[9th Album] Over the Rainbow

Boohwal’s 9th Album, “Over the Rainbow”, released in 2003, and the repackage series released in 2004. This was before Jeong Dong Ha joined Boohwal. The band had 5 members then. Aside from Kim Tae Won on guitar, Seo Jae Hyuck on bass, and Chae Je Min on drum, Eom Soo Han (keyboard) and Jeong Dan (vocal) were in the band.

The 9th album also marked Boohwal’s first attempt to get into the Chinese market, by making the Chinese version of “아름다운 사실” (Beautiful Truth) titled 美麗的事實 in Chinese. And I’ve only known today that they also remade the song “사랑할수록”  (The More I Love) and made a Chinese version of it for the repackage version of this album, titled 雪夜的街* in Chinese.

*my Chinese friend translates it as “the street in a snowy night”


Picture: (top-down) 정단 [Jeong Dan], 엄수한 (Eom Soo Han), 채제민 (Chae Je Min), 김태원 (Kim Tae Won), 서재혁 (Seo Jae Hyuck)

[CD 1]

1. Promenade (Composed & Written by Seo Jae Hyuck)
2. 아름다운 사실 —– “Beautiful Truth” (Composed & Written by Kim Tae Won)
3. 날개 —– “Wings” (Composed & Written by Kim Tae Won)
4. Love Song
5. 소나기 —- “Rain Shower” (Composed & Written by Kim Tae-Won)
6. Rain (inst.) (Composed by Kim Tae Won)
7. Soloist (Composed by Seo Jae Hyuck, Written by Kim Tae Won)
8. 1970 (Composed by Chae Je Min, Written by Kim Tae Won)
9. 가상곡 —– “Imaginary Song” (Composed & Written by Kim Tae Won)
10. Over the Rainbow (inst.) (Composed by Kim Tae Won)
11. 에메랄드빛 바다에서 —— “At the sea of emerald light” (Composed and Written by Jeong Dan)
12. 파이란 — “Failan” (Composed by Seo Jae Hyuck, Written by Kim Tae Won)
13. 아름다운 사실  —– “Beautiful Truth” (Composed & Written by Kim Tae Won)

[CD 2]

1. 美麗的事實 (中文) ——— “Beautiful Truth” (Chinese ver.)
2. 雪夜的街 (中文) ——— “The More I Love” (Chinese ver.)
3. 雨 (Inst.) ———— “Rain” (inst.)
4. 波怡瀾 (韓文) ———— “Failan” (Korean ver.)
5. 美麗的事實 (韓文 Unplugged Version) ——— “Beautiful Truth” (Unplugged – Korean ver.)
6. 美麗的事實 (Inst.) ——— “Beautiful Truth” (inst.)



The Chinese version of Beautiful Truth, 美麗的事實, was inserted as the ending theme song of a popular Chinese Drama titled 和你在一起* (“Together”) which was directed by the renown Chinese Director Chen Kaige (陈凯歌). Check out more in Chinese here..

*Literally translated “With You”

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