Hybrid MMORG “Argo”

“Argo” is a game about a natural resource called “어스듐” (Earthdium), which leads to the war between two tribes called “노블리언” (Noblian) and “플로레스라” (Floresslah). As a new futuristic game (MMORPG) “Argo” is having a pre-Opening Beta Test (Pre-OBT) from the 22nd of July until August 2nd.

The soundtrack for Argo is sung by Jeong Dong-Ha, and among the OST, and the song “세상위로(Above the World) that describes the story of this game is opened for public during the pre-OBT period. They also plan to release a mini album for Argo soundtrack.


눈을 감고 그려보던 세상이 있어
애기로만 전해 듣던 지상의 하늘
별을 어떤 빚일까
바다는 푸를까
내가 꿈구는 그곳일까

잠겨있던 알고의 문이 열리고
날 잡아 끄는 강한 바람의 느낌
절대 놓치지 않아 고귀한 생명의 애너지
모든 걸 이뤄낼 수 있는 힘

불타버린 세월을 숨긴 채
알 수 없는 운명 속의 우리들
더 이상의 후회는 없어
자유의 저 세상위로 날아가

잠겨있던 알고의 문이 열리고
날 잡아 끄는 강한 바람의 느낌
절대 놓치지 않아 고귀한 생명의 애너지
모든 걸 이뤄낼 수 있는 힘

삼켜버린 눈물의 갇힌 채
버려진 도시 속의 우리들
마지막 그 빚을 되 찾아
미래의 저 희망위로 날아가

어스듐 빚 나는 보석
그 모든 시작을 의미
그날을 잊지 못해
두렵지 않아
포기 할 순 없어

불타버린 세월을 숨긴 채
알 수 없는 운명 속의 우리들
더 이상의 후회는 없어
자유의 저 세상위로 날아가

To download the song and the music video: http://argo.mgame.com/event/2010/0722_ost/default.mgame


News Source: http://bit.ly/bmXxKT


This is a special posting, for several reasons:

1. This is exactly my 100th post since I first started this blog (YeY! ^ㅇ^)

2. You can hear all Boohwal members’ voices on this particular post! ^_^

As most of you would have already known, Kim Tae-Won is appearing in a variety show called Men’s Qualification: 101 things to do before you die (남자의 자격) and in this show they perform different missions every week. The mission this time, is to join (make) a choir. The members, of course, has got to be more than the 7 guys in 남자의 자격. So they held an audition to select the remaining 23 members of the choir, and guess what? All Boohwal members showed up for the audition! ^_^

Ow, the video is my own making, in order to avoid any forms of property rights infringements. So just enjoy their beautiful voice and songs~ 🙂

Ow, please note that the audition is for a choir, so it’s to see who’s voice match best with the 7 original members. It’s not to see who sings best..


In the same order as their audition, the first to come is bassist 재혁, singing “10월의 어느 멋진날에” (Serenade to Spring) (originally sang by 김동규). The first time I and I believe most fans had ever heard him sing, lovely~ ^-^


창밖에 앉은 바람 한 점에도
사랑은 가득한걸
널 만난 세상 더는 소원 없어
바램은 죄가 될 테니까


.Second, the drummer 채제민, singing “가리워진 길 (originally sang by 유재하). Note that he had always sang this song for the solo performance in Boohwal’s concert when his shoulder was still hurt and he couldn’t perform solo drum~^^

보일듯 말듯 가물거리는 안개속에 쌓인 길
이리로 가나 저리로 갈가 아득하기만 한데

그대여 힘이 되주오
나에게 주어진 길 찾을 수 있도록




Third, and lastly, vocalist 정동하 singin Aladin’s theme “A Whole New World” (Nick Pitera). Well. we all know he can sing, do we? ^^

I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we are only dreaming

A whole new world


Well, since guitarist 김태원 is already in the 남자의 자격 team, he didn’t have to take the audition. Actually, there was some kind of test to group the members to soprano, alto, etc, but I missed recording it, and 김태원 didn’t sing a full song anyway.


So, instead, to complete this post, I’m presenting you the recording from MNet The Pub final shooting (which I went to). Sorry the song is cut in the middle, there’s something wrong with my movie maker.

Guitarist 김태원 and pianist 진보라, performing Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” (Led Zeppelin)

Babe, baby, baby, I’m Gonna Leave You.
I said baby, you know I’m gonna leave you
I’m gonna leave you when the summertime,
Leave you when the summer comes rollin’
Leave you when the summer comes along

Babe, babe, baby, baby, I don’t wanna leave you
I ain’t jokin’ woman, I got to ramble
O, yeah, baby, baby, I’m gonna leave you


[Project Band] Not 2B

Not 2 B was a project band Seo Jae-Hyuck and Chae Jemin worked together on 2002. The members were vocalist 배이비 (baby), guitarist Joseph Kim, bassist Seo Jae-Hyuck, and drummer Chae Jemin.

서재혁, Joseph Kim, 배이비, 채제민

재혁오빠 (far left), 제민오빠 (far right)

Their song, “잘됐어” was inserted in the following album, “Indie Power 2002”. You can find it in the 12th track.

Guitar Zeus Korea

Carmine Appice is an American rock drummer who debut in the late 1960’s. He had the idea to write and record a project that would spotlight the guitar “Gods” from around the world. That’s how he got together with bassist Tony Franklin and bassist/keyboardist Kelly Keeling to work on “Guitar Zeus” project. In the Korea project, they also collaborated with engineer Pat Regan.

Seo Jae-Hyuck (서재혁) took part in “Guitar Zeus Korea” project, which album was released in 2002. He played the bass for the 5th track in the album, “Days ‘R’ Nites”, together with guitarist Joseph Kim.

I finally got my Guitar Zeus Korea CD about a month ago after a long search, and finally last night I bumped into him. As usual I couldn’t approach him first but he waved to me (love him!^^) so I approached him when the rest of his company took a walk outside (he was with his family). I asked for his autograph on the album jacket, and signing my album jacket, he said, “he’s dead” referring to his partner Joseph Kim. I thought I heard wrong so I confirmed again, suddenly I forgot the word “dead” in the most polite form in Korean so I stuttered. He said yes, and stupidly I asked, “how…” well, I just feel so insensitive about it now.. It seemed to be an old story for him, but it had to be an uneasy memory. May he rest in peace.

In this album, the following legends in Korean rock history also took part, among the names I know:

신대철 of 시나위, Tomy Kim (former member of 김종서 band), 김도균 of 백두산 (he’s awesome!), and Tomi Kita of Tomi Kita Band.

Little Wing (project band)

I feel like writing about Seo Jae-Hyuk today.. (God, it’s almost a month since I last saw him>_<)

This is “Little Wing”, a project band that Seo Jae-Hyuk and Chae Jemin was part of.

The idea to make this project band started in the end of 2004. Back then, 서재혁, 채제민엄수한 who were all 부활 members, plus 이준, the four of them had the idea to start a project band, not for the money, not for the fans, not for anything else, but just to have fun! To do music that they like, to do music for they love it! Just for the music itself! An Indie Band, basically – except for the fact they’re all professionals…^^ So.. that was how the idea of Little Wing first started…

The idea was left .. as an idea… for quiet some time. Jemin Oppa, Jae-Hyuck Oppa, and Soo-Han (Oraboni?^^;) were busy with Boohwal’s 10th album, each also had their personal sessions, and this and that…

But in the end, the idea finally came into reality in 2006. Little Wing, as a project band, did not release any albums, but they perform LIVE!^^ That’s what music is about, and that’s why they rock! (Well, I believe they do, I never had the chance to see them perform.. ㅜㅜ) Their first concert was on March 30th, 2006, in Hongdae’s Sound Holic.

The members were a little bit different than the pioneers (^^).

On the picture above: Zakky (guitar), Lee Jun (guitar), Chae Jemin (drum), and Seo Jae-Hyuck (bass).

Zakky Kim, is a guitarist, formerly a member of a band called “아프락사스” in 1987-89. He’s a single fighter type (if you know what I mean^^), he played guitar or worked with, among others: Korn, Alicia Keys, Oasis, DOA.

Lee Jun, he’s also a renowned guitarist and music producer. He’d sometimes play session for Boohwal, as well, among others in MTV The Stage performance (check on “Recorded Session”, you’d find him^^). He played the guitar and also worked on the production of several musicals, among others “Subway Line 1” (지하철1호선), “Mamamia”, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”.

Seo Jae-Hyuck and Chae Jemin, .. well.. there’s just too much to say about them that one paragraph wouldn’t fit, would it ^^

Little Wing's 1st concert (2006)

Little Wing's 2nd concert, 2006

Little Wing's joined concert with Seo Muntak (2007)

Picture source from Little Wing’s homepage, and background story from one of the members ^^*

Noise 11 (project band)

Noise 11 is a project band led by Boohwal’s drummer Chae Jemin.

Noise 11 - "The Beginning"

Members are: Chae Jemin (drum), Park Ung (guitar), Jang Jiwon (keyboard), Kang Un-Hee (bass), and Lee Hyeon-Seob (vocal). All have their own band, or previously belong to a band, and get together in Noise 11 on project-basis.

They’ve started this project since 2006 for live performances in clubs and festivals, and finally released an album in February 2009, titled “The Beginning”.

The album has four songs:

1. 예전 그대로 (composed and written by guitarist Park Ung)

2. 한달 그리고 일년 후 (composed by keyboardist Jang Jiwon, lyrics by vocalist Lee Hyeon-Seob)

3. 은두 (composed and written by basist Kang Un-Hee)

4. 건전가요 (composed and written by the leader of team/drummer Chae Jemin)

“이미 각자의 팀활동과 개인활동을 통해 많은 무대를 선보였지만, 초심으로 돌아가 Noise11이라는 신인밴드로써 음악의 다양성을 선보이겠다는 각오로 밤 11시 5명이 하나의 소리(NOISE)를 만들어 나가고 있다. 즐겁게, 재미있게, 신나게 음악을 하자는 팀의 MOTTO답게 Noise11의 음악은 편안하고 즐겁다.”

Sadly I don’t have their album, but I heard the preview of the first track (the title song) “예전 그대로” and it’s really REALLY beautiful! Let me know if you happen to have the album, it’s really difficult to find this album these days ㅜㅜ

**저.. 이 앨범 진짜 많은 곳에 뒤집어 찾아봤는데 결국 못 찾았네요.. 읽으신 분중에 공유해주실 수 있으신 분 계시면 정말 감사하겠습니다!!! 댓글 달아주시면 제가 이메일주소 가르쳐 드리거나 이메일주소 남겨주시고 제가 연락드릴께요@@!! **

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