[For My Father] 희망에게

The song was inserted in Boohwal’s 10th album, and it was written specially for the father of the writer. Kim Tae-Won’s father was lying sick when he was in the process of writing this song. The title, “희망에게” literally means “To Hope” but it’s retitled as “For My Father” in English. Kim Tae Won’s father is now well and recovered.

The song was composed by Kim Tae Won together with Chae Je Min, and the lyrics written by Kim Tae Won.

모든걸 나 포기할때쯤 그대가 저기 오네요
When I was to give up everything, there you came
있을수 없는 일들이 가끔 일어나지요
Things that wasn’t suppose to happen, they happen.. sometimes
어느땐 힘에겨워도 약해진내가
Even when I feel it’s so hard sometimes.. when I become weaker
나아질때까지 포기하지 마세요
Please don’t give up until you get better


그를 사랑해도 되나요
Is it okay if I love him?
모든걸 포기할때쯤
When he’s about to give up everything…
소리없이 지금 다가와
He’s getting closer without sound
날 안아주네요
And he held me..
기적이란 이름 약속하세요
Promise me a miracle
You will definitely stand (back) up
Please don’t leave…


누군가가 빌어놓은 소원이 이뤄질테니
The wish that somebody requested will come true, clearly
잠이 든 아이 꿈속에 끝없이 눈이 내리듯
In the dream a child fallen asleep, it seems like snow is falling unstoppable
그리워하던 오늘이
Today that I longed for
지나면 내일이 오듯
If it passes, tomorrow is likely to come..
만나는 그 순간부터 사랑하게 된다는
From the moment we met, I came to love you

오늘이 다가올날에 만들어질 추억이면
If it’s a memory to be made on the day coming after today
이젠 난 너의 두 손을 놓아선 않된다는것
I can’t let go of both your hands right now
지금도 만나가겠지 누군가의 어제가 가고
We’ll still be seeing each other from now on, somebody left yesterday
하루가 지나는 일이 언제나 돌아오듯이
Things that passed within a day, will come back .. at any time

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