Boohwal’s Schedule Until the End of June

I think it’s about 100 days now since I first started this blog. Time passes so fast, don’t it~ again, thanks for all your visits and support. Don’t forget to join the facebook fan page, and recommend this blog to your friends! ^_^


Boohwal’s schedule up to the end of June:

Friday, 25th: Concert in Yongin Culture Hall @7.30 pm (Yongin City)

~~to go to Yongin: Bus no.5001 or 5001-1 from 양재 (Yangje) Stat. or 강남 (Gangnam) Stat.
Bus no.5600 from 잠실 (Jamsil) Stat.
Bus no.5000 or 5005 from Seoul Stat.

Saturday, 26th: Performance in Guinness Book of World Record Challenge in Songdo Convention Center @2 pm (Incheon)

~~to go to the Convention Center: Take off at 부평 (Bupyeong) Stat. and take a taxi~^^ (it’s complicated)

Sunday~Tuesday, 27th-29th: Shooting of “Donghwa” (Fairy Tale) Music Video in Nagasaki, Japan

~~Nagasaki is over my reach, so you gotta do your own research ^^


**Just as a note, the 25th of May concert is limited for 300 fans. I was really lucky to get the ticket, since it ran out as soon as 8 minutes after the reservation time started. I’ll update you later about it! ^_^

4 Responses to “Boohwal’s Schedule Until the End of June”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    First, thank you for blogging about Boohwal…I’m an adjumma from the California —- and just LOVE their music!!!

    Our family will be in Seoul from July 9-14th. Is there any Boohwal activities that I should know about?

    Many thanks!

    • 겁많은사자 Says:

      Their schedule is usually not released until after the first week of every month, I’ll leave a comment below if they’ve got a schedule in Seoul during the period you’re in the city.

      한국분이시죠?^^ 부활 엔터테인멘트가 홍대에서 사무실겸 카페를 운영하는데 운이 좋으면 가끔씩 들르신 부활멤버분들과 마주칠 수도 있어요~^^

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Just finished reading your entire post….. They will be in Japn on 6/29th??!!! We will be in Japan from July 1- 8!

  3. shintaerin Says:

    cool cool
    new mv right?
    can wait to see their new mv ^^
    dongha oppa, wait for me xixixi

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