[Preview] Boohwal Collaboration Project ‘ + [pl ʌs]’ / +1

It’s a big news that all Boohwal fans in Korea have been fussing about the past one week. It seems that Boohwal is preparing a collaboration project they call “Secret” (비밀). The first part of this project is scheduled to be released tomorrow, on January 17th – according to Boohwal Entertainment. A preview of the first collaboration project is provided in a 40 seconds video below.

In line with the title of the project, “Secret,” Boohwal Entertainment have yet to disclose who the vocal in this video is – clear to anyone with fine hearing, it’s not the voice of Jeong Dongha, Boohwal’s current vocalist. (I have 96% confidence I know who the vocal is but I prefer not to stain this post by my subjective opinion ^^)

Now, the reason I’ve been so late in posting this song despite I’ve heard about like 3 hours after Boohwal Entertainment released the preview, is because of the vocal. It has caused quite a racket among fans who speculate whether Boohwal have admitted a new vocalist – which is NOT the case!! Please note that Jeong Dongha’s contract was renewed with Boohwal just last year, so he’s not going anywhere for at least 4 more peaceful years~ ^^

The second part of this collaboration project is scheduled to come this coming February, and you can expect Boohwal to come back in full formation, including Jeong Dong-Ha~ 🙂 But I’ll keep the details for my next post~ stay tune! ^^

Have a great weekend, and can’t wait for the full version of this song comes out tomorrow~~~ 😉

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