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Boohwal is a legendary rock band originating from South Korea. Since 1986, they’ve been through tremendous changes in members, in style; they’ve passed through so many challenges that only keep them going and become stronger and better every each day. Click here to check out [ALL MUSIC VIDEOS] of Boohwal over the years.

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  4. 누구나 사랑을 한다 (Everybody Loves)
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  6. 비밀 (Secret)
  7. 사랑해서 사랑해서 (Because I Love You)
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비와 당신의 이야기
Never Ending Story

작년 이날에 저의 첫 부활 공연에 가려고 준비하고 있었는데… 벌써 일년까지 부활과 함께 갈 수 있다는 걸 상상도 못 했네요.
부활을 사랑하는 마음을 담아서 이렇게 일년간 https://boohwal.wordpress.com을 완성하였씁니다.
가장 힘든 시기에 힘이 되어준 부활 오빠들, 마음속에서 늘 감사하고 존경하고 사랑합니다.
이제 저도 제 길로 걸어가야 할때가 왔네요.. 부활음악은 늘 제 배경으로 남아 있을거고 힘이 들때 기쁠 때 그리워하게 될거예요.
지금부터 예전처럼 많이 달리지 못 할 것 같지만, 사랑으로 늘 응원하는 펜이 될게요…

이 블로그를 통해서 부활이 더 세계적으로 알려질 수 있으면 좋겠고요… 언젠가 새글을 다시 올릴지도 모르지만, 지금 저는 물러나오겠습니다~ ^^
그리워하면, 언젠가 만나게 되는 ~~~ 그 날을 기대하겠습니다.
사랑합니다 ♡

(겁많은사자) 위윅 배상



[김태원] [남자의 자격] Kim Tae Won in Men’s Qualification

[김태원] Guitar Project Band: Dead or Alive

Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) 2010

[김태원] [당신에게] To You (Father)

[정동하] [Won Jun-Hee & Jeong Dong-Ha] Larva

[김태원] “Because I Love You” Digital Single

[정동히] Hybrid MMORG “Argo”

[서재혁] [Project Band] Not 2B

[서재혁] Guitar Zeus Korea

[채제민 & 서재혁] Little Wing (project band)

[채제민] Noise 11 (project band)

[김태원] 무정블루스

[채제민] 채제민 in 티삼스 (Chae Jemin in TAS)

[정동하] 김현식-비처럼음악처럼

[채제민 & 서재혁] [Musical] Hedwig and the Angry Inch

[서재혁] [Movie] 71 Into the Fire

[서재혁] [Movie] Sayonara Itsuka

*On-record, this is post number 178 on and right to this point of one-year anniversary, the blog has been visited over 46,200 times. Thank you for all of your never ending interest in Boohwal.* -겁많은사자, 18 March 2011-

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[Top 3] 회상 III (Reminiscence III)

Following the previous Top 3 songs I posted, 사랑할수록 (The More I Love) and Never Ending Story, finally, the best of all, 회상 III (Reminiscence III). I’ve actually started writing this post on August 2010, but since I want it to stay on top of my blog everytime, I decided to save it for last. I don’t know yet whether this is gonna be the last post or not, but now I’m publishing it as a commemoration of “Boohwal~BORN AGAIN: Korea’s Legendary Musicians” first anniversary~ ^_^

In this original version of “Reminiscence III” (1987), Kim Tae-Won did most of the singing. As you know, his singing voice is more than mere husky. But I think it’s really beautiful, you can feel, I can feel all of the emotion that are really meant for the girl in the lyrics. For he did compose and write this song, inspired by the girl who is now his wife. Actually, in the first video (the original version inserted in Boohwal’s second album), the “nanana” part was sung by this “girl”.

The lyrics I put here is the lyrics matching to the original “회상 III”, that is most part sung by Kim Tae-Won except for the very last part which was sung by Boohwal’s lead vocal. However, in the latter version, as you can see in the second video which was quite recent (2006), Kim Tae-Won no longer sang the “밖으로 나가버리고” part anymore, leaving it to lead vocal Jeong Dong-Ha. In minute 4.50, Jeong Dong-Ha gave the mike to the audience and they sung the song wrong. It was suppose to be the part Kim Tae-Won sings, but the audience sung the “밖으로 나가버리고” part. So he said, “it’s not that~~” and there was some mis there.. (I’d say that’s the beauty of live performances: it ain’t always perfect, they’re human beings. But they’re perfectly doing their best. And there’s always a different color in every single stage^^_)

The same case with the version sung together with Kim Jong-Seo in the third video (2009). Now, question: why did I insert the third video where other Boohwal members didn’t even appear except for Kim Tae-Won? Because this is actually the very first video that I ever watched of Kim Tae-Won (I didn’t know about Boohwal then) and it was his voice which dragged me to be Boohwal’s loyal fan. Yes, I also happen to like Kim Jong-Seo, and what a coincidence that Kim Jong-Seo was actually Boohwal’s first vocalist. Before Boohwal released their first album in 1986, Kim Tae-Won had another band called “The End” and Kim Jong-Seo was the vocalist for this band. Thus he is one person you can’t totally exclude from Boohwal’s history after all.

The fourth video is really unique. It’s a rap version of “Reminiscence III”  sung by 조PD, featured in Boohwal’s 10th album [서정] released in 2005. The last video was from a special album dedicated to Boohwal’s 25th birthday, in which “Reminiscence III” was sung by Mun Hee-Jun.

Boohwal’s 2nd Album [Remember] =1987=

지금 슬픈 내모습을 무대뒤의 한소녀 (at my pitiful look now, a girl behind the stage..)
애써 눈물 참으며 바라보고 있네 (trying hard to hold her tears, looking at me)
무대뒤에 그소녀는 작은 의자에 앉아 (behind the stage, the girl sits on a small chair)
두손 곱게 모으고 바라보며 듣네  (she put her two hands together, listening, while looking at me)
나의 애기를 오 (my story.. oh..)

My favorite (Kim Tae-Won + Jeong Dong-Ha) =2006=

소녀는 나를 알기에 더더욱 슬퍼지네 (the girl knows me, thus she becomes even sadder)
노래는 점점흐르고 소녀는 울음을 참지 못해 (the song is flowing, the girl couldn’t hold her crying)
밖으로 나가 버리고 노래는 끝이 났지만 (she got out, even though the song hadn’t finished)
이젠 부르지 않으리 예 (now I’m not singing it..)
이 슬픈노래 (this sad song)

Kim Jong-Seo + Kim Tae-Won

이 노래가 긑이 나면 많은 사람 환호 (if this song ends, the cheers of many people in the audience)
뒤로 앉채 소녀에게 다가가 말없이 안아주리 (approaching the girl sitting in the back,without a word giving her a hug)

소녀는 나를 알기에 더더욱 슬퍼지네 (the girl knows me, thus she becomes even sadder)
노래는 점점흐르고 소녀는 울음을 참지 못해 (the song is flowing, the girl couldn’t hold her crying)

Boohwal’s 10th Album [서정] (Feat.조PD) =2005=

밖으로 나가버리고 노래는 끝이 났지만 (she got out, even though the song hadn’t finished)
이젠 부르지 않으리 예 (now I’m not singing it..)
이 슬픈노래 (this sad song)

나나나나 (nananana)

[Song Book] Mun Hee-Jun =2009=

A little bit “behind the story” about “Reminiscence III”, if I may. As I told you, the song was written and composed by Kim Tae-Won for the woman who now becomes his wife. Most part of the song was sang by him and it was inserted in Boohwal’s Second album [Remember]. But the album didn’t sell. Lee Seung-Cheol, who was Boohwal vocal then left the band for a solo career. He then remade the song and sung it solo, after re-titling it to “The Last Concert” (마지막 콘서트). The latter song has more ballad feelings to it, with piano opening and all, and it made a hit in Korea. A lot of people now remember this song as Lee’s “The Last Concert”, despite it is originally Boohwal’s, Kim Tae-Won’s “Reminiscence III”.

[Wonderful Days Vol.3] February Concert Schedule

Following the first line of Wonderful Days Vol.3 this year in Daegu, Boohwal is having a concert in Jeonju this February.

Date / Time: 19 February 2011 (Saturday) / 4 pm, 8 pm
Venue: Jeonbuk University, Samsung Cultural Hall

*일시 : 2011. 2. 19(토) pm 4 / 8
*장소 : 전북대 삼성문화회관

Reservation:  Interpark
Inquiries: (+82-2) 1544-0674 / (+82-63)255-6060

Butterfly [나비]

Butterfly, from Boohwal’s 11th Album “Love”, released in 2006. Another song where you can hear the voice of Boohwal’s leader Kim Tae-Won. The first half up to “good bye” part is sung by Kim Tae-Won himself, and the latter half by Jeong Dong-Ha. The song is written and composed by Kim Tae-Won.

In one of the talk shows, I remember he told the story of writing this song. As you might already know, Kim Tae-Won lives in Korea while his wife lives in the Philippines, so they visit each other often. Although, Kim Tae-Won doesn’t like to see his wife off to the airport coz he thinks that’s too sad (oh, yes, he is a man of tears:). So one day, after saying good bye to her in his apartment, he sat alone and saw an insect flying in. He thought it was a butterfly and that’s how he was inspired to write this song. (but in the talk show we discovered that it was not at all a butterfly.. ^^;)

창을 열어 놓으면 나비가 들어오고 (if you let the windows open, butterfly will come in)
홀로이던 내 방이 순간 들이 되고 (I was alone in my room, suddenly there’s two of us)
언제부턴가 시작한 그림이 없는 종이에 (I don’t know since when, on a paper without any pictures on it)
그 무언가를 그리고 칠을 해 간다네 (drawing something, painting..)
난다..  난다..  난다 .. (flying… flying… flying…)
Good bye… Good bye… Good bye…
어느 작은 섬에서 홀로 등대를 켜고 (on a small island, turning on the lighthouse)
지나는 배를 멀리 보며 어떤 그리움을 지우려고 (looking at the passing ship from afar, trying to let go some yearning)
많이 생각이 나는 자꾸 생각이 나는 (comes to my mind a lot, comes to my mind often)
어떤 시간을 이젠 멀리 등대를 스치며 지나는 배처럼 (like the ship now far passing the lighthouse, one time)
보라빛이 물든 바다 (the sea faded by a purple light)
항상 굽이 다가올 차가운 바다지만 (although it’s a cold sea which bottom’s always coming closer)
사랑해요 사랑해요 나비가 날아가듯 (I love you, I love you, the butterfly seems like flying)
마치 바다 위로 나비가 날아가듯 (just happens the butterfly seems like flying above the sea)
저 바다로 (to that sea)

회상 (Reminiscence)

회상 (Reminiscence) is a ‘trilogy’ song, you can expect for my review on the following 회상 II and 회상 III to come. All three came out in Boohwal’s second album in 1987, automatically making Lee Seung-Cheol the original vocal.
I’ve always known about 회상 III, in fact it was the first song to draw me into the band, but I’ve only known about 회상 I last May in Boohwal’s concert. Jeong Dong-Ha’s version was very, very, impressive, and touched deep. Too bad there’s no video for it..
The song was inserted in 4 albums:
  • 2nd Album [Remember] ~ released 1987
  • The Best of Born Again ~ released 1989
  • 부활 베스트 이솝의 붓 ~ released 1996
  • 5th Album [불의 발견] ~ released 1997
In an album, only 2 of Boohwal’s former vocalists sung this song. The first two was Lee Seung-Cheol, and the last two was Park Wan-Gyu. You can find the videos and the lyrics plus translation below 🙂
회상 in the 2nd Album (Remember) – Vocal: Lee Seung-Cheol
오랜 그 옛날 하늘 파랄때 엄마 되고픈 그 하얀 아이
long time ago, when the sky was blue, that pale child who wanted to become a mother
인형 머리 매만지던 커다란 눈망울과 그 조그만 손
smoothing the doll’s hair, big eyes, those tiny hands
그땐 땅이 초록이었고 냇물이 진한 노랑이었지
that time, the land was green, the stream was thick yellow
하늘아 땅아 그땔 아니 냇물아 나의 아이야
Oh sky, oh land, not that time, oh stream. my children
저녁 노을이 슬픔 주는듯 하얀 아인 멀리 가 버리고
reddening sky in the sunset, as if giving sadness, the pale child went far away
홀로 남은 인형만이 내 기억속에 남아있네
a doll left alone, only left in my memories
하늘아 땅아 그땔 아니 냇물아 나의 아이야
Oh sky, oh land, not that time, oh stream, my children
그 파란하늘아 초록빛 땅아 그땔 아니
Oh that blue sky, oh green land, not that time
냇물아 나의 아이야
Oh stream, my child
그 파란 하늘아 초록빛 땅아 그땔 아니
Oh that blue sky, oh green land, not that time
냇물아 나의 아이야
Oh stream, my child
회상 in the 5th Album (불의 발견) – Vocal: Park Wan-Gyu
I still couldn’t find a good video for this song with Jeong Dong-Ha as vocalist (which is my fav version), but! I managed to to find a great audio for it!  So, despite the darkness on the screen, enjoy “Reminiscence I” (Hoisang), performed by Boohwal in 2009.
회상 – Boohwal’s Live Performance on OBS for their 25th Anniversary, 2009 – Vocal: Jeong Dong-Ha

사랑 (Love)

Boohwal’s 11th album title song, “Love” (사랑).

사랑이었던걸 모르고 만났었다면 (if we met not knowing it was love)
헤어진 후 느끼게 된다고 (we’ll feel it when we part, they say)
시간이 흘러서 보고 싶어질쯤 (as the time flows, when I’m about to miss you)
아픔이란게 찾아오고 (the pain comes sipping in)

알수 없는 그 어느 날에 (someday)
그리움이 다가오고 돌아가려 해보면 (the longing comes, when I’d want to come back)
이미 멀어져가는 슬픈 얘기가 만들어지고 (we’d already far from each other, a sad story was made)

고마워요 내 마음속에 그토록 (thank you, from deep in my heart, all this long…)
오랫동안 살아와줘서 (for living this long)
지쳐가던 시간에 그대를 생각하면서 (on exhausting days, I think of you…)
낸가 일어설수 있게 해준 그대 (you helped me back on my feet)

알수 없는 그 어느 날에
외로움이 다가오고 돌아가려 해보면
이미 멀어져가는 슬픈 얘기가 만들어지고

고마워요 내 마음속에 그토록
오랫동안 살아와줘서
지쳐가던 시간에 그대를 생각하면서
내가 일어설수 있게 해준

사랑해요 기억니 나요 (I love you, I remember)
언제나 간직할수 있었기에 (for I can keep this memory forever)
너무 늦었지만 너무 몰랐었지만  (although it’s too late, even thought I didn’t know at all)
사랑이란걸 알게해준  (you taught me what love is)

고마워요 내 마음속에 (thank you, from deep in my heart)
오랫동안 살아와줘서
고마워요  (for living this long, thank you)

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