[Kim Tae Won] TV Programs

[남자의자격] Men’s Qualification — every Sunday on KBS 2 @5 pm
Azzura posted KBS world schedule on comment~ check it out!~:)
or check KBS World schedule by clicking here~

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[스타 오디션 위대한탄생] Star Audition the Great Birth — every Friday on MBC @10pm
Seems like MBC Global Media doesn’t air any of these programs, but who knows they would some..day.. in which case you should check this site~

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Stay tune~! ^_^

P.S. Also don’t miss MBC Nollowa Special “Star Audition The Great Birth” Mentor Edition to be aired on March 21st and 28th, 11.15 pm on MBC~ 🙂

P.P.S. Kim Tae-Won will also appear in MBC 황금어장 – 무릎팍 도사 (some sort of one-on-one interview program) to air on Wednesday (30 March  2011) at 11 pm.

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