[Take 1: EARTH] Green Plugged Festival

My only Boohwal concert on November~ lucky I can have it by the beginning of the month ^^

It’s [Take 1: Earth] for Green Plugged Festival. You can either see it as an anchor stage of the Green Plugged Festival held on May this year, or as promotion-stages for 2011 Green Plugged Festival to be held next year.

Starting from the [Earth] stage last Sunday, [Sun] [Moon] [Wind] [Sky] stages will proceed once a month prior to 2011 Green Plugged Festival (in Seoul).

(check out “comming” btw ~ hehe, the only reason I’m uploading the picture on the left :D)


There were 5 bands performing last Sunday (7 November 2010), starting from Gogo Boys (고고보이스). Their song titled “Disco in the Moonlight” is highly recommended~ ^^

(Their genre is rock on roll, kinda reminded me to the Beatles~ but honestly, they sound way better live than their album 🙂

The second stage was by Guckkasten (국카스텐). It was the second time I watched them live, and they sounded much better last night.

I was standing on 5th line from the stage (it was a standing concert) during these two bands performances, and I thought my ears could explode at anytime :p

The third and the fourth stages were by Daybreak and Monni (몽니). Daybreak is more of a jazz band, really smooth and easy listening. Monni was quite interesting, they have female bassist who looks bored the whole concert :p Sorry but I won’t post the pictures for this two coz they’re not really my style ^^;; This is already the most I’ve promoted on other band besides Boohwal here~ ^^

And finally, the final and main stage of the night, was Boohwal ~^^

Btw, by the time Boohwal showed up, I’ve moved to the third line from the front, and then the most front by the end of the stage ~ 😀 (Btw the concert was in a club, so it’s pretty dark, but if you see carefully there’s Jemin Oppa in the back between Dongha and Jae-Hyuck Oppas~)

As usual, they started the stage with  “코끼리 탈출하다” (Gabriel’s Obboe), followed with “Lonely Night”.

And then.. I can’t recall the order ^^;;

But Boohwal brough including “Thought” (생각이나), 1970, Someday, Heeya (rock version), Because I Love You (사랑해서 사랑해서), and Never Ending Story (anchor song).

Erm.. what else..  I hope I’m not missing any songs that they actually performed. Anyways, it felt so good. The last time I watch Boohwal’s live concert was over a month ago in the  beginning of October. Although I did meet JH Oppa earlier this week (coincidentally) ^^

The concert ended sometime before 10 pm, and I got to meet some other loyal fans so it was good~ ^^

Ow, now I remember, Boohwal also performed “The Story of You and the Rain” (비와 당신의 이야기), coz I had to go home in rain that night;;;

Rock, concert, Boohwal, Boohwal’s concert, always work like battery for me~ 🙂

Thanks for reading so far ~ ^^



As final picture, the thing Boohwal always do after their concerts~ ^-^


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