Seoul Christmas Eve Concert “Never Ending Drama”

My final concert in 2010, Boohwal’s “Never Ending Drama” in Grand Hilton Convention Centre, Seoul.

On Christmas Eve, Son-Woo (선우)  (one of the members from “Men’s Qualification” Choir) came as guest for the opening stage. On the night of 25 December, No Min-Woo (노민우) came as guest.

I’m particularly happy about the list of songs they performed. Among others 노을 (Glow of the Sunset), which was only the second time I hear live. And then 아름다운 사실 (Beautiful Truth), which I probably heard for the first time on live stage.

They opened the stage playing “Wonderful Day”, followed with 가능성 (Possibility), reminding me of my first Boohwal concert ever last March. It was immediately continued with 너뿐이야 , keeping the energetic flow.

Returning to Boohwal’s rock-ballad, they played 생각이나 (Thought), 아름다운 사실 (Beautiful Truth), 노을 (Glow in the Sunset), 사랑 (Love), 흑백영화 (Black and White Movie), 추억이면 (A Different Side of Memory), and the line was closed with “Nella Fantasia” and Gabriel’s Oboe (코끼리 탈출하다).

Leaving the ballad tracks, the second part of the concert had Lonely Night, 사랑해서 사랑해서 (Because I Love You), 슬픈 사슴 (Sad Deer), and 사랄할수록  (The More I Love).

The next in line was some common Christmas songs~~ and a trot song from Jemin Oppa ^^, Jingle Bell, and the solo performances: bass-solo by Jae-Hyuck Oppa, continued with Tae-Won Oppa playing and singing “무정블루스”, and drum solo by Jemin Oppa ^^

Leader and Guitarist Kim Tae-Won. He played “무정 Blues” for solo performance.


Chae Jemin, played a four-minutes long solo drum~ ^^


Seo Jae-Hyuck, of course, plays solo bass~ awesome 🙂


Jeong Dongha, he went down the stage and threw candy to the audience several times.

I made some videos of solo performances, coz it’s something that you can only get in live concerts. Originally, I meant to upload it and share it here, but due to incidents where video I uploaded was re-uploaded by other people claiming it as if it was theirs, I will keep it for personal collection only. Thanks to these culprits, some pictures I took last night is all I could present to you~

Please note that I don’t mind if you quote or use the information, videos, pictures, and anything else I uploaded here, but please don’t forget to credit this site. I am working on the homepage for Boohwal, but I’m not a fool to let others take credit on my work.



The stage was continued with 1970, one song that doesn’t belong to Boohwal, which was followed with parts of the animation medley brought by Men’s Qualification choir, Someday, and closed with 비와 당신의 이야기 (The Story of You and the Rain).


Three anchor songs included “희야 (Heeya)”, “Never Ending Story“, and “회상 III (Reminiscence III)”.


Somebody uploaded this video on youtube for “Never Ending Story”, it’s really amazing to see it from that angle. My seat was the fourth line from the stage, so all I could hear was basically Boohwal’s music alone. Didn’t realize it was practically all guests singing the chorus part for Never Ending Story~ ^^



That’s all for this post, Boohwal still has another concert left to close the year in Gyeongju, which I’m afraid I can’t make. But if you’re in Korea for new year, totally recommend the Gyeongju concert!! 🙂


The closing stage below, Boohwal and two session musicians playing the second guitar and the piano.

Merry Christmas for all of you who celebrate it. Happy holiday and happy new year!

December Concert Schedule

Gimhae Concert <김해문화의전당>

Seoul Christmas Concert “Never Ending Drama

  • Saturday, 24 December 2010 ~ 8 pm <Grand Hilton Hotel>

  • Sunday, 25 December 2010 ~ 7 pm <Grand Hilton Hotel>

    Reservation: Interpark or Auction
    Inquiries: (02) 1544-2498

Gyeongju Concert <Gyeongju Hyundai Hotel>

  • Saturday, 31 December 2010 ~ 4 pm, 8 pm
    Interpark and Auction
    Inquiries: (02) 1544-2498

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