Boohwal Collaboration Project +1 [Secret]

Yes, as I and many hard-core fans have predicted, the first partner in Boohwal’s Collaboration Project was Park Wan-Kyu (박완규). You shouldn’t be unfamiliar with him, since he was Boohwal’s vocalist for the 5th album. “Lonely Night,” was a song inserted in that album, that Kim Tae-Won specially made to match his voice. He literally owns the song with his high pitch voice and strong shouting~ This song, “Secret” (비밀) obviously is made for Park Wan-Kyu, too.

Check out this link to listen to other songs by Park Wan-Gyu.

The song “Secret” was officially released today, and you could buy the digital single through THIS LINK.
Or through I-Tunes (click here)~ ^^

비밀 (Secret)

빈 의자와 마주앉아서, 가끔 나 혼자서 말을 하고
Sitting across an empty chair, sometimes I speak by myself
언제부턴가 나도 모르는 사이, 자꾸 뒤돌아보게 되고
I don’t know when it started, I often look back

비밀처럼 계절이 흘러, 상처 들이 아물어 가면
Seasons changed like a secret, wounds heal

설레이던 너는 설레이던 너는, 한편의 시가 되고
Fluttered you, fluttered you, becomes a poem

너무나 보고싶어서 보고싶어져서, 가끔씩은 두눈을 감곤 해
I miss you so much, I come to miss you, sometimes I’d close both my eyes
너와 나 사랑을 하던 날들과 헤어지던 날을, 난 간직하게 돼
The days when you and I loved each other, the day when we broke up, became a memory

너무나 그리워져서 너무 그리워서, 너의 이름을 홀로 부르곤 해
I long for you, I long for you, your name like flows to my lips for me to call
너무 사랑해서 너무 사랑해서, 넌 내 안에 늘 있나봐~ 있나봐
I loved you so much, loved you so much, seems like you’re always inside of me~ you’re there

Expect the second Collaboration Project coming out this February! ~ ^^

Ow, and needless to say, the song is composed and written by Kim Tae-Won~ 🙂

[Preview] Boohwal Collaboration Project ‘ + [pl ʌs]’ / +1

It’s a big news that all Boohwal fans in Korea have been fussing about the past one week. It seems that Boohwal is preparing a collaboration project they call “Secret” (비밀). The first part of this project is scheduled to be released tomorrow, on January 17th – according to Boohwal Entertainment. A preview of the first collaboration project is provided in a 40 seconds video below.

In line with the title of the project, “Secret,” Boohwal Entertainment have yet to disclose who the vocal in this video is – clear to anyone with fine hearing, it’s not the voice of Jeong Dongha, Boohwal’s current vocalist. (I have 96% confidence I know who the vocal is but I prefer not to stain this post by my subjective opinion ^^)

Now, the reason I’ve been so late in posting this song despite I’ve heard about like 3 hours after Boohwal Entertainment released the preview, is because of the vocal. It has caused quite a racket among fans who speculate whether Boohwal have admitted a new vocalist – which is NOT the case!! Please note that Jeong Dongha’s contract was renewed with Boohwal just last year, so he’s not going anywhere for at least 4 more peaceful years~ ^^

The second part of this collaboration project is scheduled to come this coming February, and you can expect Boohwal to come back in full formation, including Jeong Dong-Ha~ 🙂 But I’ll keep the details for my next post~ stay tune! ^^

Have a great weekend, and can’t wait for the full version of this song comes out tomorrow~~~ 😉

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