In Memoriam

Boohwal and Baekdusan, supported by several other rock bands held a free concert to raise donation for the family of the navy officers who died in the vessel last March. The vessel was suspied to have sunk because of a torpedo shot by North Korea, and the issue is currently still under investigation.

I’ll stay out of politics just for the sake of my blog, and on the right hand side is the concert poster. I’ll edit with pictures if I can get one from free source. (meaning doesn’t belong to an individual)

The concert was today, starting 6 pm, in Hongdae’s Rolling Hall.

Baekdoosan and Boohal came out last (I don’t know who came out first), each band performed 5 songs for the audience.

credit to Baekdoosan Fan Cafe ^^

From left: Seo Jae-Hyuck, (**), Chae Jemin, (**), Baekdoosan’s drummer Park Chan (he’s tall!), (**), Jeong Dong-Ha, Baekdoosan’s leader/vocal Yoon Hyeon-Sang, Kim Tae-Won, Baekdoosan’s guitarist Kim Do-Gyun (his really cool! I wish I could see him live one day^^)

~~missing from this picture: Baekdoosan’s bassist Kim Chang-Sik

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