[10th Album] 서정 “Lyrics”

Boohwal’s 1oth Album, the first album Vocalist Jeong Dong-Ha joined Boohwal. The member line in this album is the same as the [Live and Unplugged] Album: Kim Tae-Won, Seo-Jae-Hyuck, Chae Jemin, Jeong Dong-Ha, and Eom Soo-Han.

1. 시간 (time)

2. 추억이면 (a different lane of memory)

3. 슬픔을 이기는 기도 (prayer to overcome sadness)

4. Yellow

5. 4.19 코끼리 탈출하다 (The elephant escapes 4.19) – “Gabriel’s Obboe”

6. 거미의 줄 (Spider web) (vocal by Kim Tae-Won)

7. Imagine

8. 회상 III (Reminiscence III)(featuring Joe PD)

9. Second 8.1.1.

10. 노을 (glow in the sunset)

11. 작은 너에게 (to little you) (featuring Jo Seung-Woo)

12. 희망에게 (For my Father) (to hope)

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