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[남자의자격] Men’s Qualification — every Sunday on KBS 2 @5 pm
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[스타 오디션 위대한탄생] Star Audition the Great Birth — every Friday on MBC @10pm
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P.S. Also don’t miss MBC Nollowa Special “Star Audition The Great Birth” Mentor Edition to be aired on March 21st and 28th, 11.15 pm on MBC~ 🙂

P.P.S. Kim Tae-Won will also appear in MBC 황금어장 – 무릎팍 도사 (some sort of one-on-one interview program) to air on Wednesday (30 March  2011) at 11 pm.

[남자의 자격] Kim Tae Won in Men’s Qualification

남자의 자격, literally translated “Men’s Qualification”,is an entertainment program on KBS 2 TV in Korea started on air since March 2009. It’s more than extremely late of me to only write an article on this program now when it’s reaching a two-years anniversary. At first, as much as I was and still am an avid viewer, I didn’t find it as relevant for it only includes Kim Tae-Won (among other Boohwal members) in it, as well as it has practically nothing to do with music – let alone Boohwal’s music. But really, what is Boohwal without Kim Tae-Won? And the rebirth of Boohwal in the latter 2009 was partly (if not mostly) thanks to Kim Tae-Won’s apperance in this entertainment program. Kim Tae-Won said and I recall, that having done music for 23 years.. nobody ever recognized him. Having started in this program, suddenly people started taking interest in him, as well as his music, that is to say, Boohwal. Having helped Boohwal to rebirth, the program once again presented another miracle, helping Kim Tae Won to rebirth himself.

Better late than never, thus I’m posting this article as a token of my appreciation to “Men’s Qualification”.

The program started off with 7 members, but Kim Sung-Min (김성민) had to drop out from the program on December 2010, leaving only 6 men in the team: 이경규 (Lee Kyung-Kyu), 김국진 (Kim Kuk-Jin), 김태원 (Kim Tae-Won), 이윤석 (Lee Yun-Seok), 이정진 (Lee Jung-Jin), and 유형빈 (Yoo Hyung-Bin).

Among the first episodes of Men’s Qualification that I watched was [남자, 그리고 두번 결혼하기] “Men, and second wedding.” No, it’s not suggesting men to have more than one wife, but to re-plant the seeds of romance into marriage by having another wedding with the same couple. Out of the original 7 members of the program, 3 were married and 1 divorced, among them Kim Tae-Won and Lee Kyung-Gyu were married the longest. In the end, Kim Tae Won ended up to be the one to make a second proposal to his wife.

It was really romantic. He called her, asking if she were reborn, would she marry him once again (in another life), and she said of course she would, without pause. It was just lovely. He then invited her to come to the shooting area which was the area of residence of Korea’s renown novelist Lee Wae-Soo (이외수). He proposed to her for a second wedding in the way that guy in (the movie) “Love Actually” proposed to his bestfriend’s wife (phew.. that’s not the best way of putting it, but it was romantic more despite morally wrong). Niweis, the proposal was received well, and they held the second wedding that very same day. The picture below was taken after the wedding. Lee Wae-Soo acted as the officiator of the wedding~ ^^

(Left to Right) 유형빈, 김국진, 김태원, 이외수, 이현주, 이정진, 이경규, 이윤석
**It has passed 24 years since Kim Tae-Won and Lee Hyun-Joo first met, and they were married after 9 years of dating. They have a daughter and a son together.

One thing that I got from this episode is that, if I were to get married, I want to have a marriage filled with love as the marriage of these two. It’s obvious she loves him endlessly and he loves her equally as much. They have a lot of respect and love for each other, and it’s not only seen from the words they’re saying to each other, one can see it from as small a thing as their body gestures~ it simply is just lovely.

Among other first episodes of Men’s Qualification was [남자, 그리고 친구 집 알기] “Men, and Knowing my Friend’s House.” They had this project when the TV show had only started for a while, when most people in Korea had practically no idea who Kim Tae-Won was – that’s how un-famous Boohwal was, despite its history. So they visited Kim Tae-Won’s house, and then his parents’ house, and Boohwal’s rehearsal studio.

Before this episode of Men’s Qualification, a lot of Korean TV viewers thought he was a comedian – you can’t deny he’s a funny guy can you ^^ The picture on the top-left says “Do you know Kim Tae-Won”? The picture on top-right shows a picture of young Kim Tae-Won (far-right) on his mother’s lap. The picture was taken before his two younger sisters were born, I assume – judging he was probably only 1 or 2 years-old at most at the time. The pictures below were taken in Boohwal’s rehearsal studio, introducing the Guitarist Kim Tae-Won, Boohwal leader Kim Tae-Won.

The next episode that caught a lot of public attention was the lecture they held in Kyunghee University, Seoul. Each member of the team presented a lecture to university students on how they should spend their youth. On this session the lecture Kim Kuk Jin was especially remarkable to a lot of viewers.

On my account, [남자, 그리고 아마추어 밴드] “Men, and Amateur Band” episode was special. In this episode, Men’s Qualification team worked together to make an amateur band. Kim Tae-Won acted as their trainer, since he’s a pro. Instead, he wrote a song just for this amateur band, titled “사랑해서 사랑해서” (Because I Love You). It went kind of rough in the beginning, I myself was in their first public performance – 21 March 2010, the final day of Boohwal’s Wonderful Days Vol.1 Concert – and (I’m sorry, but) they were not pleasant to hear.. But they worked on it, and they got better. They entered an amateur band competition and won the Bronze Prize, and then they went into recording and the song hit the first place in all Korea’s music chart. Boohwal then follow making Boohwal’s version of the song, which was also the first digital single Boohwal had ever released.

This is just to show view example how much this program has touched and somewhat changed Kim Tae-Won’s life.

Following the success of this amateur band, the program continued with its biggest success yet, [남자,그리고 하모니] “Men, and Harmony”. The idea was to get a group of 7 men (who could barely carry a tune) take part in a choir competition. To make a choir, they had to have at least 30 members, so they held an audition (after the 7 members themselves was auditioned by Music Producer Colleen Park-박칼린) to pick the rest 23. In this audition episode, you can find the rest of Boohwal’s 3 members participating. Seo Jae-Hyuck (서재혁) ended up to be the only one who passed into the choir, taking bass part. Below is the video of the choir taking part in the fore-mentioned competition. You can find Kim Tae Won in the middle of the formation, right at the center, wearing sunglasses as usual~

A wrap to close the year 2010, Men’s Qualification held a  [2010 송년회] Year-End Party, inviting the people whose took part in the program during the whole year, including Boohwal members and  members of the choir, among other. They had some small singing competition in the end, in which Boohwal’s vocalist Jeong Dong Ha (정동하) participated. He sung “생각이나” (Thought) which gained huge popularity in 2009 – among other thanks to Men’s Qualification itself for inserting the song as background to many scenes. The song, sung by its original singer, drew quiet a few men into tears, including the song’s composer himself.

In the year 2011, Men’s Qualification has a view agendas to accomplish. Among other, learning tap dance and going backpacking. The backpacking trip was planned to be held in May this year, but let’s see if they’re gonna keep the schedule given the recent development.

A big surprise, yet another turning point in Kim Tae-Won’s life, came up yet again thanks to this program. As part of public education (I suppose), they  held a series of episodes about cancer. They had all the remaining 6 members of the team went through cancer check and all, including lung cancer, stomach cancer, and others. And as it turned out, a small lump of tumor was found in Kim Tae-Won’s stomach. It was latter identified to be the earliest stage of stomach cancer. Men’s Qualification showed the whole process from when the verdict was told to Kim Tae-Won, the surgery, and after. And what can I say, I gain even more respect to this man. He’s fearless, he was calm, he was even reassuring the people around him that he’s fine. He’s a strong man and not one thing can change that.

The Men’s Qualification team played the song [For My Father] 희망에게 “To Hope” in the background when Kim Tae-Won heard the news, just as I expected, coz this song also immediately came to mind when I heard about it myself.

Thanks to Men’s Qualification, Kim Tae Won took the cancer check which he might have never done voluntarily, and thanks to it, they found the cancer cells before it could grow nor spread. Thanks to it, he’s had his second.. no, fourth chance to be reborn once again.. 부활..

Just as an end note, here’s among Boohwal songs that’s been inserted during Men’s Qualification (in random order):

I’ll add the list if anything comes to mind~ stay tune!!! ^-^

Kim Tae-Won Hospitalized

Apparently, Jeonju concert on the 19th February meant a lot more than I thought. I wish Tae-Won Oppa will get well soon, and I wish he wouldn’t force himself too much keeping up with the concert schedules. I believe fans will understand if one or two schedules are canceled. Health comes first anyhow.

태원 오빠~ 의욕이 대단하지만 건강부터 챙기시면 좋겠어요~ 빨리 나아시길 바라고요.. 아니 천천히 나으셔도 되요.. 하지만 100프로 회복하셔야합니다~^^

c7snh.jpgPicture tweeted on 2 March 2011.

부활 김태원, 위암 투병중에도 콘서트 투혼…”팬들과 약속 지켰다”
Boohwal Kim Tae Won,  Standing on Concert Struggling Against Gastric Cancer …. “I keep my promise with fans”
Source: [한국경제|2011.02.28]

록그룹 부활의 김태원이 위암 판정으로 수술대에 올랐던 사실이 공개됐다. 27일 방송된 KBS 2TV ‘해피선데이남자의 자격‘에는 다음주 예고편에 김태원이 암에 걸린듯한 모습을 암시하는 모습이 보여졌다. 예고편에 이경규가 눈물을 보이는가 하면 김태원이 담담한 표정으로 인터뷰를 응하고 있는 모습이 포함된 것.
Kim Tae Won revealed the fact that he just undergone surgery after diagnosed having gastric cancer. In the preview for next week’s “Men’s Qualification” aired February 27th, they hint that Kim Tae Won was diagnosed with cancer. Lee Kyung-Kyu was seen shading tears, while Kim Tae Won calmly agreed for interview.

실제 김태원은 암 진단을 받고 지난 16일 내시경 수술을 통해 종양을 제거, 이후 실시한 조직검사에서 아직 종양이 남아있을 가능성이 있다는 의료진의 소견을 듣고 22일 2차 수술까지 받았다.
Kim Tae Won undergone surgery to get rid of the tumor on February 16th, after which he had a biopsy which resulted that there’s a chance that part of the tumor still remain, leading to a second surgery on February 22nd.

하지만 김태원은 치료상태에서도 팬들과의 약속을 지키기 위해 지난 19일 전주에서 진행된 ‘부활’콘서트에 나선것으로 밝혀져 팬들에게 감동을 안겨주고 있다. 김태원의 콘서트 출연은 의료진과 출연진 모두 만류했지만, 김태원은 팬들과의 약속을 지키기 위해 끝까지 콘서트 출연을 고집했다. 이에 만일의 사태에 대비하기 위해 콘서트현장에는 의사 한명이 대기하고 있을 정도였다는 후문.
Despite his condition, he kept his promise with fans and stood on Boohwal concert held on February 29th in Jeonju. Both medical teams and Boohwal team dissuaded him to stand on the concert, but Kim Tae Won insisted that he has to keep his promise with fans. There was a buzz that a doctor stood by the concert in case something happened.

한편, 김태원은 지난 26일 퇴원한 김태원은 현재 집에서 휴식중이다.
Kim Tae Won left the hospital on February26th, and is now resting at home.


‘위암수술’ 김태원, 전국투어·방송출연 모두 강행
Kim Tae Won “Gastric Cancer Surgery”, Insist to Keep Having National Tour Concert and TV Broadcast
Source: 머니투데이 스타뉴스 [2011.02.28]

록밴드 부활의 리더 김태원(46)이 위암 수술에도 불구, 향후의 전국 투어 콘서트 및 방송 촬영에 모두 나선다.
Rock band Boohwal leader Kim Tae-Won (46), despite having had  gastric cancer surgery, will keep appearing on National Tour concert and TV broadcast.

김태원 소속사 관계자는 28일 “김태원씨는 1차 수술을 받은 지 사흘 뒤인 19일 전주 콘서트에서도 참여한다”라며 “관객들과의 약속을 무엇보다 중요하게 생각하기 때문”이라고 전했다. 당시 김태원은 무대에서 혹시 모를 일을 겪을 수도 있었기에, 소속사 측에서는 응급실 의사 한 명을 객석 가장 앞자리에 자리하게 했다. 소속사 측은 “김태원씨는 곧 있을 오는 3월5일의 창원 콘서트에도 예정대로 동참할 것”고 전했다.
Boohwal Entertainment said on February 28th, “Kim Tae Won stood on Boohwal Concert in Jeonju on Feb 19th, four days after having the first surgery. He finds his promise with audience more important than anything else.” To prevent any possible misfortune, Boohwal Entertainment had a doctor for emergency situation seated at the front row in the concert. “Kim Tae Won will also stand on Changwon Concert to be held this March 5th as scheduled,” according to Boohwal Entertainment.

김태원은 현재 고정출연 방송에도 지속적으로 나서겠다는 의지를 보이고 있다. 김태원측 관계자는 “고정 출연 중인 KBS 2TV ‘해피선데이-남자의 자격’이나 MBC ‘위대한 탄생’ 향후 녹화일정에는 지장이 없다”고 밝혔다. 이어 “위암이지만 불행 중 다행으로 개복수술을 한 것이 아니기 때문에 회복이 빠르다”고 설명했다. ‘남자의 자격’ 관계자도 “김태원씨의 향후 출연에는 지장이 없는 것으로 안다”라고 조심스럽게 말했다.
Kim Tae Won seems to be determined to keep doing the TV broadcasts he’s been scheduled for. There will be no changes in his schedule appearing in KBS2 TV “Men’s Qualification” nor MBC “Star Audition The Great Birth”.  Although he was diagnosed with cancer, fortunately it was not an abdominal surgery thus the recovery speed is expected to be fast. Men’s Qualification team also claimed that there will be no changes in  Kim Tae-Won’s schedule appearing in the program.

한편 김태원은 ‘남자의 자격’의 ‘남자, 그리고 암’ 편 촬영 하던 도중 지난 1월 중순 암 검사를 받았고, 병원 측으로부터 위암 초기란 진단을 받았다. 이에 이달 16일 삼성서울병원에서 위의 종양을 제거하는 1차 수술을 받았고, 22일에는 2차 수술을 했다. 현재 종양은 모두 제거된 상태며 회복 중에 있다.
Kim Tae-Won underwent cancer screening for Men’s Qualification’s “Men, and Cancer” episode in the middle of January, which resulted the gastric cancer diagnosis. He had the first surgery on the 16th of February in Samseong Hospital in Seoul, and the second surgery on February 22nd. The tumor have now been totally removed, and he is under recovery process.

김태원의 위암 판정 및 수술 모습을 오는 3월6일 ‘남자의 자격’을 통해 공개된다.
The gastric cancer verdict will be shown on Men’s Qualification on March 6th.

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