. soothing…  in this duet. Love it! And then they sung “Falling Slowly” in duet. Yozoh’s concert continues… She sings a lot of her own songs (which I heard for the first time) and one remake song from Boohwal’s 5th album titled “또 다른 미로” (Yet Another Labyrinth).

Next in line is the guest of the night, Park Wan Gyu, the first partner in this collaboration project^^ He sang “사랑한 후에” (After loving you), followed by “비밀” (Secret) in collaboration with Boohwal… and of course, followed with “Lonely Night” which he sung together with Jeong Dong-Ha^^

Follows was Boohwal’s concert.. they continued with 사랑해서 사랑해서 (Because I Love You), which was followed by introduction. I cut my recording here coz I worried they’d run out of  battery s0 I couldn’t exactly recall the titles of each songs.. T_T

They followed with 소나기 (Rain Shower), 생각이나 (Thought), 가능성 (Possibility) – with Yozoh, and my recording was cut again… -_-; Among other they sang (not in order) 사랑 (Love), a combined solo bass-drum-guitar which I missed recording (tell me how much I hate myself..), 사랑할수록 (The More I Love), 21C 불경기, 추억이면 (A Different Lane of Memory), and my friends.. who were sitting on the purple squares I told you previously were spotted by Seo Jae-Hyuck. How much I wished I was sitting next to her, yet also felt glad it wasn’t me on the spotlight.. lol ^^ Anyways… they continued with 너뿐이야 (Only You), 1970, Someday, and 비와 당신의 이야기” (The Story of You and the Rain) as the last songs.

They sung “회상 III” (Reminiscence III) and [“희야”(Heeya) – with Yozoh] for the first call for anchor, and “Never Ending Story” for the final anchor.

Left to Right: 서재혁, 채제민, session (2nd guitarist) 이성민, 요조, 정동하, 김태원, session (keyboardist) 장지원

Ow, btw, if you follow [Star Audition] 위대한 탄생… I know who the 4 guys Kim Tae-Won chose to mentor already. And I must say… I figure.. except for one person unseen in the concert tonight.. I was kinda rooting for him besides from the guy I saw today. Niweis~ ^^

[TV Interview] 백지연의 People Inside

I just came back from the recoding set of Paek Ji-Yeon’s “People Inside”. It’s a prestigious interview program in Korea, aired on tvN every Monday at 10 pm. The guest today was no other than Boohwal’s leader Kim Tae Won! ^-^

What I remember the most? It’s cold, c-o-l-d. Really, it’s cold!!! T_T

Today’s interview wasn’t hold in the normal studio, but at Sound Holic, a live pub in the heart of underground music of Seoul. And again, it’s really cold!!

For the content, I really don’t have the energy to sum things up, sorry. But a lot of it were stories I’ve gathered from my research on Kim Tae-Won. There are some new stuff, too, of course. And some more stuff I couldn’t fathom ;;

Since it’s a TV recording set, I couldn’t really take proper pictures (not that I ever could take any proper picture=_=;).The first and second picture was the set, before and after. The third one is photo session of Boohwal members – I missed Jemin Oppa coz the photographer covered him T_T. And the last one was taken during the interview break.

The interview lasted a bit more, or maybe way more than  2 hours. Before the talk, Boohwal performed 4 songs: Gabbriel’s Oboe, Lonely Night, 생각이나, and 회상 III.

Today’s recording will be aired on 31 January 2011.

Seoul Christmas Eve Concert “Never Ending Drama”

My final concert in 2010, Boohwal’s “Never Ending Drama” in Grand Hilton Convention Centre, Seoul.

On Christmas Eve, Son-Woo (선우)  (one of the members from “Men’s Qualification” Choir) came as guest for the opening stage. On the night of 25 December, No Min-Woo (노민우) came as guest.

I’m particularly happy about the list of songs they performed. Among others 노을 (Glow of the Sunset), which was only the second time I hear live. And then 아름다운 사실 (Beautiful Truth), which I probably heard for the first time on live stage.

They opened the stage playing “Wonderful Day”, followed with 가능성 (Possibility), reminding me of my first Boohwal concert ever last March. It was immediately continued with 너뿐이야 , keeping the energetic flow.

Returning to Boohwal’s rock-ballad, they played 생각이나 (Thought), 아름다운 사실 (Beautiful Truth), 노을 (Glow in the Sunset), 사랑 (Love), 흑백영화 (Black and White Movie), 추억이면 (A Different Side of Memory), and the line was closed with “Nella Fantasia” and Gabriel’s Oboe (코끼리 탈출하다).

Leaving the ballad tracks, the second part of the concert had Lonely Night, 사랑해서 사랑해서 (Because I Love You), 슬픈 사슴 (Sad Deer), and 사랄할수록  (The More I Love).

The next in line was some common Christmas songs~~ and a trot song from Jemin Oppa ^^, Jingle Bell, and the solo performances: bass-solo by Jae-Hyuck Oppa, continued with Tae-Won Oppa playing and singing “무정블루스”, and drum solo by Jemin Oppa ^^

Leader and Guitarist Kim Tae-Won. He played “무정 Blues” for solo performance.


Chae Jemin, played a four-minutes long solo drum~ ^^


Seo Jae-Hyuck, of course, plays solo bass~ awesome 🙂


Jeong Dongha, he went down the stage and threw candy to the audience several times.

I made some videos of solo performances, coz it’s something that you can only get in live concerts. Originally, I meant to upload it and share it here, but due to incidents where video I uploaded was re-uploaded by other people claiming it as if it was theirs, I will keep it for personal collection only. Thanks to these culprits, some pictures I took last night is all I could present to you~

Please note that I don’t mind if you quote or use the information, videos, pictures, and anything else I uploaded here, but please don’t forget to credit this site. I am working on the homepage for Boohwal, but I’m not a fool to let others take credit on my work.



The stage was continued with 1970, one song that doesn’t belong to Boohwal, which was followed with parts of the animation medley brought by Men’s Qualification choir, Someday, and closed with 비와 당신의 이야기 (The Story of You and the Rain).


Three anchor songs included “희야 (Heeya)”, “Never Ending Story“, and “회상 III (Reminiscence III)”.


Somebody uploaded this video on youtube for “Never Ending Story”, it’s really amazing to see it from that angle. My seat was the fourth line from the stage, so all I could hear was basically Boohwal’s music alone. Didn’t realize it was practically all guests singing the chorus part for Never Ending Story~ ^^



That’s all for this post, Boohwal still has another concert left to close the year in Gyeongju, which I’m afraid I can’t make. But if you’re in Korea for new year, totally recommend the Gyeongju concert!! 🙂


The closing stage below, Boohwal and two session musicians playing the second guitar and the piano.

Merry Christmas for all of you who celebrate it. Happy holiday and happy new year!

[Take 1: EARTH] Green Plugged Festival

My only Boohwal concert on November~ lucky I can have it by the beginning of the month ^^

It’s [Take 1: Earth] for Green Plugged Festival. You can either see it as an anchor stage of the Green Plugged Festival held on May this year, or as promotion-stages for 2011 Green Plugged Festival to be held next year.

Starting from the [Earth] stage last Sunday, [Sun] [Moon] [Wind] [Sky] stages will proceed once a month prior to 2011 Green Plugged Festival (in Seoul).

(check out “comming” btw ~ hehe, the only reason I’m uploading the picture on the left :D)


There were 5 bands performing last Sunday (7 November 2010), starting from Gogo Boys (고고보이스). Their song titled “Disco in the Moonlight” is highly recommended~ ^^

(Their genre is rock on roll, kinda reminded me to the Beatles~ but honestly, they sound way better live than their album 🙂

The second stage was by Guckkasten (국카스텐). It was the second time I watched them live, and they sounded much better last night.

I was standing on 5th line from the stage (it was a standing concert) during these two bands performances, and I thought my ears could explode at anytime :p

The third and the fourth stages were by Daybreak and Monni (몽니). Daybreak is more of a jazz band, really smooth and easy listening. Monni was quite interesting, they have female bassist who looks bored the whole concert :p Sorry but I won’t post the pictures for this two coz they’re not really my style ^^;; This is already the most I’ve promoted on other band besides Boohwal here~ ^^

And finally, the final and main stage of the night, was Boohwal ~^^

Btw, by the time Boohwal showed up, I’ve moved to the third line from the front, and then the most front by the end of the stage ~ 😀 (Btw the concert was in a club, so it’s pretty dark, but if you see carefully there’s Jemin Oppa in the back between Dongha and Jae-Hyuck Oppas~)

As usual, they started the stage with  “코끼리 탈출하다” (Gabriel’s Obboe), followed with “Lonely Night”.

And then.. I can’t recall the order ^^;;

But Boohwal brough including “Thought” (생각이나), 1970, Someday, Heeya (rock version), Because I Love You (사랑해서 사랑해서), and Never Ending Story (anchor song).

Erm.. what else..  I hope I’m not missing any songs that they actually performed. Anyways, it felt so good. The last time I watch Boohwal’s live concert was over a month ago in the  beginning of October. Although I did meet JH Oppa earlier this week (coincidentally) ^^

The concert ended sometime before 10 pm, and I got to meet some other loyal fans so it was good~ ^^

Ow, now I remember, Boohwal also performed “The Story of You and the Rain” (비와 당신의 이야기), coz I had to go home in rain that night;;;

Rock, concert, Boohwal, Boohwal’s concert, always work like battery for me~ 🙂

Thanks for reading so far ~ ^^



As final picture, the thing Boohwal always do after their concerts~ ^-^


Boohwal in Let’s Rock Festival

My first Boohwal concert ever since I’m working. And sadly, likely to be my only Boohwal concert in October. I can’t believe that I can’t see them as often as I used to, since they are mainly the reason I want to prolong my stay in Korea, and the only way to do that is to work here – and that’s exactly what I do and forbid me to see them as often.. -_-

Anyways.. I guess I’m still lucky for being able to see them still~ the energy I got from yesterday should keep me going for at least a month!! >_<

So, Let’s Rock Festival. Me and my newly-recruited Boohwal-fan friend got there at around 1 pm. Up until 2 pm, we managed to get to the second line from the stage. Boohwal showed up at 3 pm when I was cleaning my glasses (man it was raining again!!).

I’m quite sure JH looked my direction once when I waved at him, and gave a really bright smile ^^

As usual, they started with “The Elephant Escapes” (Gabriel’s Oboe), continued with “Lonely Night”, “Because I Love You”, “Someday”, and “Never Ending Story.”



Credits to 나는달린다님

They look tired, what with the extremely tight schedule awaiting from them after the LA concert only a week ago.. but as usual, they were having a good time~^^

Credits to 나는 달린다님


As I said, it was raining and thus pretty cold. Me and my friend were not interested in watching other bands’ performances so we stepped out after Boohwal’s stage and went to the side of the stage to catch them leaving.

Credits to 동굴동굴님

Tae-Won Oppa came out first, and then Jemin Oppa. And then Dongha and Jae-Hyuck Oppa’s. The latter waved to the waiting fans~

Credits to 동굴동굴님

And off they went to Incheon, coz they’ll be appearing in another festival starting from 7 pm. Me and my friend grabbed easy lunch and left the spot~~ Till our next adventure! ^-^

(actually, “easy” was an under-statement coz we had to have lunch in the rain. So we stepped out the concert area and sat on the floor below some park hoots-kinda thingy… :p)




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