How to Get Boohwal’s CDs Abroad

2nd Album: yes asia (click)


Best Album “Aesop’s Brush” (이솝의 붓): yes asia (click)

CD’s released after 2005:

10th album (서정): yes asia or amazon 

Live and Unplugged album: yes asia (click)

11th album (사랑): sold out

12th album (1st part): yes asia (click)

12th album (2nd part): yes asia (click)

5th album (1997) (re-issued:2011): yes asia (click)

7th album (2000) (re-issued:2011): yes asia (click)

Boohwal on I-tunes:

Boohwal on Yahoo! Music:

Click here for legal download from from Soribada~.

Fyi, Boohwal’s other albums:
1st Album (1986), 2nd Album (1987), 10th Album (2005), and 12th Album, Part 1 &  2 could still be found in stores in Korea. So are “Best of Born Again” (1989), “Boohwal Best 이솝의 붓” album (1996), and “Live and Unplugged” (2006).

3rd Album (1993), 4th Album (1995), 6th Album (1998), 8th Album (2002), 9th Album (2004), 11th Album (2006) are all sold out.

39 Responses to “How to Get Boohwal’s CDs Abroad”

  1. Janet Says:

    Hi – Is there any way that you can get other BooHwal stuff like T-shirts, etc.?

    • 겁많은사자 Says:

      Boohwal does not engage much in other commercial activities. The T-shirts are usually sold in the concert, and not in every concert coz they don’t keep producing for commercial purpose. And mini-dolls and stuff like that are usually fan-made and not sold anywhere.

  2. Sara Says:

    Hi, there, I´ve understood that it´ll be impossible to but from =_=; But I REALLY want:
    8th Album 새,벽 (Bird, Wall), 2002
    5th Album 불의 발견 (Discovery of Fire), 1997(?)
    2nd Album 회상 (Remember), 1987(?)
    1st Album Rock Will Never Die, 1985(?)
    I know I´m beeing greedy but I really want them =( I´ve been looking around for almost 2 hours now and I´m starting to get desperate… I´d really apritiate your help… Can you help me?

    • 겁많은사자 Says:

      The 5th and 8th album are all sold out.
      The 1st and 2nd album could still be found on CD stores in Korea. If you have Korean friends, I’d recommend you ask for their help.
      When I was still a student I would have the time to help you buy the CDs and drop it to the post office, but I can’t afford such extra time anymore.

      • Sara Says:

        Well… that means it´s impossible for at least another year =_=; …You don´t feel like helping me the illegal way?

    • 겁많은사자 Says:

      Legal is the keyword 🙂
      The reason I’m making this homepage is to promote Boohwal, helping you the illegal way wouldn’t achieve my purpose.
      (Plus, Kim Tae-Won is the Ambassador for copyright protection^^)

      But where do you live btw? One cd would cost approx 10 USD, I’ll see if I could check how much it costs to send it to your country if I have the time, but it’s not likely until the end of this month. That if you’re willing to wait, of course.

      I’ll contact you by e-mail if you leave your address.

      • Sara Says:

        Yeah I thought so XD But had to ask anyway X) And I am VERY thankful for this homepage! Really!

        I live in Sewden… half around the globe… =_=; But only 10 dollars each? Even I can afford it! But are you really willing to risk it? Since it´s 2 cds and then you have to send it… what if I fool you? I´m not saying I will, just it´s so nice of you D:
        And yes I am willing to wait, nice christmas gift to myself XD
        Let´s continue this by mail? ^^ Here´s my email;
        (I’ve saved it and I’ll contact you as soon as I get to check on the stuff I said)

    • 겁많은사자 Says:

      Of course I wouldn’t allow you or anyone fool me. You’ll have to send the money in before I actually buy and send all of the cds. It’ll require trust from both sides, so let me know now if you’re not up for it 🙂

      If all is okay, than I’ll contact you by email once I check the post office and inform you about the prices.

      • Sara Says:

        Of course I´m up for it! I want the cds, so I have no choice XD And I guess I´m a trusting person ^^

        Thanks! Let´s do that ^^ I´ll be waiting!

  3. Bella Says:

    Same here! ^^ Isn’t there any way to purchase Boohwal’s first albums? I’m getting desperate here.
    I live in Europe, too, by the way.
    Can you help me?

  4. mssmpark Says:

    Hello! Thanks for this site. I am a huge Boohwal fan. I’m not in S.Korea right now but can you please post the concert schedules of Boohwal in S.Korea and abroad (if possible) for 2011? Thanks in advance.

  5. khyee Says:

    Oh… iam looking for their 11th album (사랑) >.< cant find anywhere

  6. zuraidah Says:

    hello. i love & thankful for this site… may i know usually how much is boohwal’s concert ticket?

    • Jennifer Says:

      Hi, Zuraidah!
      Nice to meet you here on this exquisite website.
      The ticket for Boohwal’s concert is arount ₩88,000 or $75.00. If you are sincerely interested in going to
      the concert, let me know and i’ll check out if there’s
      a discounted one for the fans.


    • 겁많은사자 Says:

      제가 아는 Jennifer님이신가요? 반갑습니다~ ^^

      @Zuraidah: Do you live in Korea? The range is pretty wide depending on the seat, I’ve always booked front seats and paid as little as 55,000 and as much as 100,000 (Korean Won). Depending on the place of the concert, the price also range.

  7. tekashi Says:

    Boohwal CDs are also available to buy on gmarket. ^^

  8. Vayz T. Liza Says:

    I would love to have their live concert dvds. Are they all still available?

  9. peach Says:

    hi, how can i pm you? have a few questions… thanks! 🙂

  10. Naim Says:

    hi there.
    im just recently fall in love with boohwal. can you suggest any two best album for me? the one that still be available in korean market. i’ll go to korea next week- 28.mar. can you reply my cooment before then? thank you so much. and keep up the good work maintaining this page.

    • 사자후 Says:

      Sorry I’ve just seen your comment now. Hope you had that Korean trip covered.

      My top 2 albums would be the 10th album (2005) which is more soothing and the Live & Unplugged album coz I like boohwal best on live concerts 🙂

  11. Anonymous Says:

    First I want to thank you for this wonderful site of you because it’s a big help for us foreign new fans.Last Oct.6,2012 I was there in their Purple Wave Concert in Seoul.It’s my first time to visit S.Korea and meet them in person and I realized that to watch them in live is so different from watching them in videos.I was so happy and excited,I can’t explain the feeling…they are really so good specially their vocal Jung Dong Ha.By the way I,m from the Philippines and thanks again .I hope some other people who would like to watch live concert can also have same opportunity like me.

    • Vayz T. liza Says:

      Wow, you are a lucky one to have already watched them live… I have been their follower for quite sometime because I like Kim Tae Won’s guitar-playing but when Park Wan Kyu became their vocalist my attention suddenly shifted from guitarist to vocalist.. They are a great band.. Anyway, I am also a Filipino…

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! what a surprise to know that we are both Filipino. I’d been their follower since 2009 and I’d tried many times to visit Korea just to watch Boohwal live concert. At last it happened and I can’t explain the feeling when I heard Jung Dong Ha sang my favorite song. It’s really worth it and I can even get Boohwal poster and t-shirt while waiting for them to start. Actually they have stall outside tha venue to sell album, t-shirt, etc. You know, Park Wan Kyu is also one of their guest. Boohwal is the best band for me…

    • Vayz T. liza Says:

      I thought that I was the only Filipino rooting for them. Do you think there are more of us? Because the other band from another country that I like, we are only 3 Filipinos here and 2 more are living abroad. Can you email me? So that we can have interaction?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Really, they are in abroad. Actually I’m from Bacoor, Cavite. I hope threre still a lot of Filipino around that knows about Boohwal. So pity if its a few recognize them, they are very talented musician.

  14. Laura Sulangsawa Says:

    I don’t think that we are the only Filipino here, if I’m not mistaken there a lot around there… I’ve seen a lot of comment in youtube and they mention that they are Filipinos. By the way, you’re living in the Philippines right now? I’m from Bacoor, Cavite. Nice to meet you here…

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Really, I hope we get info how many of us around here interested in Boohwal. I hope a lot…

  16. Adelia Chechi Says:

    a discovery for me .. good songs .. nice voice … I love Kim Tae-Won

  17. Sondra Puckett Says:

    Boohwal albums are available on E-Bay.

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