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Never Ending Story

작년 이날에 저의 첫 부활 공연에 가려고 준비하고 있었는데… 벌써 일년까지 부활과 함께 갈 수 있다는 걸 상상도 못 했네요.
부활을 사랑하는 마음을 담아서 이렇게 일년간 https://boohwal.wordpress.com을 완성하였씁니다.
가장 힘든 시기에 힘이 되어준 부활 오빠들, 마음속에서 늘 감사하고 존경하고 사랑합니다.
이제 저도 제 길로 걸어가야 할때가 왔네요.. 부활음악은 늘 제 배경으로 남아 있을거고 힘이 들때 기쁠 때 그리워하게 될거예요.
지금부터 예전처럼 많이 달리지 못 할 것 같지만, 사랑으로 늘 응원하는 펜이 될게요…

이 블로그를 통해서 부활이 더 세계적으로 알려질 수 있으면 좋겠고요… 언젠가 새글을 다시 올릴지도 모르지만, 지금 저는 물러나오겠습니다~ ^^
그리워하면, 언젠가 만나게 되는 ~~~ 그 날을 기대하겠습니다.
사랑합니다 ♡

(겁많은사자) 위윅 배상



[김태원] [남자의 자격] Kim Tae Won in Men’s Qualification

[김태원] Guitar Project Band: Dead or Alive

Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) 2010

[김태원] [당신에게] To You (Father)

[정동하] [Won Jun-Hee & Jeong Dong-Ha] Larva

[김태원] “Because I Love You” Digital Single

[정동히] Hybrid MMORG “Argo”

[서재혁] [Project Band] Not 2B

[서재혁] Guitar Zeus Korea

[채제민 & 서재혁] Little Wing (project band)

[채제민] Noise 11 (project band)

[김태원] 무정블루스

[채제민] 채제민 in 티삼스 (Chae Jemin in TAS)

[정동하] 김현식-비처럼음악처럼

[채제민 & 서재혁] [Musical] Hedwig and the Angry Inch

[서재혁] [Movie] 71 Into the Fire

[서재혁] [Movie] Sayonara Itsuka

*On-record, this is post number 178 on and right to this point of one-year anniversary, the blog has been visited over 46,200 times. Thank you for all of your never ending interest in Boohwal.* -겁많은사자, 18 March 2011-

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[남자의 자격] Kim Tae Won in Men’s Qualification

남자의 자격, literally translated “Men’s Qualification”,is an entertainment program on KBS 2 TV in Korea started on air since March 2009. It’s more than extremely late of me to only write an article on this program now when it’s reaching a two-years anniversary. At first, as much as I was and still am an avid viewer, I didn’t find it as relevant for it only includes Kim Tae-Won (among other Boohwal members) in it, as well as it has practically nothing to do with music – let alone Boohwal’s music. But really, what is Boohwal without Kim Tae-Won? And the rebirth of Boohwal in the latter 2009 was partly (if not mostly) thanks to Kim Tae-Won’s apperance in this entertainment program. Kim Tae-Won said and I recall, that having done music for 23 years.. nobody ever recognized him. Having started in this program, suddenly people started taking interest in him, as well as his music, that is to say, Boohwal. Having helped Boohwal to rebirth, the program once again presented another miracle, helping Kim Tae Won to rebirth himself.

Better late than never, thus I’m posting this article as a token of my appreciation to “Men’s Qualification”.

The program started off with 7 members, but Kim Sung-Min (김성민) had to drop out from the program on December 2010, leaving only 6 men in the team: 이경규 (Lee Kyung-Kyu), 김국진 (Kim Kuk-Jin), 김태원 (Kim Tae-Won), 이윤석 (Lee Yun-Seok), 이정진 (Lee Jung-Jin), and 유형빈 (Yoo Hyung-Bin).

Among the first episodes of Men’s Qualification that I watched was [남자, 그리고 두번 결혼하기] “Men, and second wedding.” No, it’s not suggesting men to have more than one wife, but to re-plant the seeds of romance into marriage by having another wedding with the same couple. Out of the original 7 members of the program, 3 were married and 1 divorced, among them Kim Tae-Won and Lee Kyung-Gyu were married the longest. In the end, Kim Tae Won ended up to be the one to make a second proposal to his wife.

It was really romantic. He called her, asking if she were reborn, would she marry him once again (in another life), and she said of course she would, without pause. It was just lovely. He then invited her to come to the shooting area which was the area of residence of Korea’s renown novelist Lee Wae-Soo (이외수). He proposed to her for a second wedding in the way that guy in (the movie) “Love Actually” proposed to his bestfriend’s wife (phew.. that’s not the best way of putting it, but it was romantic more despite morally wrong). Niweis, the proposal was received well, and they held the second wedding that very same day. The picture below was taken after the wedding. Lee Wae-Soo acted as the officiator of the wedding~ ^^

(Left to Right) 유형빈, 김국진, 김태원, 이외수, 이현주, 이정진, 이경규, 이윤석
**It has passed 24 years since Kim Tae-Won and Lee Hyun-Joo first met, and they were married after 9 years of dating. They have a daughter and a son together.

One thing that I got from this episode is that, if I were to get married, I want to have a marriage filled with love as the marriage of these two. It’s obvious she loves him endlessly and he loves her equally as much. They have a lot of respect and love for each other, and it’s not only seen from the words they’re saying to each other, one can see it from as small a thing as their body gestures~ it simply is just lovely.

Among other first episodes of Men’s Qualification was [남자, 그리고 친구 집 알기] “Men, and Knowing my Friend’s House.” They had this project when the TV show had only started for a while, when most people in Korea had practically no idea who Kim Tae-Won was – that’s how un-famous Boohwal was, despite its history. So they visited Kim Tae-Won’s house, and then his parents’ house, and Boohwal’s rehearsal studio.

Before this episode of Men’s Qualification, a lot of Korean TV viewers thought he was a comedian – you can’t deny he’s a funny guy can you ^^ The picture on the top-left says “Do you know Kim Tae-Won”? The picture on top-right shows a picture of young Kim Tae-Won (far-right) on his mother’s lap. The picture was taken before his two younger sisters were born, I assume – judging he was probably only 1 or 2 years-old at most at the time. The pictures below were taken in Boohwal’s rehearsal studio, introducing the Guitarist Kim Tae-Won, Boohwal leader Kim Tae-Won.

The next episode that caught a lot of public attention was the lecture they held in Kyunghee University, Seoul. Each member of the team presented a lecture to university students on how they should spend their youth. On this session the lecture Kim Kuk Jin was especially remarkable to a lot of viewers.

On my account, [남자, 그리고 아마추어 밴드] “Men, and Amateur Band” episode was special. In this episode, Men’s Qualification team worked together to make an amateur band. Kim Tae-Won acted as their trainer, since he’s a pro. Instead, he wrote a song just for this amateur band, titled “사랑해서 사랑해서” (Because I Love You). It went kind of rough in the beginning, I myself was in their first public performance – 21 March 2010, the final day of Boohwal’s Wonderful Days Vol.1 Concert – and (I’m sorry, but) they were not pleasant to hear.. But they worked on it, and they got better. They entered an amateur band competition and won the Bronze Prize, and then they went into recording and the song hit the first place in all Korea’s music chart. Boohwal then follow making Boohwal’s version of the song, which was also the first digital single Boohwal had ever released.

This is just to show view example how much this program has touched and somewhat changed Kim Tae-Won’s life.

Following the success of this amateur band, the program continued with its biggest success yet, [남자,그리고 하모니] “Men, and Harmony”. The idea was to get a group of 7 men (who could barely carry a tune) take part in a choir competition. To make a choir, they had to have at least 30 members, so they held an audition (after the 7 members themselves was auditioned by Music Producer Colleen Park-박칼린) to pick the rest 23. In this audition episode, you can find the rest of Boohwal’s 3 members participating. Seo Jae-Hyuck (서재혁) ended up to be the only one who passed into the choir, taking bass part. Below is the video of the choir taking part in the fore-mentioned competition. You can find Kim Tae Won in the middle of the formation, right at the center, wearing sunglasses as usual~

A wrap to close the year 2010, Men’s Qualification held a  [2010 송년회] Year-End Party, inviting the people whose took part in the program during the whole year, including Boohwal members and  members of the choir, among other. They had some small singing competition in the end, in which Boohwal’s vocalist Jeong Dong Ha (정동하) participated. He sung “생각이나” (Thought) which gained huge popularity in 2009 – among other thanks to Men’s Qualification itself for inserting the song as background to many scenes. The song, sung by its original singer, drew quiet a few men into tears, including the song’s composer himself.

In the year 2011, Men’s Qualification has a view agendas to accomplish. Among other, learning tap dance and going backpacking. The backpacking trip was planned to be held in May this year, but let’s see if they’re gonna keep the schedule given the recent development.

A big surprise, yet another turning point in Kim Tae-Won’s life, came up yet again thanks to this program. As part of public education (I suppose), they  held a series of episodes about cancer. They had all the remaining 6 members of the team went through cancer check and all, including lung cancer, stomach cancer, and others. And as it turned out, a small lump of tumor was found in Kim Tae-Won’s stomach. It was latter identified to be the earliest stage of stomach cancer. Men’s Qualification showed the whole process from when the verdict was told to Kim Tae-Won, the surgery, and after. And what can I say, I gain even more respect to this man. He’s fearless, he was calm, he was even reassuring the people around him that he’s fine. He’s a strong man and not one thing can change that.

The Men’s Qualification team played the song [For My Father] 희망에게 “To Hope” in the background when Kim Tae-Won heard the news, just as I expected, coz this song also immediately came to mind when I heard about it myself.

Thanks to Men’s Qualification, Kim Tae Won took the cancer check which he might have never done voluntarily, and thanks to it, they found the cancer cells before it could grow nor spread. Thanks to it, he’s had his second.. no, fourth chance to be reborn once again.. 부활..

Just as an end note, here’s among Boohwal songs that’s been inserted during Men’s Qualification (in random order):

I’ll add the list if anything comes to mind~ stay tune!!! ^-^

[Digital Single] Because I Love You “사랑해서 사랑해서”

Boohwal (부활) just released their version of the song “Because I Love You, Because I Love You” (사랑해서 사랑해서) today. As you might have all learned by now, the song was originally written by Kim Tae-Won (김태원) for the variety show “Men’s Qualification” (남자의 자격) for an amateur band mission.

Now, you can also enjoy Kim Tae-Won (김태원), Chae Jemin (채제민), Seo Jae-Hyuck (서재혁), and Jeong Dongha (정동하)’s version of the song for they’ve released the digital single today. And it just rose up to the top of a lot of music charts. In Daum Music, it has remained on the top spot for today.

You can watch Boohwal’s live performance on KBS 2’s program “Music Storage” (음악창고) that is scheduled to air tomorrow, September 8th, 2010, at 12.25 am. (For your record, I reported it on Aug 25th coz I went to the recording session). Boohwal will also appear on KBS Music Bank and perform the song live on September 10th, 2010.

I have actually uploaded the lyrics last May when 남자의 자격 first aired their performance in Boohwal’s March concert. But since today is the official day Boohwal releases the song, I’ll re-upload it ~ 🙂

Ow, btw, this is Boohwal’s first digital single, ever. Congratulations~!! ^-^

This link to download the digital single.

사랑해서 사랑해서

(because I love you, because I love you)


늘 거리를 혼자 걸었지 (I always walked the street alone)
곁에 누군가 있는 것처럼 (as if there’s someone next to me)
너무 오래된 기억이지만 (It’s an old memory, but)
항상 너에게 난 위로였어 (I was always a consolation for you)

늘 아픔을 숨겨왔었지  (I’d always hidden my pains…)
항상 내 곁에 있는 거라고 (you were always by my side)
너무 힘겨워 지쳐갈 쯤은 (when I’m getting exhausted for it is so hard)
다른 사랑이 다가온다는 (another love comes approaching)

다시 사랑을 하겠지 (I’ll love again, wouldn’t I)
많은 이별을 했기에 (coz I’ve been through many goodbyes)
한걸음 한걸음 (one step, one step)
힘겨운 시간이겠지만 (it’s gonna be a difficult time, but..)

이제 사랑이 오겠지 (Now love would come)
홀로 힘겨워 했기에 (coz I’d been so exhausted by myself)
한번더 한번더 (one more time, one more time)
사랑을 기다리는 날에 (the day when I wait for love)

늘 아픔을 숨겨왔었지 (I’d always hidden my pains…)
항상 내 곁에 있는 거라고 ( you were always beside me)
너무 힘들어 지쳐갈 쯤은 (when I’m getting exhausted for it is so hard)
다른 사랑이 다가온다는 (another love comes approaching)


This is a special posting, for several reasons:

1. This is exactly my 100th post since I first started this blog (YeY! ^ㅇ^)

2. You can hear all Boohwal members’ voices on this particular post! ^_^

As most of you would have already known, Kim Tae-Won is appearing in a variety show called Men’s Qualification: 101 things to do before you die (남자의 자격) and in this show they perform different missions every week. The mission this time, is to join (make) a choir. The members, of course, has got to be more than the 7 guys in 남자의 자격. So they held an audition to select the remaining 23 members of the choir, and guess what? All Boohwal members showed up for the audition! ^_^

Ow, the video is my own making, in order to avoid any forms of property rights infringements. So just enjoy their beautiful voice and songs~ 🙂

Ow, please note that the audition is for a choir, so it’s to see who’s voice match best with the 7 original members. It’s not to see who sings best..


In the same order as their audition, the first to come is bassist 재혁, singing “10월의 어느 멋진날에” (Serenade to Spring) (originally sang by 김동규). The first time I and I believe most fans had ever heard him sing, lovely~ ^-^


창밖에 앉은 바람 한 점에도
사랑은 가득한걸
널 만난 세상 더는 소원 없어
바램은 죄가 될 테니까


.Second, the drummer 채제민, singing “가리워진 길 (originally sang by 유재하). Note that he had always sang this song for the solo performance in Boohwal’s concert when his shoulder was still hurt and he couldn’t perform solo drum~^^

보일듯 말듯 가물거리는 안개속에 쌓인 길
이리로 가나 저리로 갈가 아득하기만 한데

그대여 힘이 되주오
나에게 주어진 길 찾을 수 있도록




Third, and lastly, vocalist 정동하 singin Aladin’s theme “A Whole New World” (Nick Pitera). Well. we all know he can sing, do we? ^^

I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we are only dreaming

A whole new world


Well, since guitarist 김태원 is already in the 남자의 자격 team, he didn’t have to take the audition. Actually, there was some kind of test to group the members to soprano, alto, etc, but I missed recording it, and 김태원 didn’t sing a full song anyway.


So, instead, to complete this post, I’m presenting you the recording from MNet The Pub final shooting (which I went to). Sorry the song is cut in the middle, there’s something wrong with my movie maker.

Guitarist 김태원 and pianist 진보라, performing Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” (Led Zeppelin)

Babe, baby, baby, I’m Gonna Leave You.
I said baby, you know I’m gonna leave you
I’m gonna leave you when the summertime,
Leave you when the summer comes rollin’
Leave you when the summer comes along

Babe, babe, baby, baby, I don’t wanna leave you
I ain’t jokin’ woman, I got to ramble
O, yeah, baby, baby, I’m gonna leave you


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