Spider Web (거미의 줄)

Boohwal’s 10th album is of course arguably one of Boohwal’s best album, which is probably why I’ve posted almost every song in that album. This song is particularly special, not because it is written and composed by Kim Tae-Won, also for the fact it was sung by the legend himself, but also the story behind it that delivers a message out of the writer’s own experience.

Two years ago, Kim Tae-Won told the story behind this song. A research on drug effects were conducted on spider. The spider effected by drugs built really thin spider web, narrow, unable to attract any flies, and finally die of starvation. The spider unaffected by anything builds a normal spider web

홀로 가느다란 이 줄위에
서있는 나는 누구와도 다른
Standing on this thin string, I am different from anybody else

나만의 장소로 나만의 시간에
The story of my own place, my own time

내가 살아온동안 TV로
힘이 된 얘기와 힘든 얘기들
Stories that made me stronger and difficult stories I heard on TV all my life

잠시 날 취하게 했을 뿐 매일 난
그대로 인걸
Makes me tipsy for a short while only, I’m still the same way as I am everyday

살아온 동안             my whole life
살아가는대로          the way of life
살아가는 시간에         the time
살아있는대로               life itself..

Boohwal Collaboration Project +1 [Secret]

Yes, as I and many hard-core fans have predicted, the first partner in Boohwal’s Collaboration Project was Park Wan-Kyu (박완규). You shouldn’t be unfamiliar with him, since he was Boohwal’s vocalist for the 5th album. “Lonely Night,” was a song inserted in that album, that Kim Tae-Won specially made to match his voice. He literally owns the song with his high pitch voice and strong shouting~ This song, “Secret” (비밀) obviously is made for Park Wan-Kyu, too.

Check out this link to listen to other songs by Park Wan-Gyu.

The song “Secret” was officially released today, and you could buy the digital single through THIS LINK.
Or through I-Tunes (click here)~ ^^

비밀 (Secret)

빈 의자와 마주앉아서, 가끔 나 혼자서 말을 하고
Sitting across an empty chair, sometimes I speak by myself
언제부턴가 나도 모르는 사이, 자꾸 뒤돌아보게 되고
I don’t know when it started, I often look back

비밀처럼 계절이 흘러, 상처 들이 아물어 가면
Seasons changed like a secret, wounds heal

설레이던 너는 설레이던 너는, 한편의 시가 되고
Fluttered you, fluttered you, becomes a poem

너무나 보고싶어서 보고싶어져서, 가끔씩은 두눈을 감곤 해
I miss you so much, I come to miss you, sometimes I’d close both my eyes
너와 나 사랑을 하던 날들과 헤어지던 날을, 난 간직하게 돼
The days when you and I loved each other, the day when we broke up, became a memory

너무나 그리워져서 너무 그리워서, 너의 이름을 홀로 부르곤 해
I long for you, I long for you, your name like flows to my lips for me to call
너무 사랑해서 너무 사랑해서, 넌 내 안에 늘 있나봐~ 있나봐
I loved you so much, loved you so much, seems like you’re always inside of me~ you’re there

Expect the second Collaboration Project coming out this February! ~ ^^

Ow, and needless to say, the song is composed and written by Kim Tae-Won~ 🙂

너는 하얗다 (You Are Pure)

Starting from today, Boohwal’s fan club is having a vote to find out which song is most popular among the songs in the album Retrospect II, aside from 사랑이란건 (Love Is/The Thing Called Love) and 사랑할수록 (The More I Love). My bet is the most popular song is likely to be considered for the next music video nomination.

No, I didn’t publish this song coz it’s taking the lead. I’m just publishing it as part of the Retrospect II lyrics rally, but if you want to response what’s your favorite among the songs in this album, do response! I’ll pass the message 🙂 The voting is taking place from today til May 31st.

너는 하얗다    =You are pure <white>=

Composed by Jeong Dong-Ha, Lyrics written by Kim Tae-Won


항상 비어있는 가방을 들고 (always carry an empty bag)

그 어딘가를 흘로 걷고 (walking alone to that somewhere)

내 옆에 서 있는 함꼐 걷던 넌 (standing next to me, you walked together with me)

추억 속에 머무르고 (stay there in my memory)


항상 그런 거지 늘 그래왔지 (it’s always like that, always like that up to now)

난 사랑들이 이뤄질 즈음 (I, about the time love was coming to realization)

항상 바라봤지 떠나간 곳을 (always observed, the place they depart to)

그 이유조차 나도 모른 채 (without even knowing the reason)


같은 길을 같은 곳을 (the same street, the same place)

서로가 다른 시간에 지나치고 (we pass each other at different times)

너와 같이 걷던 길을 (the street I walked with you)

나 홀로 언제부턴지도 모른 채 (I by myself, I don’t know since when)

내가 가는 거지 (I walk that street)


Boohwal had just opened their new office and cafe, and I went there this Saturday. Just wanted to feel the atmosphere, but I found more to it than a cafe atmosphere. The full team was there, and I wasn’t prepared to meet them. Prepared? Yes, I need preparation.. -_-; (I hate myself, really). Anyway, my friends know me as .. well, not exactly fearless, but I ain’t shy or act stupid.. but apparently I do, in front of them.. So I couldn’t approach anyone, although some members who recognized me did say hi (thank you! ).. (I really hate myself right now)

So, I reminded myself to the lyrics of this song, OZ, which says “겁 많은 사자” (a fearful lion). ㅎㅎ So, here we go ^^

Follows is “OZ”,  lyrics by 서재혁 & 정동하, composed by 서재혁, the person I fear the most among any Boohwal members, for I fear I might act stupid in front of him, which I evidently do.. -_-;

눈이 먼 도로시 겁이 많은 사자 (in a far-away road, a fearful lion)
예상할수 없는 세상 (an un-imaginable world)
어느 한사람 사라진다 해도 (even if one person was gone)
세상은 돌아가겠지 (the world will keep on going)
그누구도 원하지 않았던 (that thing that no body wanted)
과거로 가는 타임머신 (a time machine to turn back time)
지금 이순간 뭔갈 원한다면 (now, at this moment, if you want something)
Change yourself!!
I got a rainbow!
세상을 향해 외쳐 (scream it to the world)
I got a rainbow!
나를 속일순 없어 (you can’t fool me)
Over the rainbow!
이제는 너를 던져 (this time I’ll throw you)
I got a rainbow!
지금 이순간 네겐 생각은 필요없어 (now, at this moment, I don’t need to think)
나를 깨우는 자명종 소리에 (the sound of the alarm that woke me up)
다시 시작되는 Cycle (a cycle that’s restarting again)
그누구 하나 사라진다 해도 (even if one person was gone)
세상은 돌아가겠지 (the world will keep on going)
어느새인가 기억속에 묻힌 (I don’t know when was it locked into my memories)
작아져만 가는 Rainbow (the rainbow that’s only becoming smaller)
지금 이순간 뭔갈 원한다면 (now, at this moment, if you want something)
Change yourself!!
달콤한 너의 말들.. (your sweet words)
날 유혹하는 눈빛.. (your eyes that seduced me)
그곳에 난 없어.. (I’m not there)
그곳에 난 없어!!! (I’m not there)
날 현혹시키던 너의 환상의 Deception (your deceptive illusion that dazzled me)
그곳에 난 없어 Say! Change myself!! (I’m not there Say! Change myself!)
I got a rainbow!
세상을 향해 외쳐
I got a rainbow!
나를 속일순 없어
Over the rainbow!
이제는 너를 던져
I got a rainbow!
지금 이순간 네겐
I got a rainbow!
I wanna rainbow
I got a rainbow!
I got a rainbow in my soul
Over the rainbow!
I wanna rainbow
I got a rainbow!
I got a rainbow in my soul~

Want more? Here’s one along with a discussion with the composer/writer..^^ (I’ll provide translation later if requested) (this is a radio talk-show, you won’t see any video)

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