This is a special posting, for several reasons:

1. This is exactly my 100th post since I first started this blog (YeY! ^ㅇ^)

2. You can hear all Boohwal members’ voices on this particular post! ^_^

As most of you would have already known, Kim Tae-Won is appearing in a variety show called Men’s Qualification: 101 things to do before you die (남자의 자격) and in this show they perform different missions every week. The mission this time, is to join (make) a choir. The members, of course, has got to be more than the 7 guys in 남자의 자격. So they held an audition to select the remaining 23 members of the choir, and guess what? All Boohwal members showed up for the audition! ^_^

Ow, the video is my own making, in order to avoid any forms of property rights infringements. So just enjoy their beautiful voice and songs~ 🙂

Ow, please note that the audition is for a choir, so it’s to see who’s voice match best with the 7 original members. It’s not to see who sings best..


In the same order as their audition, the first to come is bassist 재혁, singing “10월의 어느 멋진날에” (Serenade to Spring) (originally sang by 김동규). The first time I and I believe most fans had ever heard him sing, lovely~ ^-^


창밖에 앉은 바람 한 점에도
사랑은 가득한걸
널 만난 세상 더는 소원 없어
바램은 죄가 될 테니까


.Second, the drummer 채제민, singing “가리워진 길 (originally sang by 유재하). Note that he had always sang this song for the solo performance in Boohwal’s concert when his shoulder was still hurt and he couldn’t perform solo drum~^^

보일듯 말듯 가물거리는 안개속에 쌓인 길
이리로 가나 저리로 갈가 아득하기만 한데

그대여 힘이 되주오
나에게 주어진 길 찾을 수 있도록




Third, and lastly, vocalist 정동하 singin Aladin’s theme “A Whole New World” (Nick Pitera). Well. we all know he can sing, do we? ^^

I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we are only dreaming

A whole new world


Well, since guitarist 김태원 is already in the 남자의 자격 team, he didn’t have to take the audition. Actually, there was some kind of test to group the members to soprano, alto, etc, but I missed recording it, and 김태원 didn’t sing a full song anyway.


So, instead, to complete this post, I’m presenting you the recording from MNet The Pub final shooting (which I went to). Sorry the song is cut in the middle, there’s something wrong with my movie maker.

Guitarist 김태원 and pianist 진보라, performing Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” (Led Zeppelin)

Babe, baby, baby, I’m Gonna Leave You.
I said baby, you know I’m gonna leave you
I’m gonna leave you when the summertime,
Leave you when the summer comes rollin’
Leave you when the summer comes along

Babe, babe, baby, baby, I don’t wanna leave you
I ain’t jokin’ woman, I got to ramble
O, yeah, baby, baby, I’m gonna leave you


사랑해서 사랑해서 (Because I Love You, because I love you)

This is the song composed and written by Kim Tae-Won for Namja ui Jagyeok (남자의 자격). Lyrics and translation.

사랑해서 사랑해서
(because I love you, because I love you)


늘 거리를 혼자 걸었지 (I always walked the street alone)
곁에 누군가 있는 것처럼 (as if there’s someone next to me)
너무 오래된 기억이지만 (It’s an old memory, but)
항상 너에게 난 위로였어 (I was always a consolation for you)

늘 아픔을 숨겨왔었지 ~~ (우우) (I’d always hidden my pains…)
항상 내 곁에 있는 거라고 (you were always by my side)
너무 힘겨워 지쳐갈 쯤은 (when I’m getting exhausted for it is so hard)
다른 사랑이 다가온다는 (another love comes approaching)

다시 사랑을 하겠지 (I’ll love again, wouldn’t I)
많은 이별을 했기에 (coz I’ve been through many goodbyes)
한걸음 한걸음 (one step, one step)
힘겨운 시간이겠지만  (it’s gonna be a difficult time, but..)

이제 사랑이 오겠지 (Now love would come)
홀로 힘겨워 했기에 (coz I’d been so exhausted by myself)
한번더 한번더 (one more time, one more time)
사랑을 기다리는 날에  (the day when I wait for love)

늘 아픔을 숨겨왔었지 ~~ (우우) (I’d always hidden my pains…)
항상 내 곁에 있는 것처럼 (as if you were always beside me)
너무 힘들어 지쳐갈 쯤은 (when I’m getting exhausted for it is so hard)
다른 사랑이 다가온다는 (another love comes approaching)

*Note: This is not Boohwal’s song. Boohwal members were involved in training this amateur band. This song was brought on stage for the first time on the final day of Boohwal’s Wonderful Days concert, March 21st 2010. (Aired last Sunday on Namja ui Jagyeok – May 23rd 2010.)

Composed and Written by Kim Tae-Won (김태원)
Drum: Lee Yoon-Seok (이윤석)
Bass: Lee Jung-Jin (이정진)
Guitar: Kim Kuk-Jin (김국진) and Lee Gyeong-Gyu (이경규)
Piano: Yoon Hyeong-Bin (윤형빈)
Vocal: Kim Sung-Min (김성민)

However, Boohwal did play the song exactly once when they were invited to 남자의 자격 to teach the band.

Watch Boohwal’s version of the song here.

*Second note: when my viewers reach 2000, I will send either the full version of this song by “Namja ui Jagyeok band” or Jeong Dong-Ha’s version of this song (very short, when he coached Kim Sung-Min to sing) to my subscribers 🙂

Wonderful Days 21.03.2010 (Day 8-Final)

The concert started at 5pm and ended a little bit before 8pm. With other fans, I was waiting by the exit… And they showed up from a totally different direction. I got to meet 재혁오빠 and 제민오빠 though.. ^^ I’m really happy to meet them, but really hate my-speechless-self in front of them T_T (Sorry, you might not be interested, but I need to express my feelings, and I’m really not in the mood to write in my personal blog..) It feels so anti-climax that the concert is over now.. 😦

Anyway, I spent most of the concert singing along and taking pictures of 재혁오빠. My seat was right in front of him this time, a little at the back but just the right position to take great shots if it weren’t for the microphone.

I have more than 600 pictures right now but I can’t upload all of them at once so I’ll just upload one picture of every member.. I might open a separate member profile categories (or at least 서재혁 category) considering the tons of pictures of him I have.. ^^;;

The performance was opened by 남자의 자격 (A variety show where 태원오빠 also takes part in) performance singing the song written and composed by 태원오빠. 이윤석 (Lee Yoon-Seok) plays the drum, 김국진 (Kim Kuk-Jin) plays the lead-guitar, 이경규 (Lee Gyeong-Gyu) plays the second-guitar, 이정진 (Lee Jung-Jin) plays the bass, 윤형빈 (Yun Hyung-Bin) plays the piano, and 김성민 (Kim Sung-Min) was the vocalist. 태원오빠, being professional musician didn’t join the band but he created the song for them instead.

Above (left to right): 이경규, 이정진, 이윤석 (윤형빈 uncaptured)

Above: 이윤석, 김성민, 김국진

And, the concert begins..

It was rather difficult to get a close up on 태원오빠 from my side.. although I must admit I was trying to get a duo of him and 재혁오빠 ^^..

Okay.. I’ll give you 2 encores since that’s how Boohwal works ^_^

Laughing 재혁오빠 ^_^

Duo 재혁오빠 and 태원오빠. This one is not to my credit. It’s really hard to capture the movement with my (suck) camera 😛

Don’t forget to get the album on 24th this Wednesday! ^_^

I’ll post the title song as soon as they’re officially released. (Yes, I have the album already 😉

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