[NTS] The Story of Kim Tae Won

I just got my tax-card registered today – after living in Korea for 4 years!!!
Coincidentally I bumped into this video issued by the Korea National Tax Service.

“From a Guitarist, to National Grandma, to a Great Mentor”

I first held the guitar at 16.
I was more familiar being an alien than being loved.
I had to win my loneliness with one guitar at hand.
Guitar was my everything, and my only friend…

When I created the rock group Boohwal,
It felt as if I owned the world
I thought it was going to last forever
But the joy only lasted a moment, hardship came to follow
Sometimes conflict and separation,
Sometimes un-expected death…
Hardship came by me like a storm, I hung on to music only all that time
Because music is my dream, and my wings…

1986 Rain and Your Story (비와 당신의 이야기)
1987 Reminiscence III (회상 III)
1993 The More I Love (사랑할수록)
1997 Lonely Night
2002 Never Ending Story
2003 Beautiful Truth (아름다운 사실)
2005 Different Lane of Memory (추억이면)
2006 Love (사랑)
2009 Thought (생각이나)
2011 Secret (비밀)

Had my past days not full with frustration,
I wouldn’t be here today.

My dream is yet to finish
Just as your dreams

Students, wake the talent & the passion inside you!
Your “movie” is only starting now


End note: “We root for your dream”
Korea’s NTS

2 Responses to “[NTS] The Story of Kim Tae Won”

  1. J Lim Says:

    inspiring stories & lessons….thank u 🙂

  2. 겁많은사자 Says:

    I actually wanted to put the translation as subtitle, but I’m really not good with computer programmes. If you have any ideas or you wanna help me, let me know ~

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