[Music Video] Donghwa “동화”

Finally, the music video of “Assimilation” (동회)~

Find the lyrics and translation here (click)! 🙂

Choi Hwa-Jeong SBS Power Time (최화정의 파워 타임 생방송)

Boohwal has a live radio recording schedule today, on SBS Power Radio starting 1 pm. I actually forgot about this schedule, but somehow I find my self with a bit of free time from 1 to 3 pm, so I’m right now om a public PC room, checking the live radio broadcast on the internet (which is from 1 to 2, but I only catched it from 1.32).

I missed the first half of the broadcast, and the first voice I heard as soon as I logged in was of Seo Jae-Hyuck ^^ Oh, it’s been soooo long since I ran to places just to get good access to radio broadcast. And it’s even better that this is a visual-radio broadcast, and LIVE!!! DH is wearing a black T-shirt with colorful pattern in front, JH is wearing the lovely white shirt that just suit him *perfectly*, JM is wearing a pink shirt and a brown hat, and TW wearing a pink shirt and a plain pale blue jacket.

They were talking about how Kim Tae-Won started to become very much known lately, and also about each members’ body management. (Kim Tae-Won is lately trying to get Chae Jemin on diet.) Jeong Dong-Ha said that he doesn’t easily gain weight, so he doesn’t have a special diet. And talking about body parts, one cannot miss Seo Jae-Hyuck’s sexiest (^^) body part, his thigh~ hoho

They were betting that his thigh would pass 24 inches, and if more than 5500 comments uploaded in Gorilla homepage during the broadcast, they will measure his thight and show the picture… ㅎㅎ

And the result was….. 63 cm… over 25 inches… ^^;;

Erm.. and then, since Boohwal is currently promoting their second title song from Retrospect II, “Donghwa” (Assimilation), there was a bit of talks about it. The song was almost not inserted in the album. Kim Tae-Won just wrote it last year when he was hospitalized for his body gotten really weak after quitting drinking. Boohwal’s manager accidentally heard the song from Kim Tae-Won’s cassette tape and told Seo Jae-Hyuck about it. That’s how Donghwa came to be inserted in the album, all thanks to the manager.

One point question that I caught was about Boohwal members’ ideal woman (if we take samples from several Korean artists).

JH: A woman with round face (I got round face :p) like Choi Hwa-Jeong (최화정). But she said she’s the MC, so he’s gotta pick someone else, so he picked Han Ye-Sul (한예술).

DH: A woman like Jaurim’s vocal (자우림), one with charisma, also attractive.

TW: 수애 (Soo-Ae) from the actress world, 장나라 (Jang Nara) among the singers, 진보라 (Jin Bora) among pianists.

JM: 신민아 (Shin Min-A).

And then, Jeong Dong-Ha sang “사랑할수록” (The More I Love) live.

And they talked about Jeong Dong-Ha’s contract, confirming that he has renewed his contract for another 5 years. And Jeong Dong-Ha said (again~ love him! ^^) that he wants to grow old with Boohwal 🙂

And… that’s all I have summed up.. Boohwal left the scene, giving Choi Hwa-Jeong a gift. A soap from Donghwa’s preview last Thursday~ (I also got one, well, actually I got TWO! 😀 )

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