Star’s Diary: Kim Tae Won (2)

[스타일기]김태원② ‘잃어버린 아버지의 선물은’?

Released 11th of May, 2010, 09.30 am

“The Gift from my Dad that I Lost”

2002년 발매된 부활 여덟 번째 앨범에 실린 단체 사진(왼쪽부터 김태원, 서재혁, 채제민, 엄수한, 이승철)

=Group picture from Boohwal’s 8th album released in 2002 (From left: Kim Tae-Won, Seo Jae-Hyuk, Chae Jemin, Eom Soo-Han, Lee Seung-Cheol)=

1983년 여름. 온양(현 아산)역에 당도한 김태원(45)은 숨이 ‘턱’ 막혔다.

Summer 1983. Kim Tae-Won, just arrived in Onyang Station (now Asan), was stifled.

더운 공기 때문만은 아니었다. 눈앞의 풍경이 낯설었다. 바닷가에서나 볼수 있는 촌스러운 잿빛 건물들. 그 뒤로는 온통 허허벌판이었다. 걸음을 돌리고 싶었지만 그럴 수 없었다. 낙원상가를 돌며 어렵게 구한 첫 직장이었기 때문이다. 김태원은 내려놓았던 기타 가방을 다시 짊어졌다.

It wasn’t just the heat. The view in front of him was so unfamiliar.Grey buildings like the ones you’d find by the sea shore. And a vast empty field behind it. He wanted to turn back but he couldn’t. Because it was the first job that he got with difficulties from heaven. Kim Tae-Won packed  his guitar bag again.

역사를 빠져나와 향한 곳은 온양나이트클럽이었다. 인근은 네온사인 숲이었다. 그가 살던 서울과 조금 닮았다. 불현듯 친구들이 떠올랐다. 추억의 책장은 아니었다. 대학교정에서 낭만을 만끽할 그들에 대한 부러움이었다.

Back to history, it was a night club in Onyang. The vicinity was a forest of neon billboards. It was a bit similar to Seoul where he used to live in. Suddenly he thought of his friends. It wasn’t a bookshelf of memories. It was jealousy, for them who can enjoy the romantics of university.

김태원도 대학생을 꿈꾸던 시절이 있었다. 고등학교 3학년을 앞두고 팔레트와 물감을 구했다. 목표는 미대 입학. 어렸을 때부터 그림에 상당한 소질이 있었다. 한번 마음을 먹고 그림에 전념하니 일취월장이었다. 화실 선생님은 그림을 볼 때마다 감탄사를 연발했다. 입학은 떼어 놓은 당상인 듯 했다. 그러나 꿈도 꾸기 전에 해몽이었다. 학력고사를 망치며 보기 좋게 낙방했다. 김태원은 좌절했다. 앞으로 어떻게 해야 할지 막막했다.

Kim Tae-Won also had a dream to become a university student. Before the third year of high school, he bought a pallet and the water dyes. His aim was the Faculty of Arts. He had always a liking to drawings since he was little. Once, he set his heart for it and concentrated on his drawings, and showed steady progress in it. Every time his drawing teacher sees his drawing, he(or she) was full of exclamations.  입학은 떼어 놓은 당상인 듯 했다. But it was clear as the daylight. He ruined his school records and also failed the examination. Kim Tae-Won was frustrated. The road in front of him was simply dark.

갈팡질팡하던 그에게 실마리를 제공한 건 아버지였다. 낙담과 실의의 나날을 보내는 아들의 손에 지문 하나 묻지 않은 새 기타를 쥐어줬다. 기타를 처음 접한 뒤로 6년을 기다려 받은 졸업선물이었다.

It was his father who offered him a new start for him when he was lost. He gave his son who spent his days in disapoinment and despair a new guitar. It was a graduation gift that he received after a long 6 years wait since he first learned to play guitar.

아버지의 선물은 온양나이트클럽에서 위용을 과시했다.

He paraded the grandeur of his father’s gift in Onyang night club.
화려한 무대와 뜨거운 반응. 김태원은 클럽에서 일하는 외가 사촌형들처럼 자신이 프로가 됐다고 생각했다.

A splendid stage and a heated response. Aside from the fact he’s working in a club, Kim Tae-Won thought he was a professional as his older cousins.

2000년 발매된 부활 일곱 번째 앨범에 실린 단체 사진(왼쪽부터 엄수한, 김태원, 이성욱, 김관진, 서재혁)

=Group picture from Boohwal’s 7th Album released in 2000 )From left: Eom Soo-Han, Kim Tae-Won, Lee Song-Uk, Kim Kwan-Jin, Seo Jae-Hyuk)=

그러나 희열은 길지 않았다. 문제가 생겼다. 팀의 리더가 업소로부터 받은 계약금을 들고 야반도주한 것이다. 영업주는 남아있는 애꿎은 멤버들에게 잘못을 캐묻고 악기들을 강탈했다. 김태원의 기타도 예외는 아니었다.

But the joy didn’t last long. A problem arised. The team leader ran away with the money his band received for their contract. The business owner then interogated the other members who were left behind and had nothing to di with it, and took seizure of their musical instruments. Kim Tae-Won’s guitar was no exception.

“아버지의 선물과 그렇게 이별할 줄은 꿈에도 몰랐다. 행방을 모르지만 기회가 된다면 꼭 찾고 싶다.”

“He would never even dream of losing the gift from his father that way. Even though he doesn’t know where the guitar was gone to, if he had the chance, he’d want to find it.”

해고당한 김태원은 부랴부랴 짐을 챙겨 나이트클럽을 빠져나왔다. 다시 온양역이었다. 처음 발을 딛었을 때처럼 숨이 막혔다. 열기는 없었고 모든 풍경은 익숙했다. 변한 건 자신의 처지뿐이었다. 기타는 없지만 음악을 하겠다는 생각은 그때와 똑같았다. 올라탄 서울행 버스에서 김태원은 주머니를 뒤적였다.

Kim Tae-Won, who was now fired, packed his bag hastily and left the night club. He was once again in Onyang Station. Just as when he first stepped his foot on that place, he was once again stifled. The heat wasn’t there (anymore) but the view was familiar. The only thing that was different was his situation. He was without a guitar, but the certainty that he wanted to do music was the same. Kim Tae-Won rummaged his pockets on the bus heading to Seoul.

꼬깃꼬깃해진 지폐 뭉치…. 싸구려 중고 기타를 구하기에는 충분한 돈이었다. 김태원은 편안한 자세로 의자에 기대어 눈을 감았다. 버스는 매캐한 연기를 뿜으며 유유히 온양역을 빠져나갔다.

A bundle of crumpled paper money… it was enough money to buy a cheap guitar. Kim Tae-Won leaned comfortably on his chair and closed his eyes. Spurting out dark smokes, the bus slowly leaves Onyang Station.

2003년 발매된 부활 아홉 번째 앨범에 실린 단체 사진(왼쪽부터 서재혁, 정단, 엄수한, 김태원, 채제민)

=Group picture from Boohwal’s 9th album released in 2003 (From left: Seo Jae-Hyuk, Jeong Dan, Eom Soo-Han, Kim Tae-Won, Chae Jemin)=

Translated by

Reporter: 황용희 기자 (Hwang Yong-Hee)


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