Seoul Christmas Eve Concert “Never Ending Drama”

My final concert in 2010, Boohwal’s “Never Ending Drama” in Grand Hilton Convention Centre, Seoul.

On Christmas Eve, Son-Woo (선우)  (one of the members from “Men’s Qualification” Choir) came as guest for the opening stage. On the night of 25 December, No Min-Woo (노민우) came as guest.

I’m particularly happy about the list of songs they performed. Among others 노을 (Glow of the Sunset), which was only the second time I hear live. And then 아름다운 사실 (Beautiful Truth), which I probably heard for the first time on live stage.

They opened the stage playing “Wonderful Day”, followed with 가능성 (Possibility), reminding me of my first Boohwal concert ever last March. It was immediately continued with 너뿐이야 , keeping the energetic flow.

Returning to Boohwal’s rock-ballad, they played 생각이나 (Thought), 아름다운 사실 (Beautiful Truth), 노을 (Glow in the Sunset), 사랑 (Love), 흑백영화 (Black and White Movie), 추억이면 (A Different Side of Memory), and the line was closed with “Nella Fantasia” and Gabriel’s Oboe (코끼리 탈출하다).

Leaving the ballad tracks, the second part of the concert had Lonely Night, 사랑해서 사랑해서 (Because I Love You), 슬픈 사슴 (Sad Deer), and 사랄할수록  (The More I Love).

The next in line was some common Christmas songs~~ and a trot song from Jemin Oppa ^^, Jingle Bell, and the solo performances: bass-solo by Jae-Hyuck Oppa, continued with Tae-Won Oppa playing and singing “무정블루스”, and drum solo by Jemin Oppa ^^

Leader and Guitarist Kim Tae-Won. He played “무정 Blues” for solo performance.


Chae Jemin, played a four-minutes long solo drum~ ^^


Seo Jae-Hyuck, of course, plays solo bass~ awesome 🙂


Jeong Dongha, he went down the stage and threw candy to the audience several times.

I made some videos of solo performances, coz it’s something that you can only get in live concerts. Originally, I meant to upload it and share it here, but due to incidents where video I uploaded was re-uploaded by other people claiming it as if it was theirs, I will keep it for personal collection only. Thanks to these culprits, some pictures I took last night is all I could present to you~

Please note that I don’t mind if you quote or use the information, videos, pictures, and anything else I uploaded here, but please don’t forget to credit this site. I am working on the homepage for Boohwal, but I’m not a fool to let others take credit on my work.



The stage was continued with 1970, one song that doesn’t belong to Boohwal, which was followed with parts of the animation medley brought by Men’s Qualification choir, Someday, and closed with 비와 당신의 이야기 (The Story of You and the Rain).


Three anchor songs included “희야 (Heeya)”, “Never Ending Story“, and “회상 III (Reminiscence III)”.


Somebody uploaded this video on youtube for “Never Ending Story”, it’s really amazing to see it from that angle. My seat was the fourth line from the stage, so all I could hear was basically Boohwal’s music alone. Didn’t realize it was practically all guests singing the chorus part for Never Ending Story~ ^^



That’s all for this post, Boohwal still has another concert left to close the year in Gyeongju, which I’m afraid I can’t make. But if you’re in Korea for new year, totally recommend the Gyeongju concert!! 🙂


The closing stage below, Boohwal and two session musicians playing the second guitar and the piano.

Merry Christmas for all of you who celebrate it. Happy holiday and happy new year!


December Concert Schedule

Gimhae Concert <김해문화의전당>

Seoul Christmas Concert “Never Ending Drama

  • Saturday, 24 December 2010 ~ 8 pm <Grand Hilton Hotel>

  • Sunday, 25 December 2010 ~ 7 pm <Grand Hilton Hotel>

    Reservation: Interpark or Auction
    Inquiries: (02) 1544-2498

Gyeongju Concert <Gyeongju Hyundai Hotel>

  • Saturday, 31 December 2010 ~ 4 pm, 8 pm
    Interpark and Auction
    Inquiries: (02) 1544-2498

[Metro Entertainment] Never Ending Drama

히트곡 사연 이으면 ‘네버엔딩 스토리’ 김태원의 록그룹 부활

Metro, 29 November 2010

이들이 걸어온 길은 지독히도 팀 이름을 닮았다. 죽었다고 생각되는 순간들을 수차례 겪으면서도 끝내 화려하게 되살아났다. 4인조 록 그룹 부활(김태원·채제민·서재혁·정동하)이 올 연말 드라마 같은 26년 음악인생을 화려하게 펼쳐낸다.

Unfortunate as it is, the street they walk is just as their name. At the point they thought they were at the edge of ending, they survived and were gloriously reborn.

This year-end, Boohwal (Kim Tae-Won, Chae Jemin, Seo Jae-Hyuck, Jeong Dongha) will rise on a stage reflecting their 26 years drama-like story with music.

절망 순간마다 불후의 곡

Every single time, Immortal Songs

네 멤버가 한자리에서 여유 있게 대화를 나눌 시간이 없을 정도의 빠듯한 일정이 요즘 부활의 인기를 말해준다. 오랜만에 모인 멤버들은 김태원이 술을 끊은 이후로 음악 욕심과 무대에서의 에너지가 월등히 상승했다며 그의 전성기가 다시 돌아왔다고 목소리를 높였다.

Boohwal has gotten really popular these days that their schedule had not even allowed the four members to have the luxury of hanging out together.

드러머 채제민(1998년 6집), 베이시스트 서재혁(2000년 7집), 보컬 정동하(2005년 10집) 등 리더인 기타리스트 김태원을 제외하고는 중간에 합류한 멤버들이지만 부활이 지나온 영광과 아픔의 순간은 누구보다 잘 알고 있다.

Despite Drummer Chae Jemin (6th album, 1998), Bassist Seo Jae-Hyuck (7th album, 2000), and Vocalist Jeong Dongha (10th album 2005) only joined Boohwal in the middle (unlike the Leader/Guitarist Kim Tae-Won), they know very well about the glory and the pain Boohwal have went through.

1984년 김종서가 보컬을 맡았던 밴드 디 엔드가 전신이며, 이듬해 이승철로 보컬이 교체되며 팀 이름도 부활로 바뀌었다. 현재까지 9명의 보컬, 4명의 드러머, 3명의 베이시스트가 몸담았고 그 모든 순간을 홀로 지켜온 건 김태원이었다.

Originally started as the band “The End” where Kim Jong-Seo was the vocalist, Lee Seung-Cheol took his place in the following year as the band’s name was changed to “Boohwal” (Born Again). Until now, Kim Tae-Won have been all by himself keeping Boohwal going despite 9 vocals, 4 drummers, and 3 bassists have come and go.

“26년 중 4분의 3이 위기였어요. 절망의 순간까지 갔다가도 마지막 끈을 놓지 않고 음악을 하다 보니 여기까지 왔네요.”

“In 26 years, 3/4 of the time was spent in ‘crisis’. Up until the last moment, not once have I ever let go. I just keep working on my music, and here we are now.”

‘희야’로 첫 앨범부터 성공했지만 이승철의 탈퇴, 두 차례 대마초 사건, 보컬 김재기의 교통사고 사망, 몇 차례 앨범 실패 등 시련이 따랐다. 그러면서도 ‘사랑할수록’ ‘네버엔딩 스토리’ 등 부활의 명성을 높여주는 빅 히트곡들은 끊이지 않았다.

They were doing great after the release of the first album featuring “Heeya”, but then Lee Seung-Cheol decided to leave the band, followed with an incident involving Kim Tae-Won, the death of Kim Jae-Gi, and so many other crisis…

김태원은 “끝 모를 나락으로 떨어졌을 때 음악은 내게 다시 성공을 줬다. 그러면 또다시 내게 다른 것을 요구했다”고 회상했다. ‘드라마틱’이라는 표현이 딱 맞아떨어지는 부활의 삶은 실제 드라마로 제작됐고, KBS2 드라마 스페셜 4부작 ‘락락락’이란 제목으로 다음달 4일 첫 방송된다.

‘When I fell into an endless despair, music brings me back to live. And then I set another aim for myself,” reminisce Kim Tae-Won. The “dramatic” story of Boohwal is being put into a special drama by KBS 2 TV station with the title “Rock Rock Rock.”

“지난해부터 지금까지 부활에게 일어난 일들은 단 한 컷도 예상하지 못했던 것들이에요. 작가 말로는 웃긴데 슬프다는 게 우리를 드라마 소재로 삼게 된 이유라네요. 4개월 동안 작가를 만나면서 솔직하게 모든 얘기들을 털어놨죠.”

“I’d never imagine things would go like this before last year. According to the writer of the drama, the story of Boohwal had been funny yet sad, which were among the reasons they wanted to make our story into a drama. We met the writer for four months and told our story in all honesty.”

다음달 24~25일 서울공연

Seoul Concert on Christmas

드라마 같은 삶은 무대 위에도 펼쳐진다. 다음달 24∼25일 홍은동 그랜드 힐튼 호텔 컨벤션 센터와 31일 경주 호텔 현대 컨벤션 홀에서 ‘네버 엔딩 드라마’라는 이름으로 공연한다.

The dramatic story of Boohwal will also be showned on stage. Boohwal is holding the Seoul concert on this coming December 24th and 25th in Grand Hilton Hotel Convention Center, and Gyeongju concert on December 31st in Gyeongju Hotel Hyundai Convention Hall under the title “Never Ending Drama.”

“‘회상3’가 ‘마지막 콘서트’라는 제목으로 알려지게 된 사연, 생명에 위협을 느끼며 ‘네버엔딩 스토리’를 만들게 된 이야기, ‘흑백영화’ 1절만 녹음한 채 김재기가 사망해 제가 그의 목소리를 흉내내며 나머지를 녹음하게 된 사연 등 원곡에 담긴 숨은 이야기와 널리 알려지지 못한 불운의 명곡들을 드라마처럼 구성해 봤죠.”

“‘Reminiscene III’ was more known under the title ‘The Last Concert’. A severe incident motivated me into writing ‘Never Ending Story’. Kim Jae-Gi passed away after recording only the first part of ‘White and Black Movie’ and I tried to imitate his voice and finished the recording. We try to build a drama for this concert involving not only the songs I mentioned but also a lot of other unfortunate songs..”

이외에도 록과 트로트가 결합된 김태원의 기타 연주곡, 정동하가 부르는 ‘넬라 판타지아’, 깜짝 게스트 무대 등 다양한 이벤트를 준비했다.

Aside from that, the concert will also feature Kim Tae-Won’s guitar melody that combines rock and trot music, Jeong Dongha’s verison of Nella Fantasia, special guests, and other surprises.

“부활은 늘 그 자리에 있었어요. 이제야 좀 더 많은 사람들에게 보일 뿐이죠. 그리고 부활은 이제 시작이라는 걸 보여드리겠습니다.”

“Boohwal has always been here. It’s just more people have seen us now. And we will show you that this is only the beginning.”

2011년 계획도 탄탄히 세워뒀다. 9월 인천에 실용음악 학원 ‘부활 아케데미’를 설립하고, 김태원이 MBC ‘위대한 탄생’에 멘토로 출연하는 등 능력 있는 후배를 이끌고 싶다고 했다. 올해에 이어 내년 4월에도 미국 LA에서 공연하며, “한국의 전통 록의 계보를 제대로 전달하고 싶다”는 목표로 일본 등 아시아 진출을 노린다. 13분짜리 대곡이 수록된 13집도 준비 중이다.

Their schedule for 2011 has beem well-planned. Having estabished “Boohwal Music Academy” this past September in Incheon, and Kim Tae-Won having taken the mentor role in an MBC music program “The Great Birth”, they say they would like to assist their juniors in music. Boohwal plans another concert in LA, USA, on April next year, saying that they want to bring Korea’s rock music to the international stage – including Japan. They’re also preparing their 13th album, in which a special song of 13 minutes-long will also be inserted.

Reporter: 유순호 기자
Photographer: 최현희

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