[Musical] Rock of Ages

8월 24일 오후 2시 인터파크를 통해 2차 티켓 판매가 시작된다.
2차 티켓 오픈을 맞이해 8월 31일까지 조기 예매 30% 할인
이벤트도 진행된다.

Ticket sales from August 24th-31st will be given 30% discount.

A new Broadway musical telling the story of rock music in the 1980’s, the musical “Rock of Ages” will be staged in Korea. This work of art reached success in LA in 2006, and started to be staged in Broadway March 2009, and it is one of Brooks Atkinson’s best works.

Reservation: click here. (open from August 5th, 2 pm)

The main character casted for this musical to be staged in Korea, playing the role of a man named ‘Drew’ working hard to fulfill his dream to become a rock star, are An Je-Wook (currently playing in ‘Jack the Ripper’ musical), On-Yoo (Shinee), and Jay (Trax).

Korea’s legendary rock band Boohwal (Kim Tae-Won, Chae Jemin, Seo Jae-Hyuck) will also perform on stage as the real rock band in the play, on the premier.

The producer of this musical, representative of M-Musical Company Kim Seon-Mi said that as this piece had reached huge success in Broadway, they are having quite a cold feet about the premier in Korea, yet they are sure that this piece is a great introduction to a new genre of rock musical.

The musical will be staged in “Woori Gumyeong Art Hall” (방이동 올림픽공원) from September 15th to October 30th. The tickets will range from 40,000 to 120,000 won, contacts to 02-764-7858.






**Inside scoop: (unconfirmed)

Boohwal is scheduled to perform on 18th of September at 8pm (안재욱 playing Drew part) and 19th of September at 7 pm ( 온유 playing Drew part). The musical is predicted to last  2 hours and 20 minutes.


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