Noise 11 (project band)

Noise 11 is a project band led by Boohwal’s drummer Chae Jemin.

Noise 11 - "The Beginning"

Members are: Chae Jemin (drum), Park Ung (guitar), Jang Jiwon (keyboard), Kang Un-Hee (bass), and Lee Hyeon-Seob (vocal). All have their own band, or previously belong to a band, and get together in Noise 11 on project-basis.

They’ve started this project since 2006 for live performances in clubs and festivals, and finally released an album in February 2009, titled “The Beginning”.

The album has four songs:

1. 예전 그대로 (composed and written by guitarist Park Ung)

2. 한달 그리고 일년 후 (composed by keyboardist Jang Jiwon, lyrics by vocalist Lee Hyeon-Seob)

3. 은두 (composed and written by basist Kang Un-Hee)

4. 건전가요 (composed and written by the leader of team/drummer Chae Jemin)

“이미 각자의 팀활동과 개인활동을 통해 많은 무대를 선보였지만, 초심으로 돌아가 Noise11이라는 신인밴드로써 음악의 다양성을 선보이겠다는 각오로 밤 11시 5명이 하나의 소리(NOISE)를 만들어 나가고 있다. 즐겁게, 재미있게, 신나게 음악을 하자는 팀의 MOTTO답게 Noise11의 음악은 편안하고 즐겁다.”

Sadly I don’t have their album, but I heard the preview of the first track (the title song) “예전 그대로” and it’s really REALLY beautiful! Let me know if you happen to have the album, it’s really difficult to find this album these days ㅜㅜ

**저.. 이 앨범 진짜 많은 곳에 뒤집어 찾아봤는데 결국 못 찾았네요.. 읽으신 분중에 공유해주실 수 있으신 분 계시면 정말 감사하겠습니다!!! 댓글 달아주시면 제가 이메일주소 가르쳐 드리거나 이메일주소 남겨주시고 제가 연락드릴께요@@!! **

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