Green Plugged Festival

Boohwal is showing up on Green Plugged Festival, 2nd day. *YEY!* I’ll be seeing them 2-days in a row then! ^o^
(and the 3rd time, this week alone hehe 😉

Boohwal will be performing on EARTH stage (there are 5 stages) starting from 14.20 pm.

*I will be on Earth Stage from at least 13.30 when Buret performs (which is right before Boohwal), and on Sky Stage from a least 18.40 coz my friend wants to watch Clazziquai who performs at 19.30, which is followed by my 2nd fav Korean band YB~^^*

~~~this file is automatically uploaded at about the same time when Boohwal’s 21st of May Concert is starting~^^*

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