[Movie] Share the Vision

It’s a (33 minutes long) short-movie which will come out this September, starred by among others actor Lee Byung Hyun whose name especially big in Korea and Japan.

This short movie will consist of three short episodes, every which one will be accompanied by its own theme from 4 musicians as below. Go to http://www.sharethevision.co.kr/ to check out the movie~!

The first album (assuming there would be a second?) consists of the following:

1. [Boohwal] 가슴에 그린 성 (Vision in Mind)
2. [Soul-man] 내 친구야 (Believe in Vision)
3. [4-Men] 너의 웃음 고마워 (Vision of Love)
4. [Yim Jae-Bum] Share the Vision*

plus 5 theme songs and 4 instrumental version of the above songs (13 songs in total).

P.S. If you’re interested in Yim Jae-Bum (who is just so cool, btw:) check out his concert schedule til the end of September this year here~~ !

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