TBS Concert in Dream Forest

September 4th, 2010. My last concert as a “free soul” since I’m starting something new from next week.^^

Thanks to TBS, I got to see two concerts where they invite Boohwal two weeks in a row. The first one was “Happy Concert” on Aug 28th (sorry I don’t write any review on that^^;)

The spot is the Northern part of Seoul called the Dream Forest (북서울 꿈의 숲), just 15 minutes away from my place. This is the nearest I ever had to travel to watch Boohwal’s live stage. Which is of course, beyond awesome. Hoping to catch their rehearsal/sound check, I left home sometime before 4 pm despite the concert only began at 7 pm.

It’s a really nice place, and I had more than 30 minutes before Boohwal오빠들 made it into the scene 🙂

The rehearsal/sound check was the only time I got to see drummer Chae Jemin, for from where I sat in the front row he was perfectly covered by one of the beam lights…



They only did the sound check for less than 30 minutes.. and the staff didn’t allow us to get closer, though they promised the front row ^-^

Boohwal came out 4th, I so wanted to leave after their stage, but couldn’t coz they and their fans would look bad, plus I was in the front row thus the stuff would be really annoyed. Thus I stayed. They opened with Gabriel’s Oboe and Lonely Night, as usual. Followed with Donghwa (동화), The More I Love (사랑할수록), Never Ending Story, and ended with “Because I Love You” (사랑해서 사랑해서).

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