비와당신의 이야기 (The Story of You and the Rain)

This was the very first song ever written by Kim Tae-Won when he was sitting in the second grade of high school. This is the story of a teenage boy losing his first love.

This song was released in Boohwal’s 1st album, “Rock Will Never Die,” released in 1986. Naturally, the original singer was Lee Seung-Chul. This song was the second track in the album.

This song is still very, very much, brought by the band in their live stage, usually as the closing song. Sometimes as anchor song. Anyways, it has to be at the end of the live concert ^^

Honestly, I never paid attention to the lyrics. I only like the part where Tae-Won Oppa sings. It just feels so powerful. Maybe because this is his story, that he gets to deliver that feeling in the accuracy and the exactness of the emotion.

Now, the following video is a recent version of this song. And as footnote, I could be found in the video if one looks carefully~and if one knows how I look like, of course (lol). It was shot on April 6th, 2010, and aired on EBS Space TV on May 7th, 2010.

비와 당신의 이야기
(The Story of You and the Rain)

아이가 눈이 오길 바라듯이 (as a child hoping for the snow to come)
비는 너를 그리워 하네~  (the rain says it misses you)
비의 낭만보다는~ 비의 따스함 보다~ (compared to the romanticism of the rain ~ compared to the warmth of the rain)
그날의 애절한 너를 잊지 못함 이기에~ (because I can’t forget the mournful you on that day)
당신은 나를 기억 해야 하네~ (you have to remember me)
항상 나를 슬프게 했지~  (you always made me sad)
나의 사랑스럽던 너의 눈가의 비들  (my cherished … rain at the corner of your eyes…)
그날의 애절한 너를 차마 볼수 없었던거야  (I can’t stand seeing the mournful you on that day)
*무척이나 울었네~  (I cried a lot)
비에 비 맞으며~  눈에 비 맞으며~  (when the rain falls on the rain~ when when the rain falls on the snow)
비속의 너를~ 희미하게 그리며  (you inside of the rain~ missing you feebly)
우리의 마지막 말을~ 너의 마지막 말을 기억 하네~  (our last words~ I remember your last words)
사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 (I love you, I love you, I love you)
사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 (I love you, I love you, I love you)
P.S. I forgot to mention that this song was also reproduced in Boohwal’s 8th album, released in 2002 – that’s when Lee Seung-Cheul returned to Boohwal just for this album. There’s no Boohwal’s album with Jeong Dong-Ha ‘s version of this song.

Top 3: 사랑할수록 (The More I Love)

사랑할수록 (Saranghalsurok) is one of Boohwal’s most legendary song. I personally didn’t like this song at first, maybe because of the extreme sadness that this song delivers. And in the original version, released in Boohwal 3rd album in 1993, sang by Kim Jegi (김재기), this song is sung in such… I dunno, it’s just very slow I didn’t feel any power in it. I liked it though when I heard Jeong Dong-Ha’s version of the song. The song is written by Kim Jegi and composed by Kim Tae-Won.

Enough about me though. This song marked the rebirth of Boohwal after being left by their first vocal after their debut. Kim Tae-Won went through extremely tough time after being left by Lee Seung-Cheol, especially because the latter gained even more fame that Kim Tae-Won himself who was the motor behind Boohwal.

Boohwal’s first album was released in 1986, the second followed in 1987. There was a six years dormant period until the 3rd album was released in 1993. Behind that album was Kim Jegi, Boohwal’s third vocalist who only stick with the team for a very short period of time. He passed away in a traffic accident just after recording several songs with Boohwal as demo tape. Kim Jegi’s voice was, however, very remarkable that the demo tape was eventually released to be in Boohwal’s third album. Kim Tae-Won personally have a soft spot on Kim Jegi that he once said if he could think of anyone he’d wish to live again, that person is Kim Jegi. Kim Jegi is always referred in many occasions by Kim Tae-Won, as the song “The More I Love” is referred many times by the other Boohwal members to be a song that they think made Boohwal the legend it is. Kim Tae-Won himself said that the 3rd album wouldn’t have existed had he not meet Kim Jegi.

So happens to be Kim Jegi’s younger brother, Kim Jae-Hee (김재희), was also a singer and he was also gifted with the wonderful voice his brother had. So Kim Jae-Hee recorded the rest of the songs in the 3rd album. The version of 사랑할수록 you heard(and saw) above was sung by Kim Jegi. You can also find a Kim Jae-Hee version of this song in the “Best 이솝의 붓” album released in 1996.

The one below is by Jeong Dong-Ha. This song was also remade and inserted in Boohwal’s latest album, Retrospect II, released this year. (Check out “How to get Boohwal’s CDs abroad” on top right)

(The More I Love)

한참동안을 찾아가지 않은 저 언덕 너머 거리엔
(In the street over the hill I haven’t been to in a while)
오래전 그 모습 그대로 넌 서있을 것 같아
(It felt that you’ll be standing exactly as you stood there a long time ago)
내 기억 보다는 오래되버린 얘기지
(A story that is older than my memory)
널 보던 나의 그 모습
(The way I looked when staring at you)
이제는 내가 널 피하려고 하나 언젠가의 너처럼~
(Am I now trying to avoid you, as you did then)
이제 너에게 난 아픔이란걸 너를 사랑하면 할수록
(Now for you, that I am hurting, the more I love you)
멀리 떠나가도록 스치듯 시간의 흐름속에
(To go far away, into the flow of time as if only brushing by)
이제 지나간 기억이라고 떠나며 말하던 너에게
(Leaving me, you said it is a memory of the past, to you)
시간이 흘러 지날수록 너를 사랑하면 할수록…
(As the time flows by, the more that I love you)
너에게 난 아픔이었다는 걸 너를 사랑하면 할수록
(That I was hurting for you, the more that I love you)

안녕 (Good Bye)

안녕 (good  bye) is a song from Boohwal’s 7th album released in 2000. The original singer was Lee Seong-Uk, but you can also find this song in Boohwal Live & Unplugged album where it is sang by Jeong Dong-Ha.

This song is written and composed by Kim Tae-Won, arranged by Boohwal.

Now, the video. I think this video is a BRILLIANT interpretation of the song. I would have never imagined that the girl left to become a nun. The video is just brilliant!

Plus of course Seo Jae-Hyuck looks sparkling here lol:D You’d also get a brief look of the drummer Kim Kwan-Jin who filled in the drummer position in this album when Chae Jemin Oppa wasn’t around.

안녕 (Good Bye)

너는 저기 있었지  (you were there)
많이 야윈 얼굴로  (with your face growing thinner than ever)
나에게로 미소지으며.. (smiling to me)
이제 생각해보면  (now if I think of it)
날 위해서였던 (what you did for me..)
너의 숨겨진 모습이였어 (the look that you used to hid)
비가 오고 있었지  (rain was pouring down)
내리는 저 비처럼  (just as that rain)
날 사랑해오던 그댈  (you, who loved me,..)
너를 떠나보내던  (I, who let you go..)
나의 젖은 모습이  (me, dripping wet..)
지금 저기에 있는거 같아  (seems like I’m standing over there)
안녕 그대.. (Goodbye, my dear)
널 사랑한 후에 (after loving you)
그 긴세월을 그리워했어 (I missed that long life time)
이제 다시는 널볼수없는 (I can’t see you again anymore now)
서로가 돼 온걸 모른체로  (not knowing that we are becoming each other’s …)
너를 떠나보내던 (I, who let you go..)
나의 젖은 모습이 (me, dripping wet..)
지금 저기에 있는 것 같아 (seems like I’m standing over there)
안녕 그대..
널 사랑한후에
그 긴세월을 그리워했어
이제 다시는 널 볼 수 없는
서로가 돼 온걸 모른체로

안녕 그대.. (Goodbye, my dear)
이젠 전하고 싶어  (now I can tell you)
수많은 밤을 그리워했지만  (so many nights I missed you)
멀리 서로를 지켜줬기에  (because we protect (keep attention on) each other from afar)
아름다울수 있었다고  (it could be beautiful)
안녕 그대..
널 사랑한후에
그 긴세월을 그리워했어
이제 다시는 널 볼 수 없는
서로가 돼 온걸 모른체로

Boohwal: Live Concerts up to end-of-may

Hi, I’m sorry I still haven’t posted the concert reports, my hands are really tied this weeeek!!
You can expect them very, very soon, meanwhile be satisfied with this okay! ^^

Let’s see my Boohwal schedule last week:

Tuesday, 18 May 2010: Ajou University Festival (I posted the report already)

Friday, 21 May 2010: Boohwal Concert in KBS 88 Gymnasium

Saturday, 22 May 2010: Boohwal’s performance in Green PluggedFestival

Sunday, 23 May 2010: 남자의 자격 band on Boohwal Wonderful Days March concert aired on TV

Tuesday, 25 May 2010: Concert 7080 recording (live), will be aired this Sunday night

Tuesday, 25 May 2010: 열린음악화 recording (live), will be aired Sunday, June 6th (5pm-ish)

The one last night was quite a challenge. I only had the tickets for 열린음악회 and somehow managed to get the ticket for 7080 on Monday night. The challenge was, though, not that; but the two starts at almost the same time!!! So what I did was I went to 7080 at 6 pm, got the tickets, got in, the show started at 7.30 and Boohwal was the opening performance. I stayed til 8.30 pm while 열린음악회 started at 8 pm. Got out, took the taxi and head to the other TV station, got in just 10 minutes before 부활 performs! It was awesome! haha~;)

Since it was TV recording, I couldn’t take any pictures, so I can’t share it with you. But special for my subscribers, I’ll send you one song recording I made that night ^_^ This is also as a thank you for I have reached over 1500 views in only a little bit than 2 months. Thanks so much, and please keep coming on this blog and cheer for Boohwal! 🙂

I’ll post about the three events I haven’t reported about next! ^_^

Star’s Diary: Chae Jemin (1)

[스타일기]부활 채제민① “불량학생들의 우두머리였다”

“Used to be the boss of bad students”

Released May 19th, 2010, 09.42 am, edited 11.09 am 

채제민(오른쪽)은 어린 시절 촉망받는 복싱 유망주였다

=Chae Jemin (right), in his younger days was a prospective boxer.=

1985년 봄, 인천의 한 복싱체육관. 샌드백 주변으로 사람들이 몰려들었다. 빠른 주먹과 현란한 몸놀림. 고등학생의 훈련에 구경꾼들은 이내 감탄사를 연발했다. 

Spring 1985, a boxing training center in Incheon. People were gathering around a sandbag. Fast punches and brilliant body movements. The audience watching this high school boxing training was filled with admiration. 

복싱이 최고 인기 스포츠였던 시절. 소년 채제민은 체육관 내 최고 스타였다. 나가는 대회마다 상의 주인이 됐다. 받은 트로피는 체육관 입구에 떡하니 걸렸다. 후배들은 이런 그를 살아있는 교과서로 여겼다. 그러나 오랜만에 체육관을 찾은 채제민은 동경 어린 시선이 달갑지 않았다. 남의 속도 모르는 찬사라고 생각했다. 기량이 이전과 비교해 현저히 떨어진 탓이었다. 많아지는 잡생각. 뻗는 주먹에서 집중력은 사라진 지 오래였다. 

The time when boxing was the most popular sport. Boy Chae Jemin was a star in the gymnasium. He owns every prize for all competitions he joined. The trophies he received was hung on the entrance to the gymnasium. Juniors thought of him as a living “textbook of boxing.” However, after sometime being absent, young Jemin didn’t find the gym satisfied him. 남의 속도 모르는 찬사라고 생각했다. He blamed it on his skills that wasn’t as remarkable as before. 많아지는 잡생각. For sometime, his concentration power had gone  from his outstretched fist. 

처음 복싱 글러브를 낀 건 중학생 때였다. 그는 다른 운동을 할 수도 있었다. 다양한 종목 체육부의 스카우트 대상이었기 때문이다. 큰 키와 넓은 어깨. 또래 친구들보다 두 배가량 큰 손은 어떤 운동에도 재목으로 보였다. 

He was in junior high when he first put his hands into boxing gloves. He could have also done other sports. It’s because he’s got a lot of scoutings for various fields of sports. Tall figure and wide shoulders. 또래 친구들보다 두 배가량 큰 손은 어떤 운동에도 재목으로 보였다. 

처음 시작한 운동은 유도. 기량은 탁월했다. 그를 매트에 넘어뜨리는 또래 선수가 없을 정도였다. 그러나 시간이 흐를수록 시선은 자꾸 다른 곳을 향했다. 텔레비전에서 외국선수들을 통쾌하게 쓰러뜨리는 WBC 라이트 플라이급 챔피언 장정구처럼 복싱선수가 되고 싶었다. 

The first sport he ever started was judo. His was talented. There was almost no other athletes who could blow him down the mat. But as time went by, he started to look other direction. He wanted to become a boxer like the athlete he saw on TV blowing off his foreign opponent, the champion of WBC light play Jang Jeong-Gu. 

긴 고민 끝에 찾은 복싱체육관. 관장과 선수들은 환영 일색이었다. 세계챔피언 감이라며 모두 함께 할 것을 제의했다. 다음 날 채제민은 매트 대신 링 위에 섰다. 글러브를 끼고 차근차근 세계챔피언의 꿈을 키워나갔다. 관장의 말처럼 실력은 일취월장했다. 짧은 훈련에도 불구하고 지역대회 상을 모두 휩쓸었다. 

After a long thought, he visited a boxing gym. The head of the gym and other athletes all welcomed him. 세계챔피언 감이라며 모두 함께 할 것을 제의했다. The next day, Chae Jemin was standing on the ring instead of a mat. 

고등학생이 되면서 기량은 성인과 맞붙어도 될 정도로 탄탄해졌다. 그러나 멈출 줄 모르던 상승세는 2학년이 되면서 제동이 걸렸다. 아버지가 고혈압에 이은 중풍으로 세상을 떠났다. 아버지는 채제민을 유독 아꼈다. 어려운 형편에도 운동을 선택한 아들을 끊임없이 지원했다. 

As he enters high school, his skills progresses that he was srong enough to level  a fight with adult boxer. But as he enters the second year of high school, right when he was progressing the most, he stumbled upon a braking stone. His father passed away from hypertension paralysis. His father loved Chae Jemin so much. Despite the difficult circumstances, he unendedly supported his son who chose to be an athlete. 

“아버지는 산과 같았다. 한없이 큰 그늘로 고생 없이 자라게 해주셨다. 운동을 마치고 돌아올 때마다 ‘우리 아들, 실력 좀 보자’며 씨름자세 시늉을 하시고는 했는데….” 

“My father was like a mountain. 한없이 큰 그늘로 고생 없이 자라게 해주셨다. Everytime when I finish exercising, he would pose pose like he would challenge me in a fight and say, “my son, let’s see what you’ve got,”… 

아버지의 공백은 긴 방황으로 이어졌다. 링이 아닌 학교 안팎에서 주먹을 휘두르는 날이 많아졌다. 복싱으로 단련된 주먹에 상대는 매번 맥없이 쓰러졌다. 한바탕 소란 뒤 이들과 친구가 된 채제민은 자연스럽게 불량학생들의 우두머리로 떠올랐다. 계속된 불미스러운 사건들. 학교에 불려가던 어머니는 어느덧 경찰서를 드나들기 시작했다. 

The emptiness his father had left took him to a long wandering. The days when he’d throw about his fist in and outside school, instead of in the boxing ring, increased. Several times his opponents would pass out from meeting his boxing-trained fist. 한바탕 소란 뒤 이들과 친구가 된 채제민은 he naturally became the leader of the bad students. The unfavorable incidents. His mother was called to come to school often, and one day, she started to frequent to police station.

“사춘기였던 탓에 어머니 말씀이 잔소리로 들렸다. 그 때 불효를 아직까지 뼈저리게 후회한다.”

“I was a teenager, my mother’s words were just just nagging for me. The regret I feel from that time still cuts deep into my heart.”

방황 끝에서 다시 찾은 체육관. 손에 낀 글러브는 낯설었다. 이전에 쏟은 열정은 찾아볼 수 없었다. 샌드백을 마주해도 소용없었다. 눈에 들어오는 건 전신거울에 비친 10kg이 불어난 몸뚱이뿐이었다. 관장은 체급을 올려서라도 강행할 것을 주문했다. 한 체급만 올려도 몇 배 더 고생해야하는 복싱. 세계챔피언의 꿈은 멀게만 느껴졌다. 채제민은 조용히 글러브를 벗고 가방을 짊어졌다. 허망하게 무너진 꿈. 그러나 표정은 어둡지만은 않았다.

By the end of his wandering, he came back to the gym. It felt weird to put the gloves on again. The passion that he had before was no where to be found. It was no use even when he stood in front of a sandbag. All he saw was his reflection on the full-body mirror, his 10kg increased weight. 관장은 체급을 올려서라도 강행할 것을 주문했다. In boxing, you have to work manifold times harder even if you only step up one weight class. He only felt the dream to become the world champion slipping away. Chae Jemin took off his gloves quitely and packed his bag. A dream that ended in vain. But it wasn’t only darkness in his expression.

“그간 복싱에서 배운 인내로 모든 해낼 수 있을 것 같았다.” 

“That time, I felt like I could do anything with the preserverance I learned from boxing.”

멀어지는 체육관에서 얻은 교훈. 그것은 이후 새로운 꿈을 쫒는 발판이 됐다. 바로 음악이었다. 

A lesson he learned from the gym that he had departed. It became a stepping stone when he went to follow his new dream. It was music.

고등학교를 갓 졸업한 채제민이 연주발표회에서 드럼을 치고 있다.

 =Chae Jemin playing the drum in a musical competition, just as he graduated from high school.=

Translated by https://boohwal.wordpress.com

Reporter: 황용희 기자 (Hwang Yong-Hee) 

Source: http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2010051809312663758

In Memoriam

Boohwal and Baekdusan, supported by several other rock bands held a free concert to raise donation for the family of the navy officers who died in the vessel last March. The vessel was suspied to have sunk because of a torpedo shot by North Korea, and the issue is currently still under investigation.

I’ll stay out of politics just for the sake of my blog, and on the right hand side is the concert poster. I’ll edit with pictures if I can get one from free source. (meaning doesn’t belong to an individual)

The concert was today, starting 6 pm, in Hongdae’s Rolling Hall.

Baekdoosan and Boohal came out last (I don’t know who came out first), each band performed 5 songs for the audience.

credit to Baekdoosan Fan Cafe ^^

From left: Seo Jae-Hyuck, (**), Chae Jemin, (**), Baekdoosan’s drummer Park Chan (he’s tall!), (**), Jeong Dong-Ha, Baekdoosan’s leader/vocal Yoon Hyeon-Sang, Kim Tae-Won, Baekdoosan’s guitarist Kim Do-Gyun (his really cool! I wish I could see him live one day^^)

~~missing from this picture: Baekdoosan’s bassist Kim Chang-Sik

Ajou University Festival

Spring in Korea means, university festivals. University festival means, artists coming to campus! Yes, Boohwal was in Ajou University, Suwon last night! ^ㅇ^ I took 40 minutes subway ride followed by an hour bus ride (it used to be half an hour, the traffic was really crazzzy!!) to get there. Arrived at 6, had dinner, and head to the stadium where the stage was suppose to be at, but they moved it to the gymnasium becoz of the rain. So!

Luckily I met some other fans, coz my friend (who attends Ajou) was really sleepy and she slept on the chair next to me while Ajou University students perform their.. talents^^

Boohwal showed up at sometime around 10 pm’ish, and they perform for nearly an hour until 11 pm. They started with 코끼리 탈출하다, followed with Lonely Night. They sang among others 사랑이란건, Never Ending Story, Someday (love it!), and closed with 비와 당신의 이야기. (Yes, I’ll review each of these songs once I have the time to^^)

I took the first picture during the opening, which was instrumental, so Dongha Oppa wasn’t out yet. My camera ran out of battery (yeah, smart eh!) in the middle of the concert, and it ain’t the best camera one could have… so bear with the quality!^^

I can’t be happier coz I met them for the 6th time, even though I couldn’t talk with them this time. Gotta run to catch the last train back to Seoul ㅠㅠ but I’m happy!^^ I’m gonna see them perform this Friday again anyways 🙂

Ow, well, if you happen to be in Seoul today, stop by the “Rolling Hall” in Hongdae. Boohwal, together with Baekdusan, H2O and more lines of Korea’s best rock bands are performing there at 7pm tonight. The entrance is for free, but you are expected to voluntarily donate some money to help the victims and the family of the navy ship that sinks in Korea sometime ago. (I was thinking of going, but it feels morally wrong to go see them while this is a concert for a good cause – that, and I’m running out of cash… -_-;)

I’ll post something if the newspaper publish the story tomorrow tho!^^

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