21 C 불경기 [21st Century Recession]

For the last few weeks, I’ve been listening only Boohwal’s 5th album~ there’s a color that I had not find in any other Boohwal albums.

First, the 5th album has the strongest rock flavor to it, probably the only other album that’s comparably strong is the second album released in 1986.

Second, this 5th album, which was released in 1997 when the economic crisis hit Asia the biggest for the first time, also reflect the social condition at the moment of its release. This particular song, 21C 불경기, literally means “Recession in the 21st Century”. This is so much different from the rest of Kim Tae Won’s songs that reflect personal experiences.

And I think it goes without explanation that Boohwal 5th album was produced by a totally different formation: Kim Tae-Won on guitar, Jeong Dong-Cheol on drum, Jeong Jun-Gyo on bass, and Park Wan-Gyu on the microphone. This 5th album was produced by a different production house and thus they’re now out of the market, but I heard that Boohwal Entertainment has recently obtained the copyright back, so hopefully we’ll be able to find it back in the market soon.

The video below is a live performance where they sung 3 songs from the fifth album: 불의 발견 I  (Discovery of Fire I), 21C 불경기 (21st Century Recession), and 마술사 (Magician), followed with “Open Arms” by Journey. I think the sound is a bit off on this video though, but the original CD sounds way better. 21 C 불경기 is also one of the “must” songs that Boohwal usually plays in live concerts that I’ve been to up to now.

이것저것 가릴 것 없이 세셍에 돈이 최고라고 (no matter what, they say money is the best in the world)
술잔을 기울여 대는 그런 장사가 어떠냐고 (how about pouring beer for business?)
당장엔 도움도 안될 고리타분한 책보다는 (compared to an old-fashioned book that won’t be of any quick help)
하소연할 진할 술잔이 요샌 더 필요한 거겠지 (a drinking glass where one can complain to is more needed at this time)

*어느길로 가야하나 (which way should I take)
무얼해서 돈을 버나 (what should I do to earn money)
세상경험이 더 많은 저분 말대로 할까 (shall I do as that man with more life experience said)

**어느길로 가야하나 (which way should I take)
무얼해서 돈을 버나 (what should I do to earn money)
그 누구처럼 돈을 벌어 (earning money like that someone)
정승처럼 쓰면 되지 (so I can spend money like a minister)

어떻게 살아가는게 현명하다는 생각인지 (which way of living is a wise?)
수많은 저 얘기들이 내 위로 떠다니는 걸 (those many stories are drifting to comfort me?)

Lalalalalalala lalalalalalalala

Where the hell are we going now

요즘같이 이 불경기에 무슨 순수며 정서냐고 (in this recession period, what is pure and emotion?
꽃을 그린 그림을 파는 그런 장사가 되겠냐고 (could one make a business out of drawing flowers and selling them?)
70년대 소설책같은 추억을 만들기 보단 (compared to making memories like a 70’s fiction stories)
한번에 전부 이뤄지는 그런 사랑이 더 필요하지 (we need a love to accomplish everything with one strike)

* ** (repeat)

4 Responses to “21 C 불경기 [21st Century Recession]”

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  2. initial84 Says:

    Can’t wait for the new song. Boohwa Figthinggggggggggg
    Dong Ha Fightinggggggggggggg
    Luv u guys…
    TQ for updating Boohwal news…

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  4. Hilal Says:

    hheeeheee i love this song 🙂 it makes me energetic :))

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