Butterfly [나비]

Butterfly, from Boohwal’s 11th Album “Love”, released in 2006. Another song where you can hear the voice of Boohwal’s leader Kim Tae-Won. The first half up to “good bye” part is sung by Kim Tae-Won himself, and the latter half by Jeong Dong-Ha. The song is written and composed by Kim Tae-Won.

In one of the talk shows, I remember he told the story of writing this song. As you might already know, Kim Tae-Won lives in Korea while his wife lives in the Philippines, so they visit each other often. Although, Kim Tae-Won doesn’t like to see his wife off to the airport coz he thinks that’s too sad (oh, yes, he is a man of tears:). So one day, after saying good bye to her in his apartment, he sat alone and saw an insect flying in. He thought it was a butterfly and that’s how he was inspired to write this song. (but in the talk show we discovered that it was not at all a butterfly.. ^^;)

창을 열어 놓으면 나비가 들어오고 (if you let the windows open, butterfly will come in)
홀로이던 내 방이 순간 들이 되고 (I was alone in my room, suddenly there’s two of us)
언제부턴가 시작한 그림이 없는 종이에 (I don’t know since when, on a paper without any pictures on it)
그 무언가를 그리고 칠을 해 간다네 (drawing something, painting..)
난다..  난다..  난다 .. (flying… flying… flying…)
Good bye… Good bye… Good bye…
어느 작은 섬에서 홀로 등대를 켜고 (on a small island, turning on the lighthouse)
지나는 배를 멀리 보며 어떤 그리움을 지우려고 (looking at the passing ship from afar, trying to let go some yearning)
많이 생각이 나는 자꾸 생각이 나는 (comes to my mind a lot, comes to my mind often)
어떤 시간을 이젠 멀리 등대를 스치며 지나는 배처럼 (like the ship now far passing the lighthouse, one time)
보라빛이 물든 바다 (the sea faded by a purple light)
항상 굽이 다가올 차가운 바다지만 (although it’s a cold sea which bottom’s always coming closer)
사랑해요 사랑해요 나비가 날아가듯 (I love you, I love you, the butterfly seems like flying)
마치 바다 위로 나비가 날아가듯 (just happens the butterfly seems like flying above the sea)
저 바다로 (to that sea)

부활 11집 [사랑] Love

Boohwal 11th album “Love”, released in 2006.
Drummer Chae Jemin, Pianist Eom Soo-Han,Vocalist Jeong Dong-Ha, Bassist Seo Jae-Hyuck, Guitarist Kim Tae-Won.

1. 친구야 너는 아니
(do you know, my friend?)

2. 시간2
(time 2)

3. 사랑

4. Close Your Eyes

5. 1971 여름
(summer 1971)

6. A Side Effect

7. If

8. 순수

9. 나비

10. 사랑 (Piano Version)

사랑 (Love)

Boohwal’s 11th album title song, “Love” (사랑).

사랑이었던걸 모르고 만났었다면 (if we met not knowing it was love)
헤어진 후 느끼게 된다고 (we’ll feel it when we part, they say)
시간이 흘러서 보고 싶어질쯤 (as the time flows, when I’m about to miss you)
아픔이란게 찾아오고 (the pain comes sipping in)

알수 없는 그 어느 날에 (someday)
그리움이 다가오고 돌아가려 해보면 (the longing comes, when I’d want to come back)
이미 멀어져가는 슬픈 얘기가 만들어지고 (we’d already far from each other, a sad story was made)

고마워요 내 마음속에 그토록 (thank you, from deep in my heart, all this long…)
오랫동안 살아와줘서 (for living this long)
지쳐가던 시간에 그대를 생각하면서 (on exhausting days, I think of you…)
낸가 일어설수 있게 해준 그대 (you helped me back on my feet)

알수 없는 그 어느 날에
외로움이 다가오고 돌아가려 해보면
이미 멀어져가는 슬픈 얘기가 만들어지고

고마워요 내 마음속에 그토록
오랫동안 살아와줘서
지쳐가던 시간에 그대를 생각하면서
내가 일어설수 있게 해준

사랑해요 기억니 나요 (I love you, I remember)
언제나 간직할수 있었기에 (for I can keep this memory forever)
너무 늦었지만 너무 몰랐었지만  (although it’s too late, even thought I didn’t know at all)
사랑이란걸 알게해준  (you taught me what love is)

고마워요 내 마음속에 (thank you, from deep in my heart)
오랫동안 살아와줘서
고마워요  (for living this long, thank you)

Close Your Eyes

Composed by 서제혁 ^_^


눈 감으면 넌 떠오르지 아주 오래된 이야기지만
If I close my eyes, you came to my mind, although it’s a very old story
어제 있었던 일 인것처럼 마치 어제 인것처럼
as if it happened yesterday, just as it happened yesterday
눈을 떠보면 사라져버려 흘러만 가는 이 시간속에
If I open my eyes, it’s gone in the moving time
너의 모습이 흐려만가고, 너를 찾아가네
your image flows by, I’m searching for you
Close Your Eyes, Close Your Eyes
눈을 감고 날 생각해봐 (Close your eyes, think of me)
이 세상이 너무 차가워지면 (If this world becomes too cold)
널 만나러 난 눈을 감을 테니까 (I’ll close my eyes to see you)
사랑을 하던 그 순간들과 멀어져 가던 너의 모습과
The way you looked when you loved me, and when you drifted away
흘러만 가는 저 시간들과 마치 어제처럼
The time that flows, and it feels like yesterday
저 멀어져가는, 모두 떠나가 버린, 내가 모르는 사이
The thing that drifts away, everything leaves, when I didn’t notice
Close Your Eyes, Close Your Eyes
눈을 감고 날 생각해봐 (Close your eyes, think of me)
힘에 겨워 너를 만나러가는 (It’s over my power, to go see you)
언제나 넌 그 곳에 있을테니 (You’ll aways be there..)
Close Your Eyes, Close Your Eyes
눈을 감고 날 생각해봐 (Close your eyes, think of me)
이 세상이 너무 차가워지면 Close Your Eyes  (If this world becomes too cold, Close Your Eyes)
Close Your Eyes, Close Your Eyes
눈을 감고 날 기억해봐 (Close your eyes, remember me)
힘에 겨워 너를 만나러가는 Close Your Eyes (It’s over my power, to go see you, Close Your Eyes)
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