Boohwal in Let’s Rock Festival

My first Boohwal concert ever since I’m working. And sadly, likely to be my only Boohwal concert in October. I can’t believe that I can’t see them as often as I used to, since they are mainly the reason I want to prolong my stay in Korea, and the only way to do that is to work here – and that’s exactly what I do and forbid me to see them as often.. -_-

Anyways.. I guess I’m still lucky for being able to see them still~ the energy I got from yesterday should keep me going for at least a month!! >_<

So, Let’s Rock Festival. Me and my newly-recruited Boohwal-fan friend got there at around 1 pm. Up until 2 pm, we managed to get to the second line from the stage. Boohwal showed up at 3 pm when I was cleaning my glasses (man it was raining again!!).

I’m quite sure JH looked my direction once when I waved at him, and gave a really bright smile ^^

As usual, they started with “The Elephant Escapes” (Gabriel’s Oboe), continued with “Lonely Night”, “Because I Love You”, “Someday”, and “Never Ending Story.”



Credits to 나는달린다님

They look tired, what with the extremely tight schedule awaiting from them after the LA concert only a week ago.. but as usual, they were having a good time~^^

Credits to 나는 달린다님


As I said, it was raining and thus pretty cold. Me and my friend were not interested in watching other bands’ performances so we stepped out after Boohwal’s stage and went to the side of the stage to catch them leaving.

Credits to 동굴동굴님

Tae-Won Oppa came out first, and then Jemin Oppa. And then Dongha and Jae-Hyuck Oppa’s. The latter waved to the waiting fans~

Credits to 동굴동굴님

And off they went to Incheon, coz they’ll be appearing in another festival starting from 7 pm. Me and my friend grabbed easy lunch and left the spot~~ Till our next adventure! ^-^

(actually, “easy” was an under-statement coz we had to have lunch in the rain. So we stepped out the concert area and sat on the floor below some park hoots-kinda thingy… :p)




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