[Top 3] 회상 III (Reminiscence III)

Following the previous Top 3 songs I posted, 사랑할수록 (The More I Love) and Never Ending Story, finally, the best of all, 회상 III (Reminiscence III). I’ve actually started writing this post on August 2010, but since I want it to stay on top of my blog everytime, I decided to save it for last. I don’t know yet whether this is gonna be the last post or not, but now I’m publishing it as a commemoration of “Boohwal~BORN AGAIN: Korea’s Legendary Musicians” first anniversary~ ^_^

In this original version of “Reminiscence III” (1987), Kim Tae-Won did most of the singing. As you know, his singing voice is more than mere husky. But I think it’s really beautiful, you can feel, I can feel all of the emotion that are really meant for the girl in the lyrics. For he did compose and write this song, inspired by the girl who is now his wife. Actually, in the first video (the original version inserted in Boohwal’s second album), the “nanana” part was sung by this “girl”.

The lyrics I put here is the lyrics matching to the original “회상 III”, that is most part sung by Kim Tae-Won except for the very last part which was sung by Boohwal’s lead vocal. However, in the latter version, as you can see in the second video which was quite recent (2006), Kim Tae-Won no longer sang the “밖으로 나가버리고” part anymore, leaving it to lead vocal Jeong Dong-Ha. In minute 4.50, Jeong Dong-Ha gave the mike to the audience and they sung the song wrong. It was suppose to be the part Kim Tae-Won sings, but the audience sung the “밖으로 나가버리고” part. So he said, “it’s not that~~” and there was some mis there.. (I’d say that’s the beauty of live performances: it ain’t always perfect, they’re human beings. But they’re perfectly doing their best. And there’s always a different color in every single stage^^_)

The same case with the version sung together with Kim Jong-Seo in the third video (2009). Now, question: why did I insert the third video where other Boohwal members didn’t even appear except for Kim Tae-Won? Because this is actually the very first video that I ever watched of Kim Tae-Won (I didn’t know about Boohwal then) and it was his voice which dragged me to be Boohwal’s loyal fan. Yes, I also happen to like Kim Jong-Seo, and what a coincidence that Kim Jong-Seo was actually Boohwal’s first vocalist. Before Boohwal released their first album in 1986, Kim Tae-Won had another band called “The End” and Kim Jong-Seo was the vocalist for this band. Thus he is one person you can’t totally exclude from Boohwal’s history after all.

The fourth video is really unique. It’s a rap version of “Reminiscence III”  sung by 조PD, featured in Boohwal’s 10th album [서정] released in 2005. The last video was from a special album dedicated to Boohwal’s 25th birthday, in which “Reminiscence III” was sung by Mun Hee-Jun.

Boohwal’s 2nd Album [Remember] =1987=

지금 슬픈 내모습을 무대뒤의 한소녀 (at my pitiful look now, a girl behind the stage..)
애써 눈물 참으며 바라보고 있네 (trying hard to hold her tears, looking at me)
무대뒤에 그소녀는 작은 의자에 앉아 (behind the stage, the girl sits on a small chair)
두손 곱게 모으고 바라보며 듣네  (she put her two hands together, listening, while looking at me)
나의 애기를 오 (my story.. oh..)

My favorite (Kim Tae-Won + Jeong Dong-Ha) =2006=

소녀는 나를 알기에 더더욱 슬퍼지네 (the girl knows me, thus she becomes even sadder)
노래는 점점흐르고 소녀는 울음을 참지 못해 (the song is flowing, the girl couldn’t hold her crying)
밖으로 나가 버리고 노래는 끝이 났지만 (she got out, even though the song hadn’t finished)
이젠 부르지 않으리 예 (now I’m not singing it..)
이 슬픈노래 (this sad song)

Kim Jong-Seo + Kim Tae-Won

이 노래가 긑이 나면 많은 사람 환호 (if this song ends, the cheers of many people in the audience)
뒤로 앉채 소녀에게 다가가 말없이 안아주리 (approaching the girl sitting in the back,without a word giving her a hug)

소녀는 나를 알기에 더더욱 슬퍼지네 (the girl knows me, thus she becomes even sadder)
노래는 점점흐르고 소녀는 울음을 참지 못해 (the song is flowing, the girl couldn’t hold her crying)

Boohwal’s 10th Album [서정] (Feat.조PD) =2005=

밖으로 나가버리고 노래는 끝이 났지만 (she got out, even though the song hadn’t finished)
이젠 부르지 않으리 예 (now I’m not singing it..)
이 슬픈노래 (this sad song)

나나나나 (nananana)

[Song Book] Mun Hee-Jun =2009=

A little bit “behind the story” about “Reminiscence III”, if I may. As I told you, the song was written and composed by Kim Tae-Won for the woman who now becomes his wife. Most part of the song was sang by him and it was inserted in Boohwal’s Second album [Remember]. But the album didn’t sell. Lee Seung-Cheol, who was Boohwal vocal then left the band for a solo career. He then remade the song and sung it solo, after re-titling it to “The Last Concert” (마지막 콘서트). The latter song has more ballad feelings to it, with piano opening and all, and it made a hit in Korea. A lot of people now remember this song as Lee’s “The Last Concert”, despite it is originally Boohwal’s, Kim Tae-Won’s “Reminiscence III”.

Spider Web (거미의 줄)

Boohwal’s 10th album is of course arguably one of Boohwal’s best album, which is probably why I’ve posted almost every song in that album. This song is particularly special, not because it is written and composed by Kim Tae-Won, also for the fact it was sung by the legend himself, but also the story behind it that delivers a message out of the writer’s own experience.

Two years ago, Kim Tae-Won told the story behind this song. A research on drug effects were conducted on spider. The spider effected by drugs built really thin spider web, narrow, unable to attract any flies, and finally die of starvation. The spider unaffected by anything builds a normal spider web

홀로 가느다란 이 줄위에
서있는 나는 누구와도 다른
Standing on this thin string, I am different from anybody else

나만의 장소로 나만의 시간에
The story of my own place, my own time

내가 살아온동안 TV로
힘이 된 얘기와 힘든 얘기들
Stories that made me stronger and difficult stories I heard on TV all my life

잠시 날 취하게 했을 뿐 매일 난
그대로 인걸
Makes me tipsy for a short while only, I’m still the same way as I am everyday

살아온 동안             my whole life
살아가는대로          the way of life
살아가는 시간에         the time
살아있는대로               life itself..

[For My Father] 희망에게

The song was inserted in Boohwal’s 10th album, and it was written specially for the father of the writer. Kim Tae-Won’s father was lying sick when he was in the process of writing this song. The title, “희망에게” literally means “To Hope” but it’s retitled as “For My Father” in English. Kim Tae Won’s father is now well and recovered.

The song was composed by Kim Tae Won together with Chae Je Min, and the lyrics written by Kim Tae Won.

모든걸 나 포기할때쯤 그대가 저기 오네요
When I was to give up everything, there you came
있을수 없는 일들이 가끔 일어나지요
Things that wasn’t suppose to happen, they happen.. sometimes
어느땐 힘에겨워도 약해진내가
Even when I feel it’s so hard sometimes.. when I become weaker
나아질때까지 포기하지 마세요
Please don’t give up until you get better


그를 사랑해도 되나요
Is it okay if I love him?
모든걸 포기할때쯤
When he’s about to give up everything…
소리없이 지금 다가와
He’s getting closer without sound
날 안아주네요
And he held me..
기적이란 이름 약속하세요
Promise me a miracle
You will definitely stand (back) up
Please don’t leave…


누군가가 빌어놓은 소원이 이뤄질테니
The wish that somebody requested will come true, clearly
잠이 든 아이 꿈속에 끝없이 눈이 내리듯
In the dream a child fallen asleep, it seems like snow is falling unstoppable
그리워하던 오늘이
Today that I longed for
지나면 내일이 오듯
If it passes, tomorrow is likely to come..
만나는 그 순간부터 사랑하게 된다는
From the moment we met, I came to love you

오늘이 다가올날에 만들어질 추억이면
If it’s a memory to be made on the day coming after today
이젠 난 너의 두 손을 놓아선 않된다는것
I can’t let go of both your hands right now
지금도 만나가겠지 누군가의 어제가 가고
We’ll still be seeing each other from now on, somebody left yesterday
하루가 지나는 일이 언제나 돌아오듯이
Things that passed within a day, will come back .. at any time

[Time] 시간

I bumped to 시간 (time) today. I’ve always liked this song, but today, I was drawn to it.. So I checked if I’ve reviewed the lyrics and it appears that I haven’t.. so I did… and I realized why I was drawn to it today..

내겐 많은 일이 일어난 하루였지만 아무도 모른채 이대로 흘러가던걸…

From Boohwal’s 10th album, released in 2006.

그날 돌아오던 노을이 지는 오후에도 (Coming back that day, the sun is setting in the afternoon)
모두 거리의 모습들은 그대로인걸 (Everything look just the same on the street)
내겐 많은 일이 일어난 하루였지만 (Even though so many things happen to me today)
아무도 모른채 이대로 흘러만 가던 걸 (As if nobody knows, everything flows as usual)

어제 거리를 걸으며 비틀대던 이에게 (Yesterday, when I walked the street, I saw a man tottering)
그저 모른채 내가 지나친것처럼 (Just as I passed by, pretending as if I didn’t see him)

늘 기다리던 수없이 많은 날들이 (The days I always waited)
나도 모르게 어느 덧 시를 쓰게 되고 (I also didn’t realized I was writing a poem)
내가 지쳐갈 때 나도 모르는 이유로 (When I’m exhausted, for a reason I do not know myself)
널 만날수 있도록 노래 해온 거겠지 (I must have kept singing to see you)

오래전에 떠나가버린 너는  (You left long ago)
지금도 내 기억엔 살아나는 듯이 (As if you’re still alive in my memories right now)

어제 거리를 걸으며 비틀대던 이에게 (Yesterday, when I walked the street, I saw a man tottering)
그저 모른채 내가 지나친것처럼 (Just as I passed by, pretending as if I didn’t see him)

늘 기다리던 수없이 많은 날들이
나도 모르게 어느 덧 시를 쓰게 되고
내가 지쳐갈 때 나도 모르는 이유로
널 만날수 있도록 노래 해온 거겠지

그날 돌아오던 노을이 지는 오후에도 (Coming back that day, the sun is setting in the afternoon)
아무도 모른채 그대로 흘러만 거던 걸 (Everything flows as it is without anyone knowing)

[10th Album] 서정 “Lyrics”

Boohwal’s 1oth Album, the first album Vocalist Jeong Dong-Ha joined Boohwal. The member line in this album is the same as the [Live and Unplugged] Album: Kim Tae-Won, Seo-Jae-Hyuck, Chae Jemin, Jeong Dong-Ha, and Eom Soo-Han.

1. 시간 (time)

2. 추억이면 (a different lane of memory)

3. 슬픔을 이기는 기도 (prayer to overcome sadness)

4. Yellow

5. 4.19 코끼리 탈출하다 (The elephant escapes 4.19) – “Gabriel’s Obboe”

6. 거미의 줄 (Spider web) (vocal by Kim Tae-Won)

7. Imagine

8. 회상 III (Reminiscence III)(featuring Joe PD)

9. Second 8.1.1.

10. 노을 (glow in the sunset)

11. 작은 너에게 (to little you) (featuring Jo Seung-Woo)

12. 희망에게 (For my Father) (to hope)

Second 8.1.1.


August 11th, the day Boohwal’s former vocalist, Kim Jae-Gi passed away 17 years ago.

The song was composed by Kim Tae-Won and released in that very 3rd album, which Kim Jae-Gi took part.

The second 8.1.1. was inserted in Boohwal’s 10th album, released in 2006.

8.1.1. opens with a spelling ㄱ, 이, ㅁ, ㅈ, 애. ㄱ,이.

When I realized it spelled 김재기 (Kim Jae-Gi), that’s how I realized the spellings in the Second 8.1.1. also meant something,

If you’ve got sensitive ears, you can probably can tell which Boohwal member pronounce each alphabet of  ㅊ,어,ㄴ,ㄱ,우,ㄱ – spelling 천국, which means “heaven”.

**ㅊ(ch), 어 (eo), ㄴ(n), ㄱ (g/k), 우 (“oo” as in boots), ㄱ (k) – read 천국 (cheonguk).

Clue: ㄴ was Seo Jae-Hyuck, the first ㄱ was Chae Jemin, and the last ㄱ was Kim Tae-Won.

And as I learned from one of Boohwal and Kim Tae-Won’s best fan (^^), the spellings in the first 8.1.1 was pronounced by no other than Kim Tae-Won’s own wife, Lee Hyun-Joo (이현주).

노을 (Glow of the Setting Sun)

Composed by 서재혁 (Seo Jae-Hyuck) and written by 김태원  (Kim Tae-Won). This song was released in the 10th album(2005) and was also used as the movie “Dirty Carnival” (비열한 거리) OST. In a recent radio talk show, 서재혁 said that he  felt that this song didn’t receive enough attention from the public because not long after the movie came out, one of Korea’s long lasting trot song “떙벌” was released, overcoming this song ^^;

I personally think this is a beautiful song. Below is the movie trailer with the song as its background, and an unplugged version performed live. Enjoy! 🙂


(작곡:서재혁. 작사:김태원)

바람에 흔들리는 커튼에  (the curtains swayed by the wind)
보여져 가는 너 지금도 너를 바라보는 나에게  (you coming to sight, to me who is starring at you even now)

설레이는 커튼 그 사이로  (the moving curtains, in between them)
만난적 없어도 서로 말을 하듯  (Even though we never met, as if we talk to each other)
날 모르는널 사랑한다는건  (That I love you, you who don’t (even) know me)
언젠가 라는 슬픈얘기  (Once upon a time.. a sad story)
널 만나서도 말을 할수 없는건  (Even if I meet you, that I can’t speak)
저 노을이 져가는 이유  (the reason that glow in the sky is setting)

설레이는 내 꿈속안에서  (In my fluttered dream)
만날순 있어도 서로 말이없이  (Even if we can meet, we don’t say a word to each other)
날 모르는널 사랑한다는건
언젠가 라는 슬픈얘기
널 만나서도 말을 할수 없는건
저 노을이 져가는 이유
너 언젠가 걸었던 그 길에 그 발자욱위를  (the street you once walked, on that footprints)
내가 다시 걷고 바람이 불어오고 너에게로  (I walk on it again, the wind is blowing to you)
날 모르는널 사랑한다는건
언젠가 라는 슬픈얘기
널 만나서도 말을 할수 없는건
저 노을이 져가는 이유

내 옆을 지난 널 바라본다는 건  (Looking at you passing by my side)
언제가라는 아픈얘기  (Once upon a time.. a sad story)
널 기다리며 다가갈수없는건  (While waiting for you, that I cannot get closer)
노을이 져가는 이유  (the reason the glow in the sky is setting)


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