[Music Video] Donghwa “동화”

Finally, the music video of “Assimilation” (동회)~

Find the lyrics and translation here (click)! 🙂

Donghwa in “Midnight FM”

Instead of the music video shot in Japan a last June, the OST version of the movie “Midnight FM” is coming out earlier this week. The Movie, starred by Soo-Ae, is released on this October 14th in Korea.

Enjoy “Donghwa” as the OST of “Midnight FM”~~

동화 [同化] (Assimilation)

.Originally I meant to wait for all music videos for Retrospect II to come out before posting the songs lyrics, but seems like some people already started to search the new songs lyrics translation here, so I figure I’ll post one each day when I’m free. Boohwal is currently planning to shoot another music video for another song. I really can’t wait for the music videos to come out; 흑백영화 II and Someday are my favorites in this new album..

Just a short preview on “Making the Music Video” from Boohwal in Nagasaki last June, followed with the lyrics & translation. Enjoy! ^_^

Click here for the FULL Music Video~



(Composed by Kim Tae-Won, Lyrics by Kim Tae-Won)


창밖에선  비가 내리고 (Outside of the window, rain is falling)

어렴풋이 넌 떠오르고 (you dimly came into my mind)

잊지 말라고 잊지 말라고 (Don’t forget, don’t forget)

날 바라보며 널 말했었지 (Look at me, you said)


뒤돌아서면 저 어딘가를  (If you turn back, that somewhere)

지나쳐가는 넌 바람같아 (passing by, you’re like the wind)

저 어딘가로 날아가도록 (to fly, to that somewhere)

바람이란게 부는가봐 (the thing called wind seems to blow)


너를 만나게 되는 날 (the day i meet you)

너를 만날 수 있는 날 (the day  i can meet you)

내가 설레었던 그 예전처럼 (when my heart fluttered, like those old days)

또 그럴 수 있을까 (can i feel it again)


너무 사랑을 했기에 (because I loved you so much)

너무 사랑을 했기에 (because I loved you so much)

다시 다가갈수도 없을만큼 (that I cannot come closer to you again)

서로 사랑했으니까 (Because we loved each other)


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