사랑해서 사랑해서 (Because I Love You, because I love you)

This is the song composed and written by Kim Tae-Won for Namja ui Jagyeok (남자의 자격). Lyrics and translation.

사랑해서 사랑해서
(because I love you, because I love you)


늘 거리를 혼자 걸었지 (I always walked the street alone)
곁에 누군가 있는 것처럼 (as if there’s someone next to me)
너무 오래된 기억이지만 (It’s an old memory, but)
항상 너에게 난 위로였어 (I was always a consolation for you)

늘 아픔을 숨겨왔었지 ~~ (우우) (I’d always hidden my pains…)
항상 내 곁에 있는 거라고 (you were always by my side)
너무 힘겨워 지쳐갈 쯤은 (when I’m getting exhausted for it is so hard)
다른 사랑이 다가온다는 (another love comes approaching)

다시 사랑을 하겠지 (I’ll love again, wouldn’t I)
많은 이별을 했기에 (coz I’ve been through many goodbyes)
한걸음 한걸음 (one step, one step)
힘겨운 시간이겠지만  (it’s gonna be a difficult time, but..)

이제 사랑이 오겠지 (Now love would come)
홀로 힘겨워 했기에 (coz I’d been so exhausted by myself)
한번더 한번더 (one more time, one more time)
사랑을 기다리는 날에  (the day when I wait for love)

늘 아픔을 숨겨왔었지 ~~ (우우) (I’d always hidden my pains…)
항상 내 곁에 있는 것처럼 (as if you were always beside me)
너무 힘들어 지쳐갈 쯤은 (when I’m getting exhausted for it is so hard)
다른 사랑이 다가온다는 (another love comes approaching)

*Note: This is not Boohwal’s song. Boohwal members were involved in training this amateur band. This song was brought on stage for the first time on the final day of Boohwal’s Wonderful Days concert, March 21st 2010. (Aired last Sunday on Namja ui Jagyeok – May 23rd 2010.)

Composed and Written by Kim Tae-Won (김태원)
Drum: Lee Yoon-Seok (이윤석)
Bass: Lee Jung-Jin (이정진)
Guitar: Kim Kuk-Jin (김국진) and Lee Gyeong-Gyu (이경규)
Piano: Yoon Hyeong-Bin (윤형빈)
Vocal: Kim Sung-Min (김성민)

However, Boohwal did play the song exactly once when they were invited to 남자의 자격 to teach the band.

Watch Boohwal’s version of the song here.

*Second note: when my viewers reach 2000, I will send either the full version of this song by “Namja ui Jagyeok band” or Jeong Dong-Ha’s version of this song (very short, when he coached Kim Sung-Min to sing) to my subscribers 🙂


Boohwal in Green Plugged Festival

So, Green Plugged Festival. Just as my previous post, this is a last week happening ^^; Green Plugged Festival was a 2-days festival held on May 21st-22nd, in 노을공원 (Noul Park), which used to be a garbage dumping site, changed by the Seoul government (i guess..) to become this somewhat a nice park. No, no, don’t imagine flowers and butterflies, it’s basically just greens and some rather … not-so-friendly area ^^; Overall, I like the park for you can see Hangang (river) just lying wide, and on normal days there are barely people there.

Well, back to Green Plugged, the festival is held as an environmental campaign, so you can see how Noul Park is a perfect spot for it. The festival was for two days, and 115 bands, singers, bands, and musicians perform in 5 separate stages. The stages were: Earth, Sky, Moon, Sun, and Wind. All 5 stages were held simultaneously, so you gotta know who you’re coming to see and set up your schedule before hand.

I went to Boohwal’s concert on 21st, so I came to Green Plugged on 22nd of May, on which day Boohwal performed on EARTH STAGE starting 14.20 pm (3rd performer).

I arrived at Noul Park at around 1 o’clock, just as the first performer was wrapping up. I nicely sat as people started to leave the area (apparently they want to watch other stage performance). The band who performs before Boohwal was Buret, which was kinda good, but I couldn’t focus, coz I worried whether I should secure my spot earlier or not. From my seat, I moved to the right side of the stage which was guarded by staff, and nearing the front, I saw Seo Jae-Hyuck talking to someone!!!!

This picture below was actually taken after the stage, not before. He was actually closer to me before the stage, so I bowed (I’m such a polite fan, aren’t I?!) to him, and he waved at me!! 😉 (L-O-V-E H-I-M! lol :p) Soon, Chae Jemin joined him and the other guy, and I bowed again, this time heading to the drummer, and he also waved at me!! I LOVE THEM, REALLY! XD Some time after, Jeong Dong-Ha also approached them, but they all head back to the tents soon. When Jae-Hyuck Oppa waved at me, my friend was really surprised and excited she missed taking his picture (actually we took one, but the (guy who was talking with him)’s arm was on the way.. so..

So Boohwal stepped up the stage. Kim Tae-Won held by a guy (it was ascending^^;). I couldn’t grab the most front of the line, but I was second to front, and had practically clear access to all members of Boohwal so I ain’t complaining. Especially that Jae-Hyuck Oppa was right in front of me and he did see my way several times (or so I’d like to think :D)

서재혁 in Green Plugged Festival by 겁많은사자

They started with 사랑이란건, followed with 1970, Someday, and OZ. Three brilliant options, indeed. I was kinda sorry Jae-Hyuck Oppa didn’t do the same action he did the night before when playing OZ… _-_ㅋ

정동하 in Green Plugged Festival (by 겁많은사자)

The concert continued with “Never Ending Story, and on the anchor call, they played 비와 당신의 이야기 (hm, I haven’t reviewed this song yet, haven’t I, I really should, and will! ^^). This time, Jae-Hyuck Oppa with his glasses and shirt on, I had my eyes on Tae-Won Oppa but his vocal wasn’t maximal that day – his guitar was ^^

김태원 in Green Plugged Festival (by 겁많은사자)

They all went down the stage, and I got together with some more friends, still keeping an eye on the back stage. When we finally left to head for another stage, believe it or not, Boohwal was on two mini cars in front of us!!!! >_< So close, and no fans around!!!!! I could lose my mind, really >_< But due to my “civil fan” thingy (read: groggy) I couldn’t approach them. But Jemin Oppa was looking my way, so I yelled (said) “오빠 멋있어요!” and went on… Oh I hate myself.. -_-

채제민 in Green Plugged Festival by 겁많은사자

I stayed in Green Plugged until the last stage that night. It was great, I was exhausted, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else ^^ The last stage I watched was YB on the Sky Stage. They rock, too! ^_^

And, ow, did I tell you it started raining just about when Boohwal brought 비외 당신의 이야기? Yeah, as if the sky understood! -_-; It was chilly cold. But awesome! 🙂

부활단독콘서트 Wonderful Days Vol.2

Jeong Dongha would ask the audience, “오늘 무슨 날?” (What day is it?) And the audience reply, “WONDERFUL DAY!!!” I wonder how I didn’t expect that coz it was the same repertoire as the March Wonderful Days Concert ^^

I had a lunch-date with some people from the fanclub, and we hit the cafe for a bit, but I rose early coz I’m going with another fan (I’m such a big girl, going to concert all by myself! :D) who promises to meet me in Balsan Station at 3.30 pm. The ticket booth starts at 3 pm. When I stepped into the subway station in Hongdae, the girl I’m going with texted that she’d be really late…. thus I hit the Gymnasium alone.. (ow, btw it was on May 21st, 2010)^^*

I got there, it was not as many people as I had thought. Went to the ticket booth, the lady somehow knows who I am and gave me my ticket ^^ and I waited for over 30 minutes til my ‘partner’ came. We stepped in, and sit (on the wrong place exactly on the middle but then we moved to our righteous place on the left side).

I took a picture while we were waiting the concert to start, but a guy in black suit came almost immediately and warn me that taking pictures and recordings aren’t allowed. So I hid my camera back.. Thus the pictures I’ll be posting here come from the news.. It’s quite alright actually, it was great I could just focus on the concert without busy tacking pictures ^^Well, honestly, I did take some pictures. I took exactly 6 shots, of Seo Jae-Hyuck. Can’t help it, coz he took off his glasses, and then his shirt!!! XD Not gonna publish it tho, sorry ^^

Tae-Won Oppa’s solo guitar was the first solo, he appeared from the wall behind the stage, and the smokes were flying in.. and he couldn’t see!!! So, that didn’t go so well ^^;;;;

Next was Dongha Oppa’s solo, he played the guitar singing “Falling Slowly” from the movie “Once.” It was great! Awesome! And the guitar was pretty, too ^^

Then Jae-Hyuck Oppa’s solo bass, which was impressive, as usual ^^ He started with bambadi, very short, and then sat on the floor playing a low melody (kinda jazzy), and then something more groovy. Cool! ^ㅇ^

And then was Jemin Oppa’s solo drum, which was AWESOME! A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! The last time I met him in Ajou University it still felt like he was trying to keep his left shoulder from over working, but seems like he’s completely okay now. It was just awesome! My hands hurt from clapping too much ^^

Now, the songs… The first half of the concert was opened with 너뿐이야 (Only You), continued with Boohwal’s latest hits 생각이나, 사랑이란건, 동화, 흑백영화 II, and more. Of course, Never Ending Story was in the line ^^ The concert started late, btw, at 5.30, and the first part ended after an hour. The guest was “Transfiction,” their song is kinda popular these days coz it’s being used for the Korean team’s Worldcup cheer, but honestly I don’t know them ^^ (too cheery for my taste :D)

The second half of the concert had all the solo performances. The final three songs was OZ, Someday, and 비와 당신의 이야기. I remember exactly coz JH-Oppa played shirtless during these three songs and I really couldn’t see anyone else on the stage.. ^^’ And the closing, they played “Hey Mr.” from one of the popular girlbands (can’t remember their name, and don’t care either) and he did the dance for that song – luckily, I missed that too! ^^

They were called for anchor twice, and the concert ended at around 8 pm. And I finally post the concert report after exactly one week! ^_^

Boohwal: Live Concerts up to end-of-may

Hi, I’m sorry I still haven’t posted the concert reports, my hands are really tied this weeeek!!
You can expect them very, very soon, meanwhile be satisfied with this okay! ^^

Let’s see my Boohwal schedule last week:

Tuesday, 18 May 2010: Ajou University Festival (I posted the report already)

Friday, 21 May 2010: Boohwal Concert in KBS 88 Gymnasium

Saturday, 22 May 2010: Boohwal’s performance in Green PluggedFestival

Sunday, 23 May 2010: 남자의 자격 band on Boohwal Wonderful Days March concert aired on TV

Tuesday, 25 May 2010: Concert 7080 recording (live), will be aired this Sunday night

Tuesday, 25 May 2010: 열린음악화 recording (live), will be aired Sunday, June 6th (5pm-ish)

The one last night was quite a challenge. I only had the tickets for 열린음악회 and somehow managed to get the ticket for 7080 on Monday night. The challenge was, though, not that; but the two starts at almost the same time!!! So what I did was I went to 7080 at 6 pm, got the tickets, got in, the show started at 7.30 and Boohwal was the opening performance. I stayed til 8.30 pm while 열린음악회 started at 8 pm. Got out, took the taxi and head to the other TV station, got in just 10 minutes before 부활 performs! It was awesome! haha~;)

Since it was TV recording, I couldn’t take any pictures, so I can’t share it with you. But special for my subscribers, I’ll send you one song recording I made that night ^_^ This is also as a thank you for I have reached over 1500 views in only a little bit than 2 months. Thanks so much, and please keep coming on this blog and cheer for Boohwal! 🙂

I’ll post about the three events I haven’t reported about next! ^_^

June Concert in Ulsan

Place: 현대예술관 대공연장, Ulsan
Date: 4-5 June 2010 (Sat-Sun), 8 pm and 7 pm
A석:60,000원, B석:45,000원

Green Plugged Festival

Boohwal is showing up on Green Plugged Festival, 2nd day. *YEY!* I’ll be seeing them 2-days in a row then! ^o^
(and the 3rd time, this week alone hehe 😉

Boohwal will be performing on EARTH stage (there are 5 stages) starting from 14.20 pm.

*I will be on Earth Stage from at least 13.30 when Buret performs (which is right before Boohwal), and on Sky Stage from a least 18.40 coz my friend wants to watch Clazziquai who performs at 19.30, which is followed by my 2nd fav Korean band YB~^^*

~~~this file is automatically uploaded at about the same time when Boohwal’s 21st of May Concert is starting~^^*

Wonderful Days Vol.2

날짜: 5월21일 (석가탄신날) (May 21st, 2010)
장소: KBS 88 채육관  (88 Olympic Stadium)
Entrance to the stadium starting from 4 pm, concert starts at 5 pm.
How to get there: 발산역 – Balsan Station, exit 5 (check the map below)

*You can also buy the  last minute tickets on D-day on the spot*

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