[OST] The Only Road

A new song released today, “The Only Road” is part of the OST of a new SBS Drama “Musa Baekdongsu”. The song is written and composed by Kim Tae Won, arranged by Seo Jae-Hyuck, and sung by Boohwal. Download through bugs here~

The Only Road
                       by Boohwal 

하나의 기억과 하나의 이름으로 (with one memory and one name)
그 모든 걸 이겨낼 수 있었다고 (I can win everything)
사랑할 수 없어서 수없이 그리워해서 (because I can’t love, missing it many times)

차가웠던 기억뿐이야 (only a cold memory)
누군 갈 사랑해 본적이 없고 (I never loved anyone before)
언제나 홀로 서 있어 온 거야 (I had always been alone)
이제 아프지 않기 위해서 (Now, in order not to be hurt)

먼 길을 떠나가고 있는 중이야 (I’m leaving for a long road)
누군가 내 곁을 스쳐 지나고 (people pass by me)
낯익은 얼굴이 다가올 때면 (if a familiar face comes closer)
난 머나먼 하늘을 바라봤어 (I look at the faraway sky)

하나의 기억과 하나의 이름으로 (with one memory and one name)
그 모든 걸 이겨낼 수 있었다고 (I can win everything)
사랑할 수 없어서 수없이 그리워해서 (because I can’t love, missing it many times)
세상 끝에 내가 서 있는 이유 (the reason I’m standing at the end of the world)

먼 길을 떠나가고 있는 중이야 (I’m leaving for a long road)
누군가 내 곁을 스쳐 지나고 (people pass by me)
낯익은 얼굴이 다가올 때면 (if a familiar face comes closer)
난 머나먼 하늘을 바라봤어 (I look at the faraway sky)

하나의 기억과 하나의 이름으로 (with one memory and one name)
그 모든 걸 이겨낼 수 있었다고 (I can win everything)
사랑할 수 없어서 수없이 그리워해서 (because I can’t love, missing it many times)
세상 끝에 내가 서 
있어온 거야 (I’m standing at the end of the world)

널 바라보던 나와 날 바라보던 너를 (me looking at you, and you looking at me)
그토록 오래도록 상상을 하고 (I imagined it all this time)
사랑할 수 있다고 그럴 수 있을 거라고 (I know I can love)
내가 길을 떠나가는 이유 (the reason I departed on this road)

하나의 기억과 하나의 이름으로 (with one memory and one name)
그 모든 걸 이겨낼 수 있었다고 (I can win everything)
사랑할 수 없어서 수없이 그리워해서 (because I can’t love, missing it many times)
세상 끝에 내가 서 있는 이유 (the reason I’m standing at the end of the world)


[Interview] 행복한 27년 차 록그룹, 부활

I really didn’t have d time to even read this interview when it was published last May. I’ll start translating bit by bit… be patient~ ^^ The interview was published 2 May 2011. Say thank you after reading please~ 🙂

‘산전수전’ 이라는  말이 이들처럼 맞아 떨어지는 그룹이 또 있을까. ‘디엔드(The End)로 시작해 1985년  ‘부활’로 이름을 바꾼 이 그룹은 그 이름처럼 절망적인 ‘끝’과 찬란한 ‘부활’을 끊임없이 겪으며 27년을 보냈다. 

There’s probably no other group that fits the expression “have gone through all sorts of hardships” as Boohwal. Changing their name from “The End” to Boohwal (“Resurrection”) in 1985, they’re spent 27 years living by the name, nearing “end” to brilliantly “resurrect” again.

원년 멤버 기타리스트 김태원 27년, 드러머 채제민, 베이시스트 서재혁 12년, 부활의 아홉 번째 보컬 정동하 7년. 이 짧지 않은 시간 동안 네 사람은 ‘부활’이라는 이름으로 함께 하며 세상의 무관심이라는 쓴 맛과 대중의 환호라는 환희를 함께 맞이하고 보내왔다. 

Original member guitarist Kim Tae Won – 27 years, drummer Chae Je Min and bassist Seo Jae Hyuck – 12 years, Boohwal’s 9th vocalist Jeong Dong Ha – 7 years. The four of them come together as “Boohwal”, having a taste of un-interested public at one moment and splendid attention at another.

2002년 ‘네버엔딩스토리’ 이후 다시 대중의 시야에서 멀어지고 있던 이들은 김태원의 ‘국민할매’ 등극과 함께 다시 절정과도 같은 부활을 맞이하고 있었다. 

Following “Never Ending Story”‘s success in 2002, Boohwal went further from public’s attention once again, but following Kim Tae W0n’s activity in entertainment programmes as “National Grandma” they start to see a new peak.

“모든 멤버들이 강행군을 이어오고 있어요. 태원이 형의 예능 활동을 통해 알려 졌다는 건 부인할 수 없는 사실이고, 바쁜 와중에도 태원형은 음반, 공연 등을 계속해서 이어오고 있죠. 그러다 아프기도 했고 위대한 탄생에 멘토로 활약하시니까 더 사랑을 받더라고요. 이상하게 짠 것처럼. 요즘처럼 내일이 기대된 적은 없었던 거 같아요.”(서재혁) 

Seo Jae Hyuck: “All members are working on a tight schedule now. It’s an undeniable fact that Boohwal’s gotten more publicized through Tae Won Hyeong’s activities in variety show; despite he’s busy schedule, Tae Won Hyeong keeps working on our album and concerts. He got sick a few times, but through “The Great Birth” Audition he receives even more attention from the public. It’s as if all were planned. I can’t remember other time when we’re so full of expectations about what might come our way tomorrow.”

한 방송사 음악프로그램 대기실. 리허설 중간 잠깐 짬을 내 만나 자칫 어수선해지기 쉬운 분위기를 잡아주는 건 부활의 베이시스트 서재혁이다. 부활엔터테인먼트 대표직을 겸하고 있는 그에게 김태원은 “부활의 두뇌, 부활로서 최초의 어떤 스타일을 지난 사람”이라고 말한다.

채제민은 가장 무서운(?) 외모이지만 가장 여린 감성을 지닌 드러머임이 대화 중 밝혀졌고, 정동하는 형들의 대화에 조용히 듣다가 “태원형이 술 마실 때보다 끊은 지금 기타를 훨씬 잘 연주하신다”라고 말해 김태원을 웃게 만드는 의외의 인물. 부활의 음악을 더 잘 이해하기 위해 짧지만 강렬한 개별 인터뷰를 시도했다.


KIM TAE WON ♣ 김태원 

예능에서 어록이라 할 만큼 촌철살인의 말들이 화제가 되고 있습니다. 비결이 있나요.
어록을 해야지 생각을 하고 말을 하면 이미 순수성을 잃는 겁니다. 단 한글자라도 준비한 멘트는 없어요. 계산된 것에는 에너지가 없습니다. 상황을 정확하게 감지하고 제 마음을 담으면 그게 어록이 될 수는 있겠죠.

[Your witty remarks in entertainment programmes are often quoted. What’s your secret?]

I wouldn’t have been genuine if I made my remarks wanting people to quote it. I never prepared any of my remarks. I don’t have the energy to calculate everything. I sense the situation perfectly and simply make my remarks.

과거엔 완벽주의적인 성격 때문에 주위 사람들이 어려워했다는 말을 들었는데요.
옛날에 까칠함을 자랑하는 나이였고, 지금은 까칠함을 숨기는 나이가 됐죠.

[I heard you used to be a perfectionist the people around you find you difficult to deal with.]

I was at the age proud of my haggardness, now I’m at the age to hide it. 

남자의자격 멤버들과 부활 멤버들을 생각할 때 혹시 차이가 있거나 다른 점이 있나요.
둘이 정확히 같습니다. ‘남자의 자격’도 대본이 없거든요. 녹화하는 과정에서 누가 부족하면 누군가 채워줍니다. 부활이 무대에서 라이브를 할 때 무언가가 부족하면 즉흥적으로 다른 누군가가 채웁니다. 같은 겁니다.

[When you think of “Qualifications of Men”‘s members and Boohwal members, is there any difference?]

Both are exactly the same (for me). There’s also no script for “Qualifications of Men”. If somebody’s “lacking” during the recording, somebody else fill in. The same as Boohwal in live concerts, we improvise to complement each other. It’s the same. 

27년간 부활을 이끌고 있습니다. 김태원에게 부활은, 그리고 팬은 어떤 의미입니까.
종교는 전도를 한다고 하죠. 우리는 음악을 전합니다. 27년 간 굉장히 부족한 모습도 보여드리고 잘하는 모습도 보여드렸어요. 평범한 사람인 우리 이야기를 27년 동안 적어왔다고 생각하시면 됩니다. 우리는 넷이서 뭉쳐 있었고, 그 넷의 이름이 부활이었죠. 팬은, 그림으로 치자면 도화지에요. 물감으로 칠을 해야 하는데 도화지가 없으면 그릴 때가 없잖아요. 팬들이 우릴 외면하면 우린 노래할 데가 없어지는 겁니다.

[You’ve brought Boohwal for 27 years. For Kim Tae Won, what does Boohwal, and what does your fan means to you?]

In a religion, they do “mission” (to deliver the message) do they. We deliver music. In 27 years, we’ve shown deficiency, we’ve also shown good performances. You can say we’ve written down our stories for 27 years now. The four of us come together, as Boohwal. Fans, are like drawing paper. When we’re drawing with watercolor, we can’t work without a drawing paper. If fans look the other way, we’d have no place to sing. 

멤버들의 한 마디.
서재혁: 하고 싶은 말은 그때 그때 달라요. CF를 많이 찍을 때는 같이 좀 찍었으면 하고요(일동 폭소). 살면서 자기 주위 사람들을 감동시키는 게 가장 어려운 일이잖아요. 오래 함께 하면서 실제 영향 받고 감동하고 존경하는 분이에요.

Seo Jae-Hyuck: “At different times, I’ve different things I’d like to say. I wish we can do commercials together when you do (laugh). It’s a difficult thing to touch the emotion of the people around you, isn’t it. From the years we’ve spent together, he’s a person I’ve gotten lots of influence from and I respect for the way he touches my heart.”


the only member who comes back in after leaving Boohwal

1999년 부활에 처음 합류하셨어요. 중간에 한번 탈퇴하고 다시 합류하셨습니다.
제 의지였다기 보단… 또 다른 의리 때문에 나가게 된 거였어요. 다시 돌아온 후로 제 의지로 나갈 일은 없을 거라고 생각했죠. 그런데 다시 합류한 뒤로도 부활이 잘 될 때보다 안 될 때가 훨씬 많았어요. 그런데도 버틸 수 있었던 건 신뢰 하나였던 것 같아요.

[You joined Boohwal for the first time in 1999. But you stepped out and came back again.]

It wasn’t intentional… I had to leave for another loyalty. After coming back, I thought I’d never leave Boohwal ever again by my intention. But Boohwal was often not very successful most times after I came back. I think it was my trust that kept me holding on. 

김태원: 가장 확실한 건, 부활 역사상 나갔다 들어온 멤버는 이 친구가 최초란 겁니다(일동 폭소) 들어 오려고 하지도 않았을뿐더러 받아주지도 않았겠죠. 이 친구와 저와는 보이지 않는 뭔가가 있는 겁니다

Kim Tae Won: For certain, he was the first member in Boohwal history to come back after leaving the band (laugh) There’s some chemistry between me and him. He didn’t have to say anything when he joined back, thus I was also not in any position to take him back.

외모로만 보면 부활에서 가장 터프하고 강해보어요.
부활에서 제일 마음 여리고 갈팡질팡 하는 사람이 접니다(웃음). 성격적으로 가장 강인한 사람은 태원 형이에요. 외유내강의 표본이시죠. 재혁이도 심지가 곧고 동하도 추진력이 있어요. 가장 닮고 싶은 사람이라면….정동하의 얼굴. (일동 폭소)

[Judging from appearance, you seem to be the toughest and the strongest among Boohwal members.]

Among Boohwal members, I’m the most sentimental and wandering. The person with the strongest personality is Tae Won Hyeong. He’s a baseline of a person who looks gentle in appearance, but tough inside. Jae Hyuck is also straight up, and Dongha is pro-active. 

채제민씨에게 부활은 어떤 의미인가요.
가족이에요. 싸워도 가족은 어찌됐든 서로 의지하잖아요. 부활은 가족이라고 생각하고 앞으로도 갈겁니다.

[What does Boohwal mean to you?]

It’s my family. No matter how they fight, family depends on each other. I think of Boohwal as my family, and that’s how it’ll always be. 

멤버들의 한 마디.
김태원: 드럼에선 우리나라에서 베스트인 사람이고, 자기 영역을 확실하게 지켜내는 것에 박수를 보냅니다. 

Kim Tae Won: He’s the best drummer in our country, I applaud him for certainly protecting (building) his area of expertise.


2005년 오디션을 보고 합류하셨습니다.
힘든 시간이 있었지만 지금은 좋아요. 앨범을 내도 나왔는지도 모르게 사라지는 시기잖아요. 지금은 태원형의 활약 덕분에 공연장에 관객분들이 많이 찾아주시고, 앨범을 내면 들어주고. 예전보다는 굉장히 따뜻한 상황이 된 것 같아요. 정말 행복하죠.

[You joined Boohwal in 2005 through an audition.]

It was a difficult time back then, but it’s all good now. It was the time when the album just disappeared even without anybody knowing (there’s low public attention). Thanks to Tae Won Hyeong activities now, a lot of people come to our concerts, listen to to our albums. It’s became a lot warmer compared to that time. I’m really happy. 

부활 보컬로 참여할 때 부담이 컸을 것 같아요.
처음엔 부담스러웠어요. 내가 참여한 앨범을 들고 나왔을 때 부활 팬들이 어떤 반응을 보일까 궁금하고 걱정도 많이 했어요. 잠도 설치고 그랬죠. 딱 (앨범이) 나왔는데 사람들이 별로 관심이 없더라고요(웃음). 누가 들어오든 말든. 그래서 상처도 받고.. 부활이 다시 조명 받고 관심을 받으면서 예전 부활 보컬 선배님들과 비교도 하고 비판도 하세요. 굉장히 좋은 자극이 돼요.

[It was probably a big burden when you first joined Boohwal]

It was at first. When I carried the album I participated in, I wandered and worried a lot about the reaction Boohwal fans would have. Many sleepless nights. When the album first came out, there was no response (laugh). I was hurt.. As Boohwal gets more spotlight once again and receive more public attention, some compare with Boohwal’s previous vocalists and also criticize. It all becomes a positive stimulus for me. 

부활 아홉 번째 보컬이신데, 최초로 재계약을 한 보컬이시죠. 가장 오랜 활동한 보컬이기도 하고요.
예전엔 계약서 자체가 없었어요. 지난 보컬 선배님들도 그랬고요. 이번엔 서로 열심히 하자라는 뜻에서 했는데 계약서가 지금 어디 있는지도 몰라요. 계약서 자체가 중요한 건 아닌 것 같아요.

[You joined as the 9th vocalist in Boohwal history, but were the first vocal to renew contract. You’re also the longest vocalist who stayed in Boohwal.]

There was not even a contract before. That’s how it was with previous vocalists as well. We made the contract just to re-instate the commitment to Boohwal. I don’t even know where the contract is now. I don’t think the contract itself is important.

소년같이 순수하고 차분한 이미지로 여성팬이 많이 생겼습니다. 실제 성격도 그런가요?
어려서부터 혼자 있는 시간이 많았어요 이사를 많이 다니고 전학을 많이 다니다 보니까 사람들과 친해지는 게 어려웠거든요. 가족과는 하루종일 세 마디 이상 넘은 적이 없을 정도였어요. 그러다 사람들을 만나니 너무 따뜻한 거에요. 그게 기쁘고, 저도 영향을 받아서…보이는 모습 그대로죠(웃음).

[You have a lot of female fans thanks to your innocent-ness and gentle image. In reality, how is your character?]

I spent a lot of time by myself since I was little. I moved around a lot, and moved schools too, I find it difficult to get close with people. In a day, I didn’t even talk more than 3 words with my family – it was that bad. From that situation, (through) Boohwal I come to meet people and started to feel warm. I’m happy because of that, I also receive influences from other people … I’m pretty much what you see (laugh). 

정동하씨에게 부활은.
부활과 음악, 모두가 세상과 통하는 유일한 통로.

[What is Boohwal for you?]

Boohwal and music, it’s the only channel for me to communicate with the world.

멤버들의 한 마디.
서재혁: 동하는 껍질을 깨지 않은, 소년 같은 느낌이 있었는데 지금은 남자가 돼가고 있는 것 같아요. 전엔 본인을 보여줄 수 있는 상황이 아니었는데 이제는 상황이 됐으니까, 록커로서의 모습이 분명이 있거든요. 그걸 더 보여줄 수 있었으면 하는 바람이 있어요.

Seo Jae-Hyuck: Dongha is a “pure” person, he used to felt like a “boy”, now he’s starting to become a “man”. There was not much to be shown before, but not he’s changed and developed, he obviously has this “rocker” identity. I hope he could show more of it. 


1999년에 합류하셨습니다. 계기가 무엇이었나요.
군대제대하고 당시 이오공감처럼 작곡가 한 명 보컬 한 명 컨셉트가 유행할 때 저도 뒤에 서 있는 멋있는 작곡가가 되고 싶어서 도전했어요. 데모를 만들어 돌렸는데 외모도 별로고 공대생이라 그랬는지 잘 안 됐어요. 노래 하시는 분이 유학을 가시면서 마지막 선물을 준 게 부활 오디션 기회였죠.

[You joined Boohwal in 1999. What’s the story behind it?]

After completing military service, the trending concept in music industry was like “EO-Gonggam*” – a singer and a composer work together to produce an album, at the time I also wanted to be that cool composer standing in the back so I challenged myself. I made demo tapes and send it around, well it didn’t work out – maybe I’m not good looking, maybe it wasn’t good enough coz my background was an engineering student. The singer then left to study abroad, but the last present he gave me was the chance to audition with Boohwal. 

“이오공감”(EO-Gonggam) was a duo made in 1992, the members are singer Lee Seung-Hwan (이승환) and composer Oh Tae-Ho(오태호).

중간에 합류해서 적응하는 과정은 어땠나요.
솔직히 그때는 신출내기였기 때문에 프로필이 필요했어요. 부활이 궁금하기도 했고. 사실 부활을 좋아하신 않았어요(웃음). 그래서 겁 없이 다가갈 수도 있었던 것 같아요. 그런 것들을 좋게 봐주시고 받아들여 주시고 뭔가를 할 수 있도록 해주신 거죠. 부활 음악 색과 안 맞는 부분도 있었지만 오랜 시간이 지나면서 융화 됐어요. 지금은 팀 전체를 믿고 맡겨주시는 상황이 된 거죠.

[You joined Boohwal “in the middle”, how was the process to fit in?]

Honestly, because I was a newcomer in the industry I needed a profile (experience). I was also curious about Boohwal. But honestly I wasn’t a fan (laugh). Maybe that’s why I didn’t have any fear or worries to enter. But he (Kim Tae Won) saw it positively, except it, and allowed me to do (be) something. There were parts of Boohwal music that didn’t fit with me, but I come to harmonize with them as time goes. Now I got to the point that the whole team is entrusted to me. 

부활이 계속 이어져온 힘은 무엇일까요. 

‘네버엔딩스토리’ 때 5천 명 모이던 공연장에서 콘서트를 했었어요. 그런데 이후에 300명이 모이는 공연장으로 ‘내려’ 갔죠. 하지만 그 공연을 하면서 그 동안 느끼지 못했던 공연의 즐거움을 처음 느꼈어요. 잘 되지 않더라고 하고 싶다고 생각이 들더군요. 그때부터 노력한 게 팀원 각자 개인 능력을 극대화 시키는 것. 팀에만 목숨을 걸고 있으면 결국엔 금전적인 문제 때문에 팀이 와해되잖아요. 전 개인적으로 공대를 졸업했기 때문에 다시 대학에서 음악을 전공하고, 아이들을 가르쳤어요. 드라마 영화 음악, 광고 세션에 참여하면서 팀을 계속 유지했죠. 김태원이라는 원년 멤버 구심점이 확실히 있기 때문에 멤버들이 믿고 있을 수 있었던 것도 있고. 굴곡이 있어도 유지할 힘이 됐던 거죠.

[What do you think is the strength that’s kept Boohwal until now?]

When we released “Never Ending Story”, we had a concert in a hall that fits 5,000 people. But after then, we “stepped down” to a concert hall that fits only 300 people. But in that concert, for the first time I felt this joy that I never felt in other concerts before. I realized that I want to do this regardless whether the album is successful or not. From that point on, each member worked hard to improve each skill. If we only relied on the team itself, many samples showed the team could break up because of monetary problems. Personally, since I graduated from engineering major, I went back to school to major in music and I also teach kids. I maintained the team while also participating in drama and music OST and commercial music. Because we have original member Kim Tae Won as the center of the team, there’s trust between the members and that’s how we stick together. It became the static power that keeps us together despite the ups and downs. 

회사 대표로서 멤버들을 평가한다면(웃음).
음, 일단 채제민씨는 살을 빼셔야 하고요, 동하는 태원형을 본받아서 말문이 트여야겠어요.(폭소) 태원 형님은 더 이상 할 수 없을 정도로 다양한 PR을 해주시기 때문에 더 이상 바랄 나위가 없죠.

멤버들의 한마디.
김태원: 서재혁이 부활을 움직인다고 해도 과언이 아니에요. 부활로선 최초의 스타일이고 인간입니다. 음악적으로도 마찬가지. 부활이 약간 게으른데 그 룰을 깬 멤버이기도 하죠.

Kim Tae Won: It’s not exaggerating if I say that Seo Jae-Hyuck is the person that keeps Boohwal going. He’s the first person that sets the style of Boohwal. The same as our music. When we get lazy he’d wake the other members up.  

부활을 행보는 더 분주해질 것으로 보인다. 콜라보레이션 세번째 프로젝트와 정규 앨범 13집이 올해 소개되고, 전국투어콘서트 하반기까지 이어질 예정. 멤버들이 콜라보레이션 프로젝트에 합류할 역대 보컬로는 “예상 밖의 깜짝 놀랄 인물이 될 것”이라며 궁금증을 자아낸다. 이제 다시 방송 리허설을 위해 일어나야 할 시간. 팀의 막내 정동하에게 마무리 이야기를 부탁했다. 고심하는 모습에 형들의 짓궂은 농담을 쏟아내도 꿋꿋하게 한 마디.

“사실, 비밀이나 콜라보레이션 앨범이 나왔을 때 부활 팬들이 (저에 대해) 많이 걱정하셨지만(멤버들 폭소) 결과적으로 저를 제쳐둔 게 아니거든요(일동 폭소). 모두가 반할 수 프로젝트를 지금 하고 있으니까 많은 사랑 부탁 드립니다”(정동하)

Boohwal seems to be getting only busier in the future. The third collaboration project album and Boohwal’s 13th album is scheduled for release this year, and long schedule of national tour to be continued to the second half of 2011. There’s also a big curiosity about the next partner in the collaboration project, following the previous two featuring Boohwal’s previous vocalists. ~~ We requested the youngest in the team, Jeong Dong Ha, to say the closing statement for this interview. ~~

Jeong Dong-Ha: “Actually, a lot of Boohwal fans worried (about me) when “Secret” and the second collaboration album came out (all laugh) but actually I wasn’t excluded (laugh). Right now we’re preparing this awesome project that everybody would fall into, we hope fans will love it.”

Source: PlayDB (Interview by Song Ji-Hye and pictures by Studio Choon)

시(時)쓰는 시인(時人)의 시(詩)

From Boohwal’s fourth album. The lyrics is so poetic is hard for me to understand, let alone translate this song. I actually drafted this almost a month ago, but finally have the to edit and post today. I’m gonna watch Boohwal’s recording session on M-Net today, btw~ (my first live since I started working^^)

This song is sung by Kim Tae-Won, composed and written by the maestro himself~ and Park Wan Gyu in one interview noted this song as his personal favourite among Boohwal’s many songs coz it soothes him~

시(時)쓰는 시인(時人)의 시(詩)

Poem of the people of that time that makes the  generation

이미 변해버린 너를 (you’ve already changed)
나 알게된건 너무 늦어버린 시간이었지 (I found it too late)
너 노래한 이별의 시에 (over the farewell poem that you sang)
내 젖은 눈물 감춘것 생각해 보면 잘한 일인걸 (maybe it was good that I couldn’t see it over my tears)

한번 마주쳐질 그날이 오면 순간 머물테지 (if one day we run into each other, I’ll stay at that moment for a while)
그 어쩔 수 없는 순간 나 어떤 모습일까 (on that unavoidable moment, I wonder how I’d look)

너 나를 떠난 이후로도 내 젖은 눈을 감출걸 (I probably couldn’t see, even after you leave, because of my wet eyes)
이제와 한번더 생각해 보네 (I come to think of it once again now)

한번 마주쳐질 그날이 오면 순간 머물테지 (if one day we run into each other, I’ll stay at that moment)
그 어쩔 수 없는 순간 나 어떤 모습일까 (at that unavoidable moment, I wonder how I’d look)

너 스칠곳 나 알아내어 널 기다린다 해도 (even if I wait at places you might flash by)
그 알수가 없는 지금도 모를 그 표정에 (I can’t imagine how I would look like even now)

내 시는 너의 시간의 시.그저 널 그린것들 (my poem is your poem of time. only the things you drew)
오래된 그림위에 적어놓은 시 (a poem written over an old picture)

[Collaboration Project + 2] 누구나 사랑을 한다 “Everybody Love”

[Boohwal Collaboration Project +2] is a genius project. Boohwal Entertainment had hinted that they will have four vocals for this second collaboration project, but never crossed my mind that they would collaborate 4 Boohwal former and current vocals. It’s simply genius!! In this song, you can hear Jeong Dong-Ha’s unique and powerful color, Lee Seong-Wook’s soft yet powerful voice, Jeong Dan’s rock flavor, and of course Park Wan Gyu’s strong high tone.

Again, the music video has been released now (look below), so please please please do not illegally download and share this song through sharing sites. Please use legal downloading sites such as bugs, m-netnaver or soribada.

Now, I would like to assume that you’re all familiar with the three invited vocalists whose voice are in this collaboration +2 project. 박완규 (Park Wan-Kyu) was Boohwal’s vocalist from 1996-1997, and he was the main spotlight in Boohwal’s 5th Album [Discovery of Fire]. He was also the first partner for Boohwal Collaboration Project +1, singing “비밀” (Secret). 이성욱 (Lee Seong-Wook) was Boohwal’s vocalist in 2000, at the release of the7th album “Color”. The 7th album was also the first album that Seo Jae-Hyuck took part in after joining Boohwal. 정단 (Jeong Dan) was the last vocalist of Boohwal before Jeong Dongha came along. He was the vocalist in Boohwal’s 9th album [Over the Rainbow], as well as the OST of the movie “A Moment to Remember” (머리속에 지우게) which Kim Tae Won worked on the music for.

Well, only if you’re interested, I’d like to know how many people could make up the different voices among these four vocalist. If you can answer correctly whose voice are in each of the reddened parts (if you don’t read Korean, just divide it by paragraph), I’ll give a special video present to the first three people who come up with correct answers. The time limit is Saturday 12 pm Korean time. 😉 [over]

Now, a little bit about the song. “누구나 사랑을 한다” was originally sung by a senior female Korean singer 정훈희 (Jeong Hoon-Hee). The song was of course written and composed by Kim Tae Won, and inserted in her “40th Anniversary Celebration” album in 2008. Now, enjoy the music video of “누구나 사랑을 한다” (Everybody Love)~ ^^


The music video started with flashes of “8.1.1” from Boohwal’s 3rd album which was a song dedicated to Kim Jegi (김재기)(the instrumental song starts with the spelling of his name), “Lonely Night” from Boohwal’s 5th album which was sung by Park Wan-Gyu, “얀녕” (Goodbye) from Boohwal’s 7th album sung by Lee Sung-Wook, and “아름다운 사실” (Beautiful Truth) from Boohwal’s 9th sung by Jeong Dan. I think the reason “8.1.1” was also inserted is symbolic, if Kim Jegi were still alive today, he would be part of this album too.

누구나 사랑을 한다 (Everybody Love)


지금 이 순간에도 어떤 이들은
사랑이라는 걸 만들어 가겠죠
이별이란 한 마디는 상상할 수 없는 채로

(Jeong Dong-Ha)
Now at this moment too, some people are in the process of loving,
even the word “separation” is unimaginable

누군가는 사랑을 하고, 누군가는 헤어진다는
알 수 없는 날이 다가오고 있는 걸
서로 모르는 시간에서

(Park Wan Kyu)
While there is someone loving, there is someone separating
That a day we couldn’t predict is coming, we have no knowledge of

내일을 알 수는 없겠죠
어쩌면이라고 예상 할 뿐이죠
늘 생각했던 게 늘 바래왔던 게
이뤄져 가는 거죠 이뤄져 온 거겠죠

(Lee Seong-Wook)
We don’t know what tomorrow holds, we can only make predictions
The things we think of, the thinks for we hope for, are in the process of coming true

누군가는 사랑을 하고, 누군가는 헤어진다는
알 수 없는 날이 다가오고 있는 걸
서로 모르는 시간에서

(Jeong Dan)
While there is someone loving, there is someone separating
That a day we couldn’t predict is coming, we have no knowledge of

내일을 알 수는 없겠죠
어쩌면이라고 예상 할 뿐이죠
늘 생각했던 게 늘 바래왔던 게
이뤄져 가는 거죠 이뤄져 온 거겠죠

(Jeong Dong-Ha)
We don’t know what tomorrow holds, we can only make predictions
The things we think of, the thinks for we hope for, are in the process of coming true

언젠간이란 아름다운 얘기
그 누군가의 기도로 이뤄져
예상할 수 없는 그 어느 날에

(Jeong Dan)
A beautiful story for someday, coming true through somebody’s wish
On a day no body can predicts, always

내일을 알 수는 없겠죠
어쩌면이라고 예상 할 뿐이죠
늘 생각했던 게 늘 바래왔던 게
이뤄져 가는 거죠 이뤄져 온 거겠죠

(Lee Seong-Wook)
We don’t know what tomorrow holds, we can only make predictions
(Park Wan-Kyu)
The things we think of, the thinks for we hope for, are in the process of coming true

누구나 상상을 하겠죠
언젠간이라는 아름다운 얘길
견딜 수 없도록 힘겨운 날들이
지금의 너와 나를 만들어 왔던 거죠

Everybody imagines, a beautiful story someday
The difficult days I can’t bear, you and I made it to this moment

누구나 상상을 하겠죠
언젠간이라는 아름다운 얘길
견딜 수 없도록 힘겨운 날들이
지금의 너와 나를

Everybody imagines, a beautiful story someday
The difficult days I can’t bear, you and I

만들어 왔던 거죠

(Jeong Dan)
made it to this moment

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지금부터 예전처럼 많이 달리지 못 할 것 같지만, 사랑으로 늘 응원하는 펜이 될게요…

이 블로그를 통해서 부활이 더 세계적으로 알려질 수 있으면 좋겠고요… 언젠가 새글을 다시 올릴지도 모르지만, 지금 저는 물러나오겠습니다~ ^^
그리워하면, 언젠가 만나게 되는 ~~~ 그 날을 기대하겠습니다.
사랑합니다 ♡

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[Top 3] 회상 III (Reminiscence III)

Following the previous Top 3 songs I posted, 사랑할수록 (The More I Love) and Never Ending Story, finally, the best of all, 회상 III (Reminiscence III). I’ve actually started writing this post on August 2010, but since I want it to stay on top of my blog everytime, I decided to save it for last. I don’t know yet whether this is gonna be the last post or not, but now I’m publishing it as a commemoration of “Boohwal~BORN AGAIN: Korea’s Legendary Musicians” first anniversary~ ^_^

In this original version of “Reminiscence III” (1987), Kim Tae-Won did most of the singing. As you know, his singing voice is more than mere husky. But I think it’s really beautiful, you can feel, I can feel all of the emotion that are really meant for the girl in the lyrics. For he did compose and write this song, inspired by the girl who is now his wife. Actually, in the first video (the original version inserted in Boohwal’s second album), the “nanana” part was sung by this “girl”.

The lyrics I put here is the lyrics matching to the original “회상 III”, that is most part sung by Kim Tae-Won except for the very last part which was sung by Boohwal’s lead vocal. However, in the latter version, as you can see in the second video which was quite recent (2006), Kim Tae-Won no longer sang the “밖으로 나가버리고” part anymore, leaving it to lead vocal Jeong Dong-Ha. In minute 4.50, Jeong Dong-Ha gave the mike to the audience and they sung the song wrong. It was suppose to be the part Kim Tae-Won sings, but the audience sung the “밖으로 나가버리고” part. So he said, “it’s not that~~” and there was some mis there.. (I’d say that’s the beauty of live performances: it ain’t always perfect, they’re human beings. But they’re perfectly doing their best. And there’s always a different color in every single stage^^_)

The same case with the version sung together with Kim Jong-Seo in the third video (2009). Now, question: why did I insert the third video where other Boohwal members didn’t even appear except for Kim Tae-Won? Because this is actually the very first video that I ever watched of Kim Tae-Won (I didn’t know about Boohwal then) and it was his voice which dragged me to be Boohwal’s loyal fan. Yes, I also happen to like Kim Jong-Seo, and what a coincidence that Kim Jong-Seo was actually Boohwal’s first vocalist. Before Boohwal released their first album in 1986, Kim Tae-Won had another band called “The End” and Kim Jong-Seo was the vocalist for this band. Thus he is one person you can’t totally exclude from Boohwal’s history after all.

The fourth video is really unique. It’s a rap version of “Reminiscence III”  sung by 조PD, featured in Boohwal’s 10th album [서정] released in 2005. The last video was from a special album dedicated to Boohwal’s 25th birthday, in which “Reminiscence III” was sung by Mun Hee-Jun.

Boohwal’s 2nd Album [Remember] =1987=

지금 슬픈 내모습을 무대뒤의 한소녀 (at my pitiful look now, a girl behind the stage..)
애써 눈물 참으며 바라보고 있네 (trying hard to hold her tears, looking at me)
무대뒤에 그소녀는 작은 의자에 앉아 (behind the stage, the girl sits on a small chair)
두손 곱게 모으고 바라보며 듣네  (she put her two hands together, listening, while looking at me)
나의 애기를 오 (my story.. oh..)

My favorite (Kim Tae-Won + Jeong Dong-Ha) =2006=

소녀는 나를 알기에 더더욱 슬퍼지네 (the girl knows me, thus she becomes even sadder)
노래는 점점흐르고 소녀는 울음을 참지 못해 (the song is flowing, the girl couldn’t hold her crying)
밖으로 나가 버리고 노래는 끝이 났지만 (she got out, even though the song hadn’t finished)
이젠 부르지 않으리 예 (now I’m not singing it..)
이 슬픈노래 (this sad song)

Kim Jong-Seo + Kim Tae-Won

이 노래가 긑이 나면 많은 사람 환호 (if this song ends, the cheers of many people in the audience)
뒤로 앉채 소녀에게 다가가 말없이 안아주리 (approaching the girl sitting in the back,without a word giving her a hug)

소녀는 나를 알기에 더더욱 슬퍼지네 (the girl knows me, thus she becomes even sadder)
노래는 점점흐르고 소녀는 울음을 참지 못해 (the song is flowing, the girl couldn’t hold her crying)

Boohwal’s 10th Album [서정] (Feat.조PD) =2005=

밖으로 나가버리고 노래는 끝이 났지만 (she got out, even though the song hadn’t finished)
이젠 부르지 않으리 예 (now I’m not singing it..)
이 슬픈노래 (this sad song)

나나나나 (nananana)

[Song Book] Mun Hee-Jun =2009=

A little bit “behind the story” about “Reminiscence III”, if I may. As I told you, the song was written and composed by Kim Tae-Won for the woman who now becomes his wife. Most part of the song was sang by him and it was inserted in Boohwal’s Second album [Remember]. But the album didn’t sell. Lee Seung-Cheol, who was Boohwal vocal then left the band for a solo career. He then remade the song and sung it solo, after re-titling it to “The Last Concert” (마지막 콘서트). The latter song has more ballad feelings to it, with piano opening and all, and it made a hit in Korea. A lot of people now remember this song as Lee’s “The Last Concert”, despite it is originally Boohwal’s, Kim Tae-Won’s “Reminiscence III”.

Star’s Diary: Chae Jemin (5)

[스타일기]부활 채제민⑤ 밴드에서 배운 교훈

“Lessons Learned From A Band”

Released 3 June 2010, 09.06 am

=Finally, the final part of Chae Jemin’s Star’s Diary. I specially post this one today coz it happens to be Jemin Oppa’s birthday~ Happy Birthday, Jemin Oppa! 제민오빠 생일 축하드려요~^^~~ Check out the complete version here.
One more note, this article was published before Boohwal Music Academy which is run by Jemin Oppa was built, so that’s why you don’t find a hint of it~ check out the related news by clicking the name above~ ^^=


채제민에게 드럼 연주는 손과 발을 모두 움직이는 놀이이자 끝없는 공부다.

=For Chae Jemin, playing the drum is a game where he has to move his arms and legs, and a never-ending lesson=

채제민은 정이 많다. 대상은 다양하다. 가족, 친구들, 부활. 그리고 25년을 함께한 드럼스틱. 음악의 길을 후회한 적은 없다. 오히려 시간이 흐를수록 애착은 더 짙어졌다. 인생을 모두 쏟은 만큼 자부심도 생겼다.

Chae Jemin is very affectionate. His affection goes to many people. Family, friends, Boohwal. The drumsticks that’s been with him for 25 years. Never once he regretted his choice to do music. On contrary, he feels more attachment to music as time goes by. His pride grows as much as he’s poured (hard work) in his life.

“밴드에서 드럼은 기둥과 같다. 중심을 잡고 묵묵히 서야 밴드가 바로 설 수 있다.”

“In a band, the drum is like a pillar. The band could only stand up with the drum being a strong center.”

사실 드럼은 화려하지 않다. 늘 무대 뒤를 맡는다. 주목하는 눈도 적다. 밴드 녹음에서는 간혹 다른 연주가로 대체되기까지 한다. 티삼스 앨범 때가 그랬다. 소속사는 실력 부족을 이유로 따로 연주가를 섭외했다. 주인공은 문영배. 사랑과 평화, 신중현 등과 함께 일한 베테랑이었다. 채제민은 자존심이 상했다. 가짜 녹음을 받아들일 수 없었다. 시작부터 흔들린 기둥. 결과는 불 보듯 뻔했다.

In reality, the drum is not glamorous. It’s always on the back of the stage. Only so many people give attention to it. Worse, in band recording, drummer position could be replaced. That’s how it was when he recorded Tisams Album. Their production company said that his skills weren’t good enough so they invited other drummer.  The drummer was Moon Young-Bae. A veteran whose worked with “Love and Peace,” “Sin Jung-Hyeon,” and other great musicians. Chae Jemin’s self-esteem was hurt. He couldn’t take the fake recording. A shaking pillar, from the beginning. The result was as clear as the daylight.

티삼스 해체 뒤 채제민은 눈앞이 캄캄했다. 막막함은 이내 방황으로 이어졌다. 올바른 연주가의 삶을 알려줄 길잡이가 필요했다. 한참을 해매이다 그는 문영배의 연습실을 찾아갔다. 진정한 연주가로 거듭나고 싶은 마음에 무턱대고 제자를 자청했다. 허드렛일도 마다하지 않은 수하생활의 시작. 그렇게 시간은 4년이 흘러갔다.

After Tisams broke up, Chae Jemin saw only darkness in his future. The frustration led him to wander. He needed to find out how he could live a life of a musician. After wandering around for quite a while, he looked for Moon Young-Bae in his studio. He wants to become a real musician, thus he asked for Moon to take him as his student. He started a life being  a chore boy who’d do all odd jobs. 4 years went by that way.

“드럼 기교와 음악인의 도리에 대해 많이 배웠다. 그때 선생님의 조언 덕에 지금의 내가 있을 수 있었다.”

“I learned a lot about drum skills and the way to being a musician. I am only here today thanks to my teacher’s advice.”

채제민은 가르침을 다음 세대에 전달한다. 소통 수단은 다양하다. 개인 레슨, 학원 강의, 공연. 가장 강한 애착은 인터넷 강의다. 인터넷사이트 ‘스쿨뮤직’을 통해 국내 최초로 동영상 드럼 교육을 선보였다. 시작 당시 환경은 열악했다. 친분을 통해 겨우 서버를 확보했다. 영상 제작도 모두 혼자 해결해야 했다.

Chae Jemin transfers the teaching to the next generations through various means. Private lesson, music school, concerts. He enjoys teaching online music school. He was the first person to teach drum by video-lesson in Korea through  an internet site “School Music”. The situation was really poor when he started. He could finally secure the server thanks to a close person’s assistance. He also produced all of the videos by himself.

“카메라맨을 구할 돈이 없어 셀프카메라 방식으로 연주를 촬영했다. 수익이 전무했지만, 강의를 올릴 때마다 보람을 상당했다.”

“I recorded the drum lesson using self-camera coz I couldn’t afford to pay a cameraman. I made no profit, but it was incredibly worth while.”

교육활동은 지금도 계속된다. 대학 강단에서 실용음악을 가르친다. 학교의 기대치는 현장 학습 등의 실습 수준. 그러나 채제민은 틈틈이 이론을 정리하며 공부에 매진한다. 그래야만 올바른 교육을 할 수 있다는 신념 때문이다.

He keeps this teaching activity even until now. He teaches applicable music in university lectures. He gives concert training that wasn’t applied in campuses before. But Chae Je Min always devote his spare time to gather all theories for his teaching material. Because he believes that it’s the right way to educate.

교육에서 가장 중요하게 여기는 건 즐거움. 학생들이 스스로 선택한 음악에서 흥미를 찾도록 도와준다. 사실 음악계 사정은 좋지 않다. 졸업생 가운데 10%정도만이 음악을 이어나간다. 현장에서 뛰는 음악가로 그는 책임을 통감한다. 제자들에게 미안함을 느낀다. 교편을 잡았지만 그는 잘 알고 있다. 대한민국에서 연주가의 길이 얼마나 험난한 지를.

To him, in education, the most important thing is “joy.” He helps his students find what they like from the music they choose. In reality, the condition of the music industry is not good. Among his graduated students, approximately only 10% continues doing music. He feels strongly responsible as a person who is doing music right on stage. He feels sorry to his students. Although he teaches, he knows fairly well. How rough the path to be a musician is in the Republic of Korea.

“마지막 수업에서 ‘최고가 돼라’고 당부하는 내 모습에 슬픔을 느낀 적이 많다.”

“In last lectures, asking my students to “Be the Best”, a lot of times I feel sad.”

25년의 때가 묻은 드럼스틱. 그에게도 힘든 시간은 숱하게 있었다. 지금껏 견뎌낸 건 모두 밴드 덕이었다. 조직이 주는 유대감과 책임감이 음악을 계속 할 수 있는 원동력으로 작용했다.

The drumsticks that’s been with him for 25 years. It also went through so many difficult times. It’s all thanks to the band that he could make it up to now. The feeling of fellowship and responsibility given by an organization, comes to be a driving force that keep him doing music.

“함께 해야 모든 쉽게 이겨낼 수 있다. 제자들에게 밴드를 권하는 것도 모두 이 때문이다.”

“We can do anything easily when we’re together. That’s why I always advise my students to be in a band.”

채제민 역시 영원한 부활멤버를 꿈꾼다. 부활은 어느덧 가족 같은 존재가 됐다. 항상 화목하진 않았지만 편안하고 정이 넘친다. 앞으로 가야 할 길이 두렵지 않을 만큼 든든하기까지 하다. 그는 믿는다. 인생 마지막까지 부활과 함께 할 것이라고. 그래서 묵묵히 집은 드럼스틱은 오늘도 가볍게만 느껴진다.

Chae Je Min, he dreams to eternally be Boohwal member. Somewhere along the way, Boohwal becomes a family. It’s not always harmonious, but it’s comfortable and he has overflowing attachment to it. He does not fear to walk the path before him, he’s reassured. He has faith. That he will always be with Boohwal until the end. That’s why the silent drumstick feels so light.


채제민(왼쪽)이 함께 공연한 김장훈과 포즈를 취하고 있다.

=Che Jemin (left) with Kim Jang-Hoon=

Translated by https://boohwal.wordpress.com

Source: http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2010060108040224046

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