[Project Band] Not 2B

Not 2 B was a project band Seo Jae-Hyuck and Chae Jemin worked together on 2002. The members were vocalist 배이비 (baby), guitarist Joseph Kim, bassist Seo Jae-Hyuck, and drummer Chae Jemin.

서재혁, Joseph Kim, 배이비, 채제민

재혁오빠 (far left), 제민오빠 (far right)

Their song, “잘됐어” was inserted in the following album, “Indie Power 2002”. You can find it in the 12th track.

Guitar Zeus Korea

Carmine Appice is an American rock drummer who debut in the late 1960’s. He had the idea to write and record a project that would spotlight the guitar “Gods” from around the world. That’s how he got together with bassist Tony Franklin and bassist/keyboardist Kelly Keeling to work on “Guitar Zeus” project. In the Korea project, they also collaborated with engineer Pat Regan.

Seo Jae-Hyuck (서재혁) took part in “Guitar Zeus Korea” project, which album was released in 2002. He played the bass for the 5th track in the album, “Days ‘R’ Nites”, together with guitarist Joseph Kim.

I finally got my Guitar Zeus Korea CD about a month ago after a long search, and finally last night I bumped into him. As usual I couldn’t approach him first but he waved to me (love him!^^) so I approached him when the rest of his company took a walk outside (he was with his family). I asked for his autograph on the album jacket, and signing my album jacket, he said, “he’s dead” referring to his partner Joseph Kim. I thought I heard wrong so I confirmed again, suddenly I forgot the word “dead” in the most polite form in Korean so I stuttered. He said yes, and stupidly I asked, “how…” well, I just feel so insensitive about it now.. It seemed to be an old story for him, but it had to be an uneasy memory. May he rest in peace.

In this album, the following legends in Korean rock history also took part, among the names I know:

신대철 of 시나위, Tomy Kim (former member of 김종서 band), 김도균 of 백두산 (he’s awesome!), and Tomi Kita of Tomi Kita Band.

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