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Gilmor Guitar Endoser Concert

Gilmor Guitar, a guitar producing company which has had 10 years experience in the field, held this event in KT&G 상상마당 on July 23rd, 2010. The concert was also completed with door prize that includes 2 guitars, several amplifiers, drums, drums lessons, etc.

I just came back from the concert which ended at 10 pm Friday night. It started exactly at 7.30, and the entrance started from 6.30 but I arrived at sometime before 6, and the line was already unbelievably extremely long! But anyhows, I made it to the front part of the stage~the red arrow in the picture indicates me.. lol :p

The concert was opened with “Began Who“s performance, followed by Boohwal, and last followed by Choi Hee-Sun’s band. Boohwal, as usual, started with “The Elephant Escapes” (코끼리 탈출하다) followed directly by “Lonely Night.” Next in line, as always in rock concerts, “1970” and “Someday“, followed by “Never Ending Story“, and closed with “The Story of You and the Rain” (비와당신의 이야기).

Since the concert was held by a guitar producing company, the concert was followed with a jam session of the three respective guitarists, which was really, REALLY, the peak of the show. It was just AWESOME!! So, let’s see about the guitarists.

최희선 (Choi Hee-Sun), guitarist and leader from 조용필과 위대한 탄생 band. To be honest, I have no idea how great this band was at their heydays, but after tonight, I have no doubt what a legendary guitarist he is. He is also the most senior among the three guitarists performing tonight, and the charisma… you just can’t miss it!!



김태원 (Kim Tae-Won), well, do you need anymore explanation on him? 🙂 Leader of Boohwal, lately famous with the nickname “national grandmother”, practically made him the most popular person on the stage tonight. His performance on the stage tonight was flawless although it was interesting to know that he had to change guitars almost every one or two new songs whereas the other guitarist didn’t^^


The youngest, and the most junior of all three, 유병렬 (Yoo Byung-Ryeol) of the band “Began Who” (비갠후). Judging from the age, likely to be the leader as well.




In the jam session, they performed three songs. The first one was guitar-jam carrying “Purple Rain”, the second one they perform ZZ TOP’s “Tush” with Kim Tae-Won singing!:), and closed by Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” sung by Began Who’s vocalist 김길중 (Kim Kil-Jung). The jam session was also joined by Bassist Choi Hoon (최훈) and Drummer Choi Sejin (최세진).

Btw, I made recordings of today’s concert. So those of you who wish to have the mp3 file of the jam sessions (not the Boohwal part), leave your email address on the comment space. The time limit is Sunday 5 pm Korean time (GMT+9) to leave your email addresses. (over/마감)

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