Ajou University Festival

Spring in Korea means, university festivals. University festival means, artists coming to campus! Yes, Boohwal was in Ajou University, Suwon last night! ^ㅇ^ I took 40 minutes subway ride followed by an hour bus ride (it used to be half an hour, the traffic was really crazzzy!!) to get there. Arrived at 6, had dinner, and head to the stadium where the stage was suppose to be at, but they moved it to the gymnasium becoz of the rain. So!

Luckily I met some other fans, coz my friend (who attends Ajou) was really sleepy and she slept on the chair next to me while Ajou University students perform their.. talents^^

Boohwal showed up at sometime around 10 pm’ish, and they perform for nearly an hour until 11 pm. They started with 코끼리 탈출하다, followed with Lonely Night. They sang among others 사랑이란건, Never Ending Story, Someday (love it!), and closed with 비와 당신의 이야기. (Yes, I’ll review each of these songs once I have the time to^^)

I took the first picture during the opening, which was instrumental, so Dongha Oppa wasn’t out yet. My camera ran out of battery (yeah, smart eh!) in the middle of the concert, and it ain’t the best camera one could have… so bear with the quality!^^

I can’t be happier coz I met them for the 6th time, even though I couldn’t talk with them this time. Gotta run to catch the last train back to Seoul ㅠㅠ but I’m happy!^^ I’m gonna see them perform this Friday again anyways 🙂

Ow, well, if you happen to be in Seoul today, stop by the “Rolling Hall” in Hongdae. Boohwal, together with Baekdusan, H2O and more lines of Korea’s best rock bands are performing there at 7pm tonight. The entrance is for free, but you are expected to voluntarily donate some money to help the victims and the family of the navy ship that sinks in Korea sometime ago. (I was thinking of going, but it feels morally wrong to go see them while this is a concert for a good cause – that, and I’m running out of cash… -_-;)

I’ll post something if the newspaper publish the story tomorrow tho!^^

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