[Music Storage] Boohwal Stage 25.08.2010

음. .오랜만에 생동맞는 이야기 잠깐 할게요~대신 영어로 번역하지 않겠습니다^^;
어제는 제 졸업식날이었거든요. 그리고 어제, 부활의 음악창고 무대에 참석했어요.^^
아주 아름다운 졸업선물이었어요. 그리고 참석이라고… 무대 “위”에 있기는 했고요~ㅎㅎ ^ㅇ^

I’m just too tired to write anything at the moment, but somehow it feels like I have to write something right now or I’ll bring and leave all of the things I wanted to write in the dreamland.. (it’s 2 am) But it also feels like i don’t have enough energy anymore. Anyways, today was a special day coz I got to watch Boohwal’s live stage (recording) in KBS 2.

Well, actually, there has been some other live concerts and events I’ve failed reporting, such as the Midsummer Festifal in National Theater of Korea and “Donghwa” MV preview.. so.. I’ll do this one!! ><


As you can see, there are audience on the left side of the stage. I was sitting right across from them, on the right side of the stage. Resulting I saw most of Boohwal members’ side look (lol), yet a clear sight to the drummer Chae Jemin ^^

Today’s stage was really meaningful for me for many reasons. I won’t bore you by elaborating the reasons :p

Last night, Boohwal opened with “Lonely Night”, followed by “Donghwa” and “The More I Love”. And followed by… guess what? “사랑해서 사랑해서”!! (Because I Love You, Because I Love You) :))

They were called for anchor twice, the first one they performed “Never Ending Story”. And the second one, which was not recorded because the recording was over (but due to audience call was allowed) they performed “Heeya” in rock version.

In one word, it was just a-w-e-s-o-m-e! 🙂

3 Responses to “[Music Storage] Boohwal Stage 25.08.2010”

  1. Jacq Says:

    Green with envy..How I wished that I lived in Korea.
    What is the title of the KBS programme? I hope to see it broadcast in Singapore.

  2. 겁많은사자 Says:

    “음악 창고” (Music Storage), pronounced “umak changgo”.
    Hope you can watch the broadcast~ it’s scheduled for broadcast on September 8th in KBS2 in Korea ^^

  3. Jacq Says:

    Thank q for the info. I will keep a close watch of it on KBSWorld.

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